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Established in 2008.

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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Adopter Update - Ace

Hi Sandra,

Ace is doing great so far. He has been to see our vet for heartworm testing and a general check-up and said he looked happy and healthy! We have been doing as Janice advised in order to care for and clean his feet and other sensitive skin areas and have not had any flare-ups. Ace recently went to the groomer's and 4 hours later came out looking like a brand new man!

Ace has been a pleasure to have. he has quickly bonded with each of my family, and he is so good when company come over. We love going for walks and usually can't get around the block without someone asking what breed he is, and if they can come pet him! (Most folks we meet think he's a Saint Bernard!... Probably because of the drool!) He does love his stuffed ducky, and whenever someone comes home he presents his duck with a smiling face and a wagging tail..so cute! We love our Ace, and are so thankful to have him in our family.


Sunday, May 29, 2011

NDCC National Specialty

Volunteers braved the cold, wet weather, torrential downpours, and a flooded out yard which soon became known as "The Swamp" to set up our Newf Friends booth at the Specialty in Gananoque this past weekend. Pictured above are some of the volunteers bright and early on Saturday morning. Despite the not so great weather everyone enjoyed the weekend and much needed funds were raised to help Newfs in need.

Many new designs of tees were launch, our 2012 calendar was released, new drool towels were previewed, and loads of custom made products from bibs to blankets were available for purchase. The weekend was a success! Thank you to all of the people who supported our cause and stopped by the booth.

All of the new product will be available for purchase on our website later this week. Be sure to place your order before sizes are gone! The new t-shirts were a hit, and sizes are running low already!

Thank you to all of the volunteers who helped out this weekend: Kaila, Celine, Sandra, Jen, Sharon, Marlis, Judy, Adrienne, Norm, Colin, Peter and Karen. What a great team! And we can't forget Sam, one of our rescues, who worked the crowds in Gananoque to collect donations for our rescue.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

In loving memory

With heavy hearts we share the loss of one of the beloved Newfs of our volunteers Anne and Paul.

Yesterday I had to say farewell to a fabulous soul. His name was Clipper. He was an 11 year old Landseer/angel whom Paul and I took into our lives 5 years ago. Clip endured more pain in his first 6 years than I can even put into words. He once belonged to a sadistic horror of a human. He was beaten, tied up, scarred, cut, burned, starved..you name it, Clipper saw it.

You would think that such a life would leave a dog scarred emotionally as well as physically. Certainly he was scarred on his nose and under his thick beautiful coat BUT, the beauty of Clipper was that he refused to hold the cruelty of the past against the humans of the present. Once he realized that we were going to love him and that he would NEVER be hurt again, he left that life behind him and he simply devoured life in a loving home. He was the picture of Newfie goodness. He accepted the love he was given and he sent it back out into the world tenfold. EVERYONE who met him, LOVED him. People would just stop by to take him for a hike in the woods. He could change your mood from dark to light in an instant. He was just a "feel good" dog.

........Today, our home feels empty, our hearts are broken, but grief is the price we pay for love. I would pay it again and again for the sheer delight of belonging to such a dog. A dog, who, without rescue, would likely have died without having the opportunity to share his love with everyone he met. That is why we do this work, for the Clippers of the world.

Hold your furkids close and NEVER forget that this work we do is so important to the voiceless ones, like Clipper. He and all of the others out there waiting for someone to care, deserve every good thing that we can give them. Thanks for including us in your rescue efforts! ~ Anne

From all of us at Newf Friends, we are so very sorry for your loss Anne and Paul. We all share your grief.

Rest well sweet Clip-Clop.

Beauty without Vanity, Strength without Insolence, Courage without Ferocity, and all the virtues of Man without his Vices.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Product!

The NDCC National Specialty is just a day away, and Newf Friends Rescue is in high gear getting ready for the big event. We'll be setting up a booth selling all sorts of fabulous custom designed items, with all proceeds going to the rescue. Rain or shine, our volunteers will be there, so drop by our booth -- we've got a big tent, and it will be dry under there!

We will be launching 8 new designs at this event including this one, which we think will be a top seller......

Thank you once again to Jim Rodgers of Three Pound Universe (3PU) for donating your time and talent to design and draw our new tees and drool towels!

We will also have lots of one of a kind handmade items available donated by some of our supporters. We will be selling handmade drool bibs created by Adrienne Decou, Coupes Landing Newfoundlands. We will also have an assortment of bibs made by Peggie Mellor. Thanks Peggie and Adrienne!
We will also have fabulous handmade blankets, table runners and more created by Donna Hounsell, Moonfleet Newfoundlands including this hilarious poker players blanket! Thank you Donna!
Christine Hutton, from the Newf Rescue in England, has sent us gorgeous handmade wall hangings to sell at our booth as well. Thank you Chris for your support!

We will have special early bird pricing on our 2012 calendar, and a few clearance items available for a steal! Be sure to pop by the booth! All of our new product will be available for online purchase after the show for those of you who can't attend.

Be sure to pop by our booth to visit with volunteers, meet some of our adopters, get to know some of the breeders who support rescue, and purchase some unique items!
While visiting, keep an eye out for a Newf wearing a Newf Friends donation vest who will be cruising around the show. Pictured here is Mimi, a Newf Friends rescue modeling her new vest. Looking good Mimi!

We look forward to seeing you in Gananoque this weekend!

Monday, May 23, 2011



June 24, 2011: Nahla was adopted!

Meet Nahla, a beautiful one year old Landseer Newf who is searching for her ideal family. This gorgeous girl loves people and is very social and friendly. Coming to us as an owner surrender sweet Nahla is looking for stability and structure in her life.

This adorable girl has spent a lot of time with people, but has not had appropriate opportunities for socializing with other dogs. At 12 months of age she is unsure of herself in the company of new dogs. She is not aggressive, she just barks nervously when she sees another new dog. When given an opportunity to actually meet the dog face to face, she sniffs, says hello and acts appropriately. Once she's met a dog, she is completely fine, no problems. She is in foster care with 6 other dogs ranging in size from tiny to giant and she's had no problems. She runs around with them, hangs out and enjoys their company. She can be possessive of her toys but it's not a huge issue. She just takes her toys and runs away with them. To help Nahla learn to greet other dogs nicely, her foster family has been taking her to the leash free dog park and she does fine. She doesn't always play but she always enjoys herself and its exactly what she needs to learn to greet other dogs without barking. Given her young age and the fact that she takes direction very well, we don't see this being a long standing problem. Check out the video of her playing with a young Beagle below!

Nahla loves her squeaky toy!
Nahla has nice manners in the house. She doesn't counter surf, is fairly quiet and is happy to sleep on her dog bed at night. She is house and crate trained and will sit nicely for her dinner. She needs some help to learn how to take treats more gently (she's quite eager & loves treats!) but this will come with time and training. She has a habit of using her paws to say hello, pat people, ask for attention and get into mischief. It's quite comical when she's gingerly trying to knock over the bathroom garbage can wih her big mitts... silly girl! Jumping up is something else that her new family will want to continue to work on. Her foster parents are teaching her to sit nicely and wait for pets when she meets a new person but sometimes she still gets excited. She just loves people so much! She also adores children and she could live in a house with children aged 10 and up. Her jumping up combined with her "paw boxing" make her a hazard for a family with young children. Nahla is good with cats (though she does try to play with them!) and could easily join a house that had them.

Pretty girl!
Nahla is an active, young dog and needs lots of activity every day to burn her puppy energy and be happy. She loves to go for off leash romps in the woods and always stays close to her people. She likes to go for structured leash walks as well. Her leash manners are excellent and she doesn't pull at all. Toys are a favourite of hers, especially squeaky ones. She will carry her Wubba around the yard; throw it in the air, squeak it, paw it and just have a blast with it. Check out her video below!

Sweet Nahla is looking for a family who have the time to take her out and help her spend time with other dogs so that she can be comfortable around them and learn to have fun. She is fantastic with people and you could not ask for a more affectionate dog; she is a pleasure to be around.

Ready to play!!
Nahla is healthy, spayed, vaccinated and weighs 92 lbs. She is ready for a loving family. We are looking for an active family who will be able to meet her exercise needs. An experienced home is required to help meet her need for socialization.

Nahla is looking for a home where she can blossom.... might you be her perfect family?

Sitting nicely checking out the yard

Nahla cuddling with her foster family's Papillon. Sweeeeeet!!
 To be considered for adopting Nahla please complete an adoption application found on this page. Her adoption donation is $500. Nahla is being fostered in the Guelph Ontario area.

Bear looking spiffy!

This is our handsome Bear after his 4 hour spa day at Petsmart. He is so gorgeous. They said he was a very good boy and loved all the attention. He sure does look good.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


May 13: I have an adoption pending!

Say hello to Valerie, an adorable Newf (mix) who is looking for a family to call her own. This affectionate and social girl was born October 12, 2009 and is young, beautiful and full of love. Valerie is very people oriented, absolutely adores children and is social and friendly.

Valerie was adopted by one of our previous adopters in August 2011 and they worked with her for the last 5 months but have been unable to resolve issues Val and one of their other dogs were having. The decision has been made to find a new home for Valerie, so we are once again looking for a home for her.

She is intelligent, gentle with people, loving, affectionate and eager to learn and please. She knows basic commands and has good manners. A happy, fun loving girl, who's sure to steal the hearts of her adoptive family!

Valerie came to us as an owner surrender who after having her for 6 months were not able to meet her needs. She is doing exceptionally well in foster care and will make a great addition to a dog experienced home with kind, confident owners.

She is very focused on people and craves direction and structure, so is well suited to a home with a family who want to go out and work her mind and body in activities like agility. Valerie would be very happy as the only dog in a household, and is better off in a home without cats.

Playful and energetic, Valerie is suited to an active family -- she does require lots of daily exercise, but is happy to quietly lay about the house once she has had her play time. She is very gentle and respectful around children, and could join a home with older children.

When Valerie was adopted by her surrendering family (from an ad on Kijiji) they were told she was a spayed, purebred Newf. Turns out Valerie was not spayed and it is unlikely she is a purebred Newf as her bone structure/size/snout suggest otherwise. (However, we have had purebred Newfs come in of similar size and stature.) Our best guess is that she is Newf/retriever mix. She is small, at 75 lbs and as she matures and fills out, she will likely not be over 80 lbs.

Valerie has been spayed and is ready to join an adoptive home.

To be considered for adopting Valerie, please complete an adoption application. As a Newf mix, Valerie's adoption donation will be $350.

Friday, May 20, 2011

How Much Does a Newf Cost?

The majority of dogs who enter our program come from families who for a variety of reasons are no longer able to provide for their Newf. The cost of owning a Newf is quite high and should be a serious consideration for anyone thinking of adopting one.

One of our volunteers did a little math and came up with the following.......

The accountant in me has decided it was time to disclose some valuable information that will hopefully draw some insight into the "true" cost of owning a Newfoundland. I decided to price out one year with a newf (I did the first year, so this does include a lot of initial puppy purchases, which I think are relevant - also, I did include a spay in there as well even though it didn't occur until the second year)

Here are my figures - keeping in mind some of these are just rough estimates as I didn't go and pull out the actual invoices. These are in Canadian dollars.

Initial "Purchase" (sounds strange saying that) = $1500

Dog Food (Orijen 6-fish – 2 bags per month approx.) = $85 * 2*12 = $2,040

Joint supplements ($60 per month – Sasha's blend and salmon oil - we are actually paying double this price, but I split in half since this is for only one newf even though we have two - also didn't start this in year one, but it is now an ongoing expense for us, so I included it) = $720

Puppy training = $200+ per class (we took 3 levels) = $600+

Crate = $150

Bed(s) - multiple since she chewed or peed all over some = $100

Vet (puppy wellness, shots, ear infections, skin issues, spay (not until she was 2 years old)) = $1500 (rough estimate – the spay alone cost $750 with gastropexy)

Toys = $10 per month (guessing) = $120

Treats = $20 per month (guessing) = $240

Puppy sitter (came twice a day until Ayasha was 9 months, then once a day after that) = $400*9 + $200*3 = $4,200

Grooming (we bought a grooming table and dryer, so your cost may be different here - K9II dryer, grooming table, grooming tools/products) = $1000

Per Insurance ($40 per month (our premium used to be $24 and then got bumped up for no reason - newf insurance is more expensive than “typical” dog breed insurance because of their health issues) = $480

Grand Total = $12,650!!!!

Initial "purchase" price as a % of total = $1500/$12650 = 11.9%

I am probably missing a bunch of things! Yes, the first year can arguably be more expensive since there are a number of up-front costs, BUT, Ayasha is also a healthy Newf that hasn't had any major health issues. As soon as that becomes a factor, the above figure grows rapidly!! I know other Newf owners that

I love my fur babies and wouldn't change a thing, and the love of a newf is a gift, but I do think people fail to recognize the true expense of owning a giant breed dog (I know we did! Luckily we are in a position that we can support two of these fur babies). We see a number of newfs surrendered to rescue because of this. Please, REALLY consider the actual costs of owning one of these special creatures. People get hung up on the $1500 initial cost. I am here to tell you that is NOTHING compared to what you're in for! As they age, it will only get worse.


# 3916

May 22, 2011: Star was adopted!
Say hello to Star, a simply adorable old gal who is looking for a loving family to spend her golden years with. This lovable girl is a registered, purebred Newf born July 3, 2000 and will be celebrating her 11th birthday this summer!

She arrived in our care on May 19/11 as an owner surrender and had a busy day of vetting, grooming and meeting lots of dogs in her temporary foster home. This calm, cool, collected gal took it all in stride and happily spent her first evening snoring away.

Is that a kissable nose or what? Star is a real love bug and she is full of kisses, loves to be hugged and petted, is super affectionate and gentle as can be. All she wants is a lap to rest her chin on, and someone to hang out with.

She has a lovely, true Newf temperament -- gentle, patient and loving. She seems to get along fine with other dogs and was wonderful meeting all of her foster family. She has sought out the company of the older dogs and enjoys napping in a heap with them. She is not particularity thrilled with younger dogs who want to engage in play with her, but is very appropriate telling them to leave her be, just giving them a "bug off" bark. She would be fine joining a family with another well mannered dog to hang around and nap with.

Upon intake Star's coat was in very bad condition. She was filthy and covered in very large, thick matts over her entire body. The matting was so thick and close to the skin that it was determined that given her age, putting her through the stress of trying to save her coat would be too hard on her. In consultation with a vet and professional groomer we made the decision to shave her, a choice we never want to have to make for a Newf, but in this case the only option for her health. She was a super Star during her grooming session and although tired (she actually fell asleep in the bath tub and was snoring while being bathed!) she was rejuvenated once she was all done. Clean, smelling fresh, and free of painful matts, Star's tail has not stopped wagging since! We were pleasantly surprised to find that under all of the matts her skin was not as bad as we had feared, and she has no severe skin infections.

Upon intake we took Star straight to the vet for a check-up and ran full blood panels to assess her health. As we suspected she is hypothyroid and we have started her on thyroid meds. Currently Star weighs 150 lbs is about 45 lbs overweight - she is not a tall girl, nor is she particularly heavy boned, so her ideal weight would be around 105 lbs. With thyroid meds, a healthy diet, and opportunities for low impact exercise the pounds will start to melt off quickly. Star will look like a totally different dog in a few months time!

Being 11 years old, Star is a little slower moving than younger Newfs, but does not have any serious mobility issues. She is best suited to a bungalow style house where she does not have to contend with many stairs as she does not like them. Slippery floors are not an option for her. She likes to be near people and a home set up so that she can easily stick by her care-giver's side is best.

Star has cataracts in both eyes and her vision is impaired but she can see enough to get along just fine. Her teeth are not great, but at her age we are not willing to risk putting her under anesthetic to clean them. She will be getting some raw bones to chew to try to clean her teeth up a bit.

Star is looking for a home where she will be loved and cared for. Is that home yours? Her needs are simple -- good food, low cost thyroid meds, lots of Omega 3s and most important, LOVE!

Our usual adoption donation of $500 will be waived for Star given her age. Instead we ask for a donation of your choice. Star will be moving to her long term foster home this weekend, which is in the Guelph area.

To be considered as Star's adoptive family please complete our adoption application and return it to us to start the screening process.