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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Penelope Needs a Special Family

Penelope, ID 3606
May 9, 2011: Penelope was adopted.

Say hello to Penelope the Landseer, a very special girl born November 22, 2009. This beautiful girl came into our care January 16, 2011 when her owner surrendered her and her sister Lily due to unforeseen life changes. She is looking for a kind, gentle family to give her lots of loving and to help her mature into a happy, confident dog.

In a nutshell, Penelope is incredibly playful, affectionate and active with people she knows. At her foster home, where she knows all the people and dogs, she acts like any other well socialized dog; playing, running, being a goof, loving to receive attention. Her shyness appears when a new person comes to visit. She will "lay low" for a few hours and then come around at her own pace. She is not shy with new dogs on her own turf; it's just new people that make her want to hide. Keep reading to learn her full story.

Prior to coming to us, Penelope and her sister lived an isolated, sheltered life and were not given proper opportunities to get out and explore the world, so everything they see is new to them. Penelope needs to take her time when meeting new people, animals, or experiencing new things. Her foster family has been working hard to socialize her and have been taking her out and exposing her to different situations. Penny is hesitant and fearful with new situations, so it takes patient coaxing to get her to try new things – a few treats seem to help the process and she is never unpleasant in the process, just timid. Sometimes when fearful Penny will bark nervously and attempt to flee. This is all typical behaviour of a dog who spent all of her time at one location, and was never given proper opportunities for socialization.

Penny's ideal family will be with people who are willing to take some time to socialize her with people and other dogs and teach her all of the things she should have learned in the first few months of her life. Still a young pup at 17 months, she has much learning to do and great potential. Patience, kindness, and lots of treat rewards will help Penny blossom into a happy, confident girl.
Penelope loves to roam & explore outside

Once she gets to know a dog, look out... she's an avid mouth wrestler!
Penelope is VERY active and needs vigourous daily activity to burn her energy off. She loves the outdoors and also going for walks/hikes. She has a wonderful time on her foster family's property... running, cavorting, bounding around, playing with sticks and of course eating snow (as Newfs like to do). Initially, she was shy with the other dogs but she now actively runs, explores, plays and wrestles with all of them. When she first meets new dogs, she's a bit shy but it doesn't take her long to realize that a new dog = someone she can possibly play with. She is an absolute playing machine and she loves to wrestle, chase, tackle, be chased and cavort with other dogs - doesn't matter the size or gender, she's not picky... if it's a dog, she'll try and play with it! She literally spends hours a day just playing and wrestling with the other dogs at her foster home. Penelope needs to go to a home with another young, playful dog for her to have fun with. Her doggie companion should be confident, well mannered and well socialized to act as a role model for her.

She does have a tendency to chase/try to play with cats and small dogs, so she would not be suitable for a house with either (unless her adoptive family was prepared for this behaviour and the work required to correct it).  Pen will be assessed further but initially it seems she may not be best in a home with young children as the unpredictable boisterousness causes her distress.

Penelope LOVES TO PLAY with TOYS!!!! She will play with anything and takes enjoyment in toys of all kinds: balls, squeaky things, ropes, stuffed dog toys... you get our drift. Penelope LOVES to play, is very animated and is a tremendous goof ball with her toys. She makes her foster parents laugh every day with her antics and they think she's the most playful dog they've ever fostered. She is also a great fetcher; she brings the ball right back and drops it in your hand or in front of you, ready for the next throw.
Wrestling is one of her favourite things to do

Penelope loves to play chase!

Pooped out after playing & wrestling
She is receiving work on basic obedience while in foster care but it will be important for her adoptive family to consider formalized training as this will help her bond with her new family. In foster care she has been a quick study and has learned sit, down, wait, come, move on and stay. Her leash manners are now excellent and she happily walks beside you without pulling. Her foster Mom has been walking her coupled to a confident dog and this has been instrumental in her confidence building while out and about.
Penelope playing with her foster brother

Penelope had bilateral cherry eye that her owner left untreated for several months. Newf Friends had laser surgery done on February 1st to correct this condition; at the same time Penny was also spayed. The procedures went well and she has completely recovered from surgery in foster care. She is ready to join her new family now.

Like her sister Lily, Penny was extremely underweight upon intake, weighing only 56 lbs. Given proper food and nutrition in her foster home she is putting on weight and will reach her target weight within a few months. She is small framed and will be a small Newf once she reaches a healthy weight, probably in the 80 lbs range. As of April 10th, Pen had gained 18 lbs; she's looking great!

Penelope, like her sister Lily, has an obsession with food and gets very excited at meal time. In foster care, she is being taught to be respectful of other dogs around food and has made very good progress. Initially she would barge in and gobble up the other dogs food (from right under their noses!). Now she doesn't bother the other dogs while they eat and waits her turn. She sits prettily and will only eat when given the ok. How's that for nice manners!

Sleeping with a dog buddy her foster parents were babysitting

This lovely girl is looking for a home with calm, patient people willing to spend the time to socialize her and able to look at the long picture and see her for her potential. As she builds her confidence through continued socialization, she will blossom into a happy and loving companion.

An adoption donation of $500 applies. Penelope is in foster care in the Guelph, Ontario area. Her approved adopters will be required to pick her up in person.