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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Adopter Update: Obi

Hi Sandra,

Thought you might appreciate these photos of Obi now that he's settling in to his new home. As you can see, as  befits having English owners he's learning to play Soccer, not Football :)
He had a few hours at the groomers the other day and looks absolutely great for it.

So glad we have him, he's such a lovely boy.


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Update: September 23, 2012

Wow, what a crazy couple of weeks we've had.  Our volunteers have been busy, busy, busy but now that NewfStock has wrapped up we are finally getting a moment to catch our breath and get caught up.   Here's what we've been up to the last few weeks:

NewfStock was a huge success!  Thank you to everyone who came out and participated in our big event.  You can read our NewfStock wrap-up here.   This photo shows River getting some loving after completing the obstacle course.  Yes, you read that right, River did an obstacle course!  Talk about happy endings!

Handsome boy Sisko is doing awesome in foster care.  He is a fabulous boy who gets along well with everyone he meets.  Friendly, social, great with kids, great with dogs, great with cats, he's just great!  Check out his bio!

This big teddy bear is Schultz, a new arrival in our foster program.  Isn't he just the cutest?  Read more about him in his bio.

Sweet girl Katie needs a home of her own.  She has been waiting much too long!   This adorable girl is looking for a great, cat free family to love.  She really is a wonderful girl, she needs someone to love her!  Read about her here.

Willie is still waiting for the right family to come along.  This 4 year old purebred boy has so much love to give.  Do you have room in your heart for him?  Learn more about Willie Wonka here.


Jasmin the Landseer is doing great in foster care.  This mellow, well tempered gal is a real catch.  She gets along with everyone, and is a total love bug!  This pretty 7 year old beauty is a wonderful, gentle Newf.  Read about her here.

Pretty girl Jasmine has an adoption pending.  Yay for Jasmine!  Learn all about her here.

Gorgeous boy Obi has been adopted.  Congratulations sweetheart!

If you or someone you know is looking for a new canine family member that isn't a Newf, be sure to visit HART, our parent all breed rescue group's PetFinder listings. They've got wonderful dogs of all shapes and sizes, coats and ages who are waiting for great families to adopt them.  These pups are some of the most recent arrivals at HART!  So cute, right?

Adopter Update: Bailey

Another happy ending.  Here's what Bailey's family sent us (click image to see in larger size):

Friday, September 21, 2012

Adopter Update: Jumpin' Jack Flash

Check out this great update we received last week about Jumpin' Jack Flash.  Doesn't he look happy in his awesome new home?


Hello everyone! 

I just wanted you to know that Jack has been doing extremely well & keeps me laughing every day! Whether he's trying to beat me into the shower, standing patiently in the kiddy pool waiting for me to fill it up after a long walk, or simply answering me with his perfectly timed purrs & moans when I talk to him, he can't help but be adorable! 

 We are still working on some much needed socialization/greeting skills with other dogs but he has already made friends with a Bernese Mountain dog, a Golden Retriever & a Pug. (Jack wants to apologize again for peeing on the Pug, but says he really wasn't aiming for him!) 


On a side note, the most recent post-it note on the wall has a recorded height of 67.75" as Jack's highest projectile (drool) to date! I'm sure he can do better but for now, I'm just happy I don't have to repaint the ceiling!!


We won't be able to see everyone in Bancroft this year but we wish you all a great time!

Sincerely, Jack & Tracy




January 16, 2013: Schultz was adopted!!

This 5 year old sweetheart entered our program on September 20, 2012 because of a family breakup. Since entering foster care he's been a gentle guy, nice with everyone he meets. Check out the videos below to see how happy he is!!

Schultz loves ear scritches and chest rubs....

And Schultz LOVES belly rubs too!!! What a ham he is, so full of personality!

He is a purebred Newf, neutered and as sweet as they come. He adores people and will lap up as much attention as you're willing to give. He is in foster care with lots of other dogs and cats and he's a perfect gentlemen at all times with everyone. He is absolutely fantastic with children and would adore being adopted by a family with well mannered children. He thinks the kids at his foster home are the best thing since sliced bread! Check him out playing with them in the video below.

Absolutely gorgeous!
Helloooooo friend!

As you can see in the picture below, Schultz's coat was in need of some serious grooming when he first arrived. He's been all brushed out, bathed and is looking quite spiffy now. His back end had to be clipped right down due to extreme matting but it will grow back in. The main thing is, he's looking, smelling and feeling wonderful.... a pleasure to cuddle!

A few years ago Schultz had an accident at the groomers and came home limping. His owner took him to the vet where a torn ACL was diagnosed. The vet did not recommend surgery at that time. Schultz gets around pretty good but cannot handle stairs at all. We took him to see Dr. Janice for assessment. Besides being a wonderfully happy boy, she said that both of his knees are stable but his hips are weak. His back is also sore but she feels it is due to Schultz compensating for his weak hips by attempting to carry his weight with his front legs. He weighs in at 150 lbs and needs to lose 20 lbs to be more comfortable and ease the stress on his hips and back. He has been put on Derramax for pain relief until he loses some weight and also a daily dose of Glucosamine and sockeye salmon oil to strengthen his ligaments. He has a skin infection on his chest that medicated baths will take care of and also bacteria in his ears. This guy seems like a medical mess but give him some time, good food, low impact exercise and some TLC and he'll be ship shape in no time. He will never be able to run, leap or do stairs but he has a lot to offer the right family. His birthday is June 8, 2007 so he has many years of happiness to share!

As you can see in the video below, Schultz doesn't let his hips slow him down very much. He enjoys going for walks and toodling around in the yard; he just can't go for super long walks or do stairs. You may think when you watch him booting around that we've somehow fast forwarded the beginning. We haven't. When he wants to move...., he moves and his legs move really fast. Funny eh?!?! Sometimes when he's overdone it, he needs a bum boost to get him on his feet. "No big deal," he says, "if you don't boost me I'll drag myself over to you so you can help me." What a guy!

To be considered for adopting Schultz please complete an adoption application from the Contact page of this website. His adoption fee is $500 and he is being fostered in the Brantford area. His new family is required to pick him up in person.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

NewfStock 2012 wrap up

NewfStock 2012 was quite simply put, a giant success!

We brought in $20,000 to go towards the care of Newfoundland Dogs in need in Ontario. What an incredible and worthwhile event!  Thank you to our fabulous team of dedicated  and energetic volunteers, and the incredible support of our donors and supporters!

Boum, by Angela Scappatura

NewfStock took months of planning and preparation, and countless hours of volunteer time.  Our volunteers planned and implemented this event, donated raffle items, raised funds, and worked so hard to make NewfStock a great weekend.

Special thanks to those of you who came out to work at the event: Paul, Anne, Jen, Kaila, Raph, Marlis, Celine, Beth, Angela, Carole, Caroline, Carol Ann, Patti, Glen, Sharon, Janice, Vicki, Bill, Jane, Bob, Allison, Erica, Andrew, Adrienne, Peggie, Tami, Lori, Peter P, Beth, Joan, Judi, Peter M, Mac, Mo, and Jim.  You guys are the best!

Photo by Wayne Allen
The weekend in review:
Bancroft was a flurry of activity with Newf lovers out and about shopping and taking in the area sights on the days leading up to and following the main event.  Local area merchants were happy to welcome such a great bunch of visitors to town.

Photo by Kaila Everest

There's one thing we can't do anything about and that's the weather.  The Friday Swim Date did not go as planned thanks to torrential downpours, although a few Newfs decided to head on out and go for a swim anyway – heck, what's a bit of rain when you're already soaking wet?  Most attendees preferred to stay dry and many ended up coming out and helping our volunteers finish up our welcome packages and raffle prizes.  Thanks everyone for the extra hands! 

Kaleb the Leonberger is seen here sporting his donation vest to raise funds for Newf Friends.  Photo by Kaila Everest

Lucky for us, the skies cleared overnight and the weather was perfect for the main event on Saturday. We enjoyed welcoming over  100 Newfs plus dozens of dogs of other breeds, and several hundred people throughout the day.   Once again, the Newf community really did us proud by showing what phenomenal dogs these are.

Our big day kicked off with a Parade of Rescues around Millennium Park.  A few remarked how the parade left them with goose bumps.   Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to collect pledges and to all of the people who supported us.  The pledge drive was a tremendous success!

This year's parade was led by the pets and family members of one of our volunteers who we lost earlier in the week.  HART/Newf Friends volunteer Celine shared a few words about our good friend and one of our most devoted volunteers, Dorothy Millen.  Dot was quite the lady, a good friend and an exceptional example of a volunteer.  She will be greatly missed.

Parade photo by Lynda McFadden

Our Meet the Newfs booth was a new addition to our line-up this year and it was a huge success!  Many of our adopters attended the event and came out to the booth to introduce their dogs to our supporters and donors.  The booth featured photos and stories of some of the Newfs who were participating in this event.

Photo by Adam Dutfield

Our Merchandise Booth was a popular spot on Saturday!  Our online store will be updated over the next few weeks and we will start shipping out our holiday orders right away.  Details will be posted up on our blog and Facebook page when we have updated our online store with all of the amazing new products.

Our 2013 Calendars were launched at NewfStock and they were a HUGE hit as always.  These calendars feature beautiful photos of many of the dogs who went through our foster program over the last 2 years.  They will be available online through our store shortly. 


Shoppers were out in full force at our merchandise booth.  Photo by Lynda McFadden

Photo by Lynda McFadden

Our Penny Raffle table was very popular,  featuring fabulous items donated by our volunteers and supporters.  Thank you to each and every one of you who donated items!

Photo by Wayne Allen

Photo by Lynda McFadden

The Silent Auction was a huge success thanks to the generosity of our supporters who donated some truly stunning pieces for the auction.  In addition to the items available for the online auction, we also had many stunning pieces available onsite.  Thanks to all of our generous donors.

Photo by Kaila Everest

Photo by Kaila Everest
 We had a bunch of Games and one ridiculous Obstacle Course and these were a load of fun!  Thanks to our volunteers Tami, Peggie and of course Erica and Andrew from Ferghus & Co for doing a fantastic job with this!

Photo by Kaila Everest

Photographer Kaila Everest captures this moment where River and her adoptive mom had just completed the obstacle course.  River was getting some love from her foster mom Erica as the crowd cheered. River was adopted this past spring after going through our foster program and receiving surgery for bilateral cruciate injuries.

River doing the obstacle course.  Photo by Kaila Everest
River doing the obstacle course.  Photo by Kaila Everest
River doing the obstacle course.  Photo by Kaila Everest

Saturday's Weight loss seminar by our fabulous volunteer Allison Sabo was very well received.  Let's get those paws moving and ensure all of our newfs maintain a healthy weight to maximize their life!

Rupert the Irish Wolfhound towered over the newfs!  Photo by Wayne Allen

Photo by Jennifer Kane

NewfStock would not be complete without the amazing seminars offered by Joan Fisher.  Thanks so much once again, you and your awesome gal Tiika, and Judi's girl Splash are wonderful.    The carting demo was as always a pleasure to watch.


Photo by Kaila Everest
 The grooming seminar was very well attended and there are sure to be many well groomed Newfs with perfectly trimmed ears thanks to Joan! 

Photo by Kaila Everest

Photo by Kaila Everest
Photo by Adam Dutfield
New this year was the Obedience and On-Land Water rescue Demo performed by Joan and her Newf Tiika.  This demo was absolutely amazing and we are definitely going to make this an even bigger component of the day at the next NewfStock!  

Photo by Adam Dutfield  --  Tiika is seen here taking a line out to a "drowning victim", then going around the victim to pull her back to "shore" with the line
Photo by Adam Dutfield - Tiika is pulling a "drowning victim" back to shore with a line

 Kaila and Dr. Jancie helped out with Ears and Nails.  Thank you ladies for making the newfs at the park look their very best!

Photo by Wayne Allen

Photo by Adam Dutfield
Dr. Janice Selinger was on hand to offer a skin seminar which drew a crowd, and to do an Ask the Vet Question period.  Thanks Janice for everything you do for Newf Friends and HART!

Our MC Paul did a fantatic job of running the day and keeping everything moving along.  Thank you Paul!
A huge thank you also to John Foreman and Friends for donating their time to provide entertainment throughout the day, keeping everyone's toes tapping. All of the music was fantastic and a perfect backdrop for the day.
Photo by Angela Scappatura

pPo by Lynda McFadden
We were so pleased to have our friends from the Newfoundland Dog Club of Canada and the Central Ontario Region Club attend NewfStock.  They had a great booth selling NDCC merchandise, offering information and providing education, giving away free literature and handing out memberships for the National and Regional Club.  I hope that everyone who picked up a membership package will join the club.  It is through working cooperatively with the National Club that we as rescuers can hope to have an impact on the future of our breed, preserve it's heritage, protect the breed from the damaging effect of back-yard-breeders, and help the breed we love remain strong, healthy and  true to what a Newf should be.  

Photo by Wayne Allen
Much thanks to Henry Christiansen, Ross Jackson, Don McLeod and the Bancroft Photography Club for doing our photo shoot. Photos from the shoot will be featured in the 2014 calendar and will be available online for purchase next year.

Photo by Kaila Everest

There were lots of contests and we gave loads of prizes and awards, the most notable being:

The award for oldest newf went to Nana, owned by Jane and Bob Clubley.  Nana is 12 1/2 years young!

Allison Sabo won the prize for bringing in the most pledges.

Marlis Bartscher flew in from Nova Scotia and took home the prize for traveling the farthest.



Our parent organization HART was in attendance and their booth was a bustle of activity as they sold the last of their Grand for Growlers Raffle Tickets, as well as tickets for their huge draw for the Broil King Keg BBQ!  HART's booth generated an additional $1552 for HART's All Breed Rescue Program thanks to the hard work of their fabulous volunteers including HART President Deb Moxam and HART's All-Breed volunteers Beryl, Pat, Debbie, Helen, Anna, Tina, Lloyd, Lynn, Wanda, Leeanne and Celina.

The HART booth was busy all day.  Photo by Lynda McFadden
The winners of HART's Grand for Growlers Raffle were:
$1,000 Jim George of Bancroft
$500 Craig Steger of Buffalo New York
$200 Marina Fitzpatrick of Whitby
Congratulations winners!

The winner of HART's draw for the Broil King Keg BBQ was Mary Lefeuvre of Bancroft.

And HART's Door Prize winner was Pat McColl of Bancroft.

The Sunday hike was a great way to wrap up the weekend, with about a dozen dogs attending and taking a stroll together through beautiful Vance Farm Park.   We ran into some other hikers on the trail and there were a lot of wagging tails and ohhs, and awwwws.

Rupert the Irish Wolfhound turned a few heads at NewfStock!  Photo by Wayne Allen
Thanks also to the Town of Bancroft for the use of beautiful Millennium Park; area camp grounds and area B&Bs where many of the attendees stayed; and of course to the Sword Motor Inn for welcoming a hotel full of Newfs with open arms.

Photo by Wayne Allen
NewfStock 2012 was a tremendous success. Thank you to everyone who came out to the event and to the whole Newf Friends team who worked so hard to create a phenomenal weekend for everyone.

Great job everyone  I look forward to our next event!

~ Sandra

Photo by Angela Scappatura
Photo by Angela Scappatura

Photo by Kaila Everest
Photo by Wayne Allen

Photo by Wayne Allen