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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Blastomycosis in Ontario

A Newf Friends supporter has advised us that her friend's dog has been diagnosed with Blastomycosis, a potentially fatal fungal disease that can affect you and your dog. It is believed that the dog contracted the infection in the Ottawa area.

The disease is caused by the fungus Blastomyces dermatitidis. In dogs, Blasto is usually contracted by inhaling the spores from the soil, or by getting the fungus in an open wound. These spores are typically found near water in wet, sandy, acidic soils rich in organic matter. Since Newfs are water loving dogs, this is a disease that all Newf owners should be aware of.

In Ontario, Blasto is most commonly found near Kenora, Sault Ste. Marie, Chapleau and along the St. Lawrence. Cases have also been found Georgian Bay coastline, Dryden, and in Southern Ontario at the Rockwood Conservation area. (source) However, Blasto cases have been reported elsewhere.

Some of the most common symptoms of Blasto in dogs are:
skin lesions
blood in the urine
poor appetite
shortness of breath
exercise intolerance
enlarged lymph nodes
eye problems: including redness, pain, swelling, excessive tearing, clouding of the corneas, and even blindness

For more information about the symptoms of Blasto in dogs visit Blastomycosis.ca
Blasto in dogs can be treated with a fairly high survival rate, but it is a long, expensive process, and not all dogs will survive. Avoiding the disease in the first place is your pet's best defense. There is no vaccine to protect your pet from blastomycosis. Avoidance of high-risk areas is the only thing you can do to lower your risk. Avoid areas of disturbed soil near water in areas where blastomycosis is common. Don't allow your dog to dig in soil that may contain the fungus. Knowledge of the symptoms and existence of this disease will be your weapon should your dog ever begin to develop the symptoms mentioned above. (source)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Anna Searching for her Home

ID 3324

Update Dec 12, 2010: Anna has been adopted

Introducing Anna, a lovely black Newf who is looking for a loving family to call her own.

Anna is an affectionate and social girl who loves to get lots of hugs and kisses, belly rubs and butt scratches! She's looking for a special family that will be able to give her all of the love she deserves. This love bug is a big sweetie who loves to spend time with people.

This pretty girl is 2.5 years old, spayed and up-to-date with vaccines. She needs to drop some weight and is currently receiving lots of exercise in her foster home to help her to shed her extra pounds and improve her fitness. She loves to run and play and enjoys her walks, going swimming and getting out and having fun.

Through no fault of her own, Anna has been bounced around to a few homes in her short life - even spending several months living in a garage. She is looking for the stability and love of a permanent home, where she will be welcomed as a member of the family and get the care, structure and love that she craves.

Anna likes to get a lot of attention and affection so may not be suited to a home with several other dogs, but would be suited to a home with one other well socialized dog to play with, and a handler that understands how to run a multi-dog household. Anna is living with a male Newf in her foster home and gets along very well with him. She goes on play dates with a variety of dogs throughout the week and has done well meeting all sorts of new dogs. She enjoys these play sessions immensely!

There is still much work to do with Anna's dog-on-dog interactions, so care must be taken when introducing her to new dogs. When on-leash Anna will bark and pull to go see other dogs -- this behaviour is being addressed in her foster home, and will need continued work to correct. Anna also becomes very excited when there is too much stimulation, and has high prey drive, so her playtime must always be closely monitored.

She is best suited to living in a rural environment.

Anna came to Newf Friends because there were conflicts between her and one of the other dogs in her home. She was living in a multi-dog household including several adult dogs and puppies. She and one other dog, a mature, dominant female, had issues; she was fine with the other dogs in her last home though.

Her previous family report that she likes to chase, but is playful with cats. This has not been assessed in foster care as of this time.

Anna's ideal family will be active people who like to get out and spend time with their dog(s) giving her lots of opportunities for exercise to keep her mentally and physically healthy. Owners who are confident and have previous large breed experience are best for Anna. She knows basic commands, but would benefit from the social aspect of obedience classes and other group activities.Anna will require a very confident handler who is skilled in dog interactions and is willing to put in the time to work on helping Anna improve her behaviour with other dogs.

To be considered for adopting Anna please complete an application found on the left. A fenced yard is required. An reduced adoption donation of $400 applies as Anna will need some ongoing work on her behaviour.


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Adopter Update - Guinness

Decided to update some recent pictures of our "little" guy Guinness! He's growing big and tall - emphasis on the tall part, with the back legs a bit taller than the front! You can see some of the Berner in his face (especially his nose) but he's got a lot of Newf in him, and absolutely no gracefulness! He does, however, have one of the most loving temperaments.

The first few pictures were taken over Easter, when we headed to New Brunswick. Our friend is a wonderful photographer and she took some pictures of Guinness playing with her dog Maya. Guinness was not quite 5 months old when these pictures were taken.

The next few photos are from the last few weeks, so Guinness is about 6-7 months old in these next ones.

His favorite sleeping spot:

His look that tells me to bugger off with the camera:

Showing his long legs and his large paws:

His favorite feature, his big long tongue that he uses to lick the face off everyone he meets!