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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Charlie is Looking for a Home


Update: Jan 22/11: Charlie was adopted.

Give a warm welcome to Charlie, a 1.5 year old Newfoundland cross. This boy is as happy as could be and ready to share his infectious enthusiasm with the perfect family.

Charlie was rescued from a hoarding situation but despite his past he is an amazingly happy and well adjusted dog. His foster guardians report that he is a lovely dog who has transitioned to indoor life very well and is a pleasure to have in the house.

His new family will have to be committed to taking him out and about, exposing him to the world because he did not have a chance to do this in his former life. He also needs to work on his manners greeting male dogs respectfully. His foster family is working on this and in the short time he's been with them he has shown great improvement so we don't anticipate this being a problem for his future family.

Because Charlie grew up in an environment with lots of other animals around, he takes comfort in the company of other dogs and should go to a family that has at least one other dog to keep him company.

Not only does Charlie like to lie around with other dogs, he LOVES to play with other dogs! You should see his moves! Leaping, spinning, bowing, wiggling, high-stepping, prancing, rolling on his back... he has a large arsenal of moves to ensure he’s the life of the party at the dog park. He is so animated and fun to watch that you can’t help but smile as he cavorts around.

Once he’s had his walk and play session, he is content to lie on his dog bed and laze around. He is a perfect gentlemen in the house; quite calm and neither destructive or pushy. He knows that playtime is outside and inside is for napping and getting cuddles. And boy does he like cuddles!! This guy is more than happy to sit at your side (or crawl on your lap!) for hours while you gently stroke his soft fur and show him love. He is well behaved and friendly with all people he’s met in foster care, including children.

He knows sit, shake a paw and comes when he’s called. He would benefit from an obedience class to bond with his new family and improve his leash manners and recall (he gets distracted by other dogs!). He is well behaved in the car and likes going for rides. He has no problem with adults, children or dogs being around his food, toys or treats.

At 81 lbs Charlie is on the smaller side for a Newf, our best guess is that he’s crossed with a Golden Retriever or Lab. He is crate and house trained, healthy, neutered and up to date with vaccines.

All in all, Charlie is a delightful and extremely friendly dog. He loves people, pets and playing and will make a loving addition to a very lucky family.

He will be ready to join a family in a few weeks time, around the first week of January, once he has completely healed from his neuter surgery.

An adoption donation of $500 applies. Charlie is in foster care in the Guelph, Ontario area. His approved adopters will be required to pick him up in person.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Gotcha' Day Buddy!

Buddy was adopted by a great family one year ago today! Here's what they had to say about their special boy on his Gotcha' Day!

Hello Sandra,

Here is an update on Buddy.

After a year living here with us Buddy has truly become a member of our family. Each day Buddy enjoys a morning walk around the neighbourhood where he greets the local dogs. He spends his afternoons napping with his fur-sibling Berkeley and at around 4 o'clock each day he goes to the local Bruce Trail for his off-leash romp. We have learned that Buddy is a very mellow boy who enjoys quiet time to himself (taking a rest from play time with his younger brother).

Buddy gets most excited at dinner time, especially if there is some broccoli mixed in with his food! On October 16th Buddy was a ring-bearer in our wedding, wearing a tuxedo collar and bow-tie!

I have attached some photos of Buddy!



Monday, December 20, 2010

Adopter Update - Jethro Graduates!


I am attaching a few pics of Jethro’s obedience class graduation. He’s doing very well.  We still have a ways to go and have to really work on his recall.

He is quite at home with us now and knows the routines.  Him and Moose often lay together touching backs.

Have a wonderful Christmas.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Update - December 16, 2010

Lovely Mackenzie (aka Macaroni) is doing very well in her foster home. Her heat has ended, and in late January she will be ready to finally be spayed and have her cherry eye corrected. She has thrived in the care of her loving foster family and her coat is glowing, she is stronger, has put on lean muscle mass, her manners are greatly improved and she has blossomed into a happy healthy girl. Applications for her adoption are being accepted now, and screening will be done in the coming weeks.

Monsieur Plume (aka Jake) is doing great! He is all brushed out, bathed and fluffed up and looking handsome as ever. He is healing well from his neuter surgery, learning all about how to be a well behaved house dog thanks to his awesome foster family, and is settling in and making great progress. We are just starting to review applications for him, and will be calling potential families in the next few days.

A new arrival, this boy has yet to be named. Details will be coming soon about this sweet fella' rescued from a hoarding environment. He will be transported, assessed, vetted and taken into foster care over the next week. Details will be posted as soon as we know more about him.

Doesn't Delphine look great? Thank you Dr. Janice for fixing Del's eyes up and getting her ready for her big day. Delphine will be joining her new family this week!

Sweet Anna was adopted to a great family. Congratulations Anna!

Our Online Store has been a huge success -- all orders have been shipped and the last of them should be received by early next week. Thank you everyone for your support.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Happy Birthday to all of Hera's puppies

Yesterday marked the first birthday of Hera's beautiful puppies who were born in our care after Hudson (the Newf) and Hera (the Husky) were rescued from deplorable conditions in Quebec. Read all about how a Husky ended up in the care of a Newf Rescue here.

All of the pups are now living in loving homes and doing great. Hera has also found herself a marvelous home and is doing great--just so happens her owners dropped by yesterday to pick up a HART calendar which features Hera on the cover (and several of the pups throughout the calendar!) They report that she is a terrific girl, and enjoying a wonderful, happy life.

Yesterday we received an update from one of the adopters who have Kiowa (formerly known as Mr. Slushy Pants)--here's what they had to say.

Hello There Newf Friends!! Well today is Kiowa's 1st birthday. He wants to let his Mom Hera and his siblings know that he is doing great and is a typical teenager...bit of a tease to his house sister Willow but is growing into a loving, loyal, very funny and very handsome fellow. He is well loved.

Please tell his Mom's rescuers that we are all very thrilled that you helped Hera and her puppies!

We thought we would send along a few pics for you to see how he looks today.

Merry Christmas and again Happy Birthday!

Cynthia, Michael, Willow & Kiowa


UPDATE: December 10: Another update from an adopter. Here's what beautiful Khera's (aka Minnie-Me) family has to say :

Khera is doing great. Everyday she accompanies me with her two best friends - Chaz the Bernese Mountain dog and Riley the Jack Russell, up to the barn to feed my welsh ponies. She also has frequent visits with a family friend who owns two Alaskan Malamute puppies - Lakota and Cree, although they can't keep up with her! Apart from her chewing "a few" pairs of shoes and burying her bones in the garden, she has been a great puppy. I can't believe she is already a year old! I credit her low maintenance personality to her buddy Chaz, they are inseparable and he is VERY tolerant of her playful puppy ways. Khera is very happy that the snow has finally come. She is right at home outside in the drifts of snow and chilly weather in Collingwood. I couldn't ask for a better dog. I grew up hoping I would own a husky one day, and Khera has definitely lived up to my expectations. If any of Khera's siblings are ever in our area, I would love to take them out together. Hope everyone is enjoying their Hera puppies as much as I am. Thank you everyone who aided in the rescue of these fantastic dogs.
I have attached a few photos of Khera, she really does look a lot like her beautiful mother.
- Jenna


UPDATE: Here's a recent photo of Dixie, sent to us from her adopters. Isn't she lovely!

Dixie is a wonderful lively, personable psychotic husky :o)

When she’s not chewing toys, shrubs, small animals or her brother you can find her creating a new depression in the lawn, hehe. Seriously, she’s such a sweet little girl and we love her so much. Her and her recued brother Mason have an inseparable bond and they play the days away.

I can’t believe how closely they all look to each other, like clones. How is the mom doing?

Have you heard from the other adopters? Would be neat to communicate with them.



: Here's some picture and an update about Vega (Agent Snowball)

Hi Sandra and all,
Thanks for posting updates on Vega sister and brother. It's nice to hear and see pictures of them on there first birthday. Here's a few pictures of Vega, like every one else she is a wonderful dog. Unfortunately, I'm not as good as you with the camera!! I need lessons!
Thanks Francine


: From Luna's family!

Hello everyone...Luna has just celebrated her first birthday and she is having the time of her life...she is mischievous and very talkative...she looooves stealing your seat and then telling you WHY she should be allowed to still sit there...and has found her forever friends in Molly and Bear.
Thanks again Newf Friends...she is an amazing dog and worthy and deserving of all the love she receives...All the best to Hera and Hudson....and her pups....may you all be as happy as we all are...
The update on Mr. Slushy Pants is awesome...
Take Care
Sincerely Jesse and Family

UPDATE: Here's the latest from Aurora's family!

Hello! We are the proud parents of Aurora previously known as Athena. She is a gorgeous, cuddly one and we just love her to bits as an addition to our home. She loves her brother Blue very much and has had a few run ins with our two kitties. She tried to have one as a snack early in her stay but Lucifer is fine and Aurora is learning that she can't play as rough with the kitties as her big brother. She has managed to get herself into a little bit of everything however. From going through the trash, the compost, anything we left in sight really! But again she is getting better and better. She loves to dig little land mines through out the yard but we absolutely love her to death and she is the perfect balance we need in our home. She fits in perfect, she's just such a ham all the time! She is always very happy to see everybody thatg comes over and loves meeting new friends. I'm more than willing to get the dogs together as I think it would be amazing to see them all together again! (or at least some)
I'll attach some pics for you!

Missie and Adam
From Luna's (formerly Sprocket) adopters:

Luna is doing very well she loves to go walking everyday,all the people in the neighborhood love her,she plays well with all the other dogs in the park.She also looks a lot like her mom. She runs like the wind with her tail tucked and her nose down it is so cute.

And from Edzo's family (aka Mokey)

Edzo is doing great!!!! She's a happy go lucky girl, she's very playful and loves to give lots of licks. She is the light in our life and keeps us busy:)))) Couldn't ask for a better friend/companion.

We would love to reunite with her brothers and sister if any in the durham region area

Monday, December 6, 2010

Update - December 6, 2010

Our Online Store has been a huge success. Thank you everyone for your orders. All product is back in stock, including the hugely popular drool towels with our custom design! Place your order today, there's still time to ship before Christmas!

Monsieur Plume (aka Jake) is doing well and will be neutered today, then moved to a foster location west of Toronto. His assessment so far is very good, he is a sweet boy who gets along well with other dogs. More information will be available later in the week.

Here's Jake pictured with Delphine, the Landseer, who is recovering nicely from her spay and entropion surgery. This lucky girl has a home approved and waiting for her, and as soon as she has healed from her surgery she will be joining her new family. Congratulations Delphine!

More good news, Maverick joined his new family yesterday. This handsome love-bug found a great home where he will be getting lots of loving. Congratulations big guy!

Beautiful Anna continues to make great progress in her foster home, and is hoping to join a new family very soon. We are in the final stages of screening a potential home, so we all have our paws crossed!

Lovely Mackenzie is living the good life in foster care and is doing great. Her cherry eye surgery and spay surgery will be done early in the new year. She will be enjoying the holiday season visiting with friends and will spend Christmas with a big pack of dogs.

All of the dogs in foster care both with Newf Friends and in our parent group HART's all breed foster program will have special gifts under the Christmas tree this year. Details about our generous donor will be posted in coming days.