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Thursday, November 8, 2012



January 3, 2013: Sheila has been adopted.

Greetings! My name is Sheila, what's yours? I arrived with the Newfie rescue people on November 7, 2012 because my family split up and they could no longer care for me. I'm a 9 year old Landseer/Great Pyrenees cross, weighing 85 lbs. Both of these breeds are well known for their gentle, kind spirits and I'm no different. I'm a laid back, friendly girl who wants nothing more than hugs, kisses and to toodle around outside a bit. Oh, I also want a great family to adopt me!

Look into my eyes... deep into my eyes .......
I am in foster care with lots of other dogs, ranging in size from tiny to giant, and I have no issues with them at all. There are also kitty cats around and I like them too! I don't really play but I like to lay around with the other dogs and go for walks with them. Sometimes I try to keep up with the younger ones when they chase squirrels or investigate. I lag behind just a tiny bit but I am in great shape for a senior. No fat on me and I have a spring to my step! Check me out trotting around outside in the video below.

I grew up living in the country and would be best suited to a rural environment. Fast moving objects (like motorcycles, joggers, bicycles, kids on skateboards) freak me out so walking around a neighbourhood would not be cool for me. I do have nice leash manners, just not when a motorcycle goes zooming by. I also need a fenced space to boot around in because I'm a bit of a roamer and my recall is not rock solid. I do know basic obedience though; sit, down, off... all that jazz. Check me out in the video below... calm as a cucumber and happy to obey.

My inside manners are superb too. I don't counter surf or really do anything besides lay around and nap. My energy level is pretty low for the majority of the day actually; I mostly snooze, either at your feet or sometimes outside on the deck. In the picture below I was napping outside and the wind blew my ear up. Cute eh?

Catching some zzzzzzs on the deck
Yep, I'm a happy girl!
When I'm inside I can usually be found laying at my foster Mom's feet. Sometimes she trips over me because I'm so quiet that she forgets I'm even there! Apparently this is quite typical for us gentle giants; we like to be close to our people. I love to be pet, hugged and fussed over. My tail slowly wags and my eyes shine with gratitude for any and all attention I get, doesn't matter from who. I'm friendly with everyone I meet. 

I definitely have the ears and snout of a Pyr, wouldn't you say?
A lot of people have told me that I look like a Border Collie. Well sorry to disappoint but I'm not. For one thing, I'm way too big at 84 lbs to be a BC. Second, I was shaved in the summer time so my coat is short. As it grows in I'll start to resemble a Landseer more. And most importantly, I'm not nearly as active as a BC. Ha ha haaa! I'm a gentle, easy-going gal, just looking for somewhere to lay my head in my golden years. I've found that other dogs make good pillows. :o)

Chilling with my foster sister
Health-wise I feel great. My birthday is January 20, 2003, I'm already spayed and am now up to date on my vaccines. Sometimes I'm a little creaky and stiff when I first get up but hey... I'm 9 years old, that's to be expected. I did have some lumps and bumps on me that the Newfie vet removed on November 19th; they were benign adenomas. They also thought I had a growth in my abdomen but it turns out I don't, yay! It was just my kidney hanging a bit low, nothing to be concerned about. So besides my hair needing to grow in where I was shaved to remove lumps, I'm good to go. Fit as a fiddle and ready to become your next awesome family pet! Check me out playing in the video below. I've still got moves!

Toodling outside, happy as could be
Standing around, looking pretty

If you'd like to welcome me into your home, just submit an adoption application. You can find it on the Contact Us page of this website. The regular adoption fee of $500 has been reduced to $350 because I'm a senior and a mix (a GREAT mix I might add, get it?? Great Pyrenees... groan.... too corny??).

I am being fostered in the Guelph Ontario area and my new family is required to pick me up in person. I look forward to meeting you!