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Established in 2008.

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Monday, August 31, 2015


I was adopted!

Brace yourself for cuteness overload , Oliver is a new arrival at Newf Friends.  This goofy, playful, wiggly pup is searching for just the right family to call his own.

Born on May 28/15 this adorable boy is just a few months old and has a lot of growing to do.  He came to us when his family realized that his needs were greater than they could manage.  When they got him they were told that he is purebred Newf and that his coat had been clipped --  sorry to say, someone wasn't being honest with them!   Oliver definitely has some Newf in him, but he's mixed with something else.  Great Dane perhaps?  One thing we do know for sure, he is ridiculously cute.

Oliver has a thick coat that repels water, but it is nowhere near the length of a Newf's coat.  When he matures his coat will likely be easier to maintain than a full Newf coat.

Oliver can barely contain his enthusiasm over visiting his foster dad at work

A typical  puppy, Oli needs lots of supervision, lots of training and socialization and loads of love.  He is in a wonderful foster home where he is immersed in all of the activities of a busy family.  He adores the children in his foster home and could happily join a family with well mannered school aged children.  We do not place puppies into homes with children under 5 years of age.

As puppies go, Oliver is pretty low key.  He is perfectly housebroken, has lovely house manners, is gentle and friendly, has fairly low energy compared to many pups his age.  He is rapidly growing which is hard on the body, so that may explain some of his low energy. We expect that as his matures a bit and his growth rate slows he will become more energetic.  Having said that, he is a pretty mellow tempered dog.

Oli is sharing his foster home with 2 other dogs and has been out visiting with a variety of well mannered dogs.  He greets new dogs appropriately, is respectful of older dogs, playful with younger dogs and generally an easy going pup.  An adoptive home where he will have another four footed pal to play with will be great for Oli and will encourage him to get up and play and have fun.

Typical of the Newf breed, Oli is an avid swimmer and has a strong rescue instinct-- he keeps watch over the little folk in his home while they play in the water.  He would be so very happy to find a home where he will be able to go swimming on a regular basis.

Lifeguard on duty

Oliver is lacking muscle mass in his back end and his foster family are working to help him put on some muscle.  Easy walks on soft surfaces, a little bit of work on hills, and opportunities to swim are all great ways for him to put on muscle.  We had some concerns over his gait, but Oli's vet check showed no signs of orthopedic issues at this time.  His joints are very loose, which is not uncommon for a giant breed pup of his age.  As with all giants, great care must be taken to keep Oli's growth rate slow and steady, and his exercise should be geared specifically to his development as a giant breed pup.  Proper nutrition and care will play a huge role in Oliver's healthy development.

He has received the appropriate vaccines for his age and will be getting his boosters on Sept 21.  We will not be considering homes in the US becasue he is not able to cross the border until a month has passed since the time of his rabies vaccine. 

He is too young to neuter and will be placed on a strictly enforced non-breeding adoption with a neuter contract in place.

We will be considering potential adopters in Canada within a 5 hour drive of his foster home in Bancroft, ON.   This includes parts of Ontario and Quebec. Only those families who have the time, energy, and lifestyle to properly train, socialize and care for a growing giant breed pup will be considered. 

An adoption donation of $600 applies, with a partial rebate given once he has been neutered at the appropriate age (20-24 months).


I was adopted!

Darling girl Rachel arrived in our care on Aug 22 along with her litter-mate Phoebe, and is getting settled in foster care.  This sweet girl is calm and sensitive and is looking for a loving family to call her own.

She is 5 years old and came to us through no fault of her own. She is a gentle, well mannered girl who loves to be hugged and petted.  Rachel has nice house manners, knows some basic commands and her foster mom reports that she is picking up new commands quickly, leash manners are coming along well and she is a quick learner who is eager to please.

wearing her cone of shame after her spay surgery
Rachel gets along well with other dogs and could happily join a family where  she has another four footed pal to hang out with.  She has not been tested with cats.

She is a social girl who loves to meet new people and is calm and well mannered.

A typical Newf, she likes to hang out in her yard or by the door at her foster home so that she can survey her surroundings and keep an eye over "her" domain.

She has been brought up to date on vaccines and has now been spayed. Rachel is slightly overweight, but with good diet and proper exercise the pounds should easily be dropped. Her joints appear to be in good condition, her bloodwork is fine and she appears to be a healthy girl.  She has mild entropion on her right eye, but our vet did not feel that surgery was warranted.  She may on occasion require drops, but otherwise seems fine.

Rachel is being fostered in Toronto, ON.  Her approved adopters will be required to pick her up in person. An adoption donation of $500 will apply.



Nov 27/15: I was adopted

This sensitive girl is looking for a loving family to call her own.  She gets along well with other dogs and is a gentle, well mannered girl.

A little timid, Phoebe is in need of opportunities for socialization to help boost her confidence and cope well in new surroundings.  She is learning about walking on new surfaces (hard floors vs carpets) and all of the other things that are new to her.
This 5 year old girl appears to be in good health, has been brought up to date on vaccines and will be spayed soon.  Phoebe is in heat at the moment so we are not yet able to spay her.  She will be on hold in foster care until she has been spayed.  Because we hold off spaying for a few weeks after the heat cycle ends Phoebe will not be ready to be adopted until October (although we will consider an adopter local to one of our supportive vets to foster-to-adopt while we wait for her blood vessels to reduce enough after her spay to minimize the risks of surgery.)
She arrived in our care on Aug 22 along with her litter-mate Rachel.  The girls were surrendered through no fault of their own.

More details will be posted about Phoebe as she settles into her foster home and we get to know her better.  Photos coming soon.

Phoebe is currently being fostered in Bomanville, ON.  An adoption donation of $500 will apply.