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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bloat -- Gastric Dilation Volvulus/Gastric Torsion

Earlier this week Isabel, who was recently adopted from us by a wonderful family, bloated with torsion. Thanks to the fast action of her adoptive family who recognized her symptoms and got her to an emergency clinic, Isabel survived. She underwent emergency surgery to untwist her stomach, and also had her stomach tacked to reduce the risk of torsion in the future. She spent a few days in hospital and is now home recovering with her family.

Due to their size and deep chests Newfs are at risk of developing bloat, a condition that can kill within a very short period. If you suspect your Newf is bloating rush to the closest vet immediately.

Here is a chart of bloat symptoms (click the image to see the large size file.) Learn to recognize the early signs of bloat, and if you suspect your Newf is bloating get emergency veterinary help immediately. All dogs display different symptoms, so if your Newf seems uncomfortable and is acting strangely it is better to be safe than sorry and get to a vet.

Click image to view in larger size
 For a printable version of this chart click here.

One useful tip to help your dog expel excess gas if you suspect bloat is to massage the acupressure point for bloat which helps to stimulate burping. This is not a replacement to seeking immediate veterinary care, but can be done while on your way to the vet.

Dietary risk factors for bloat include:
  • Drinking large amounts of water immediately after eating
  • Eating a single, large meal daily
  • Eating from a raised feeding bowl
  • Exercising vigorously on a full stomach
  • Gulping down food very quickly
Bloat has been associated with increasing age and having a first-degree relative with a history of Bloat.
To learn more about Bloat - Gastric Dilation Volvulus (GDV) and Gastric Torsion visit this article and this FAQ document

Thursday, February 25, 2010

WARNING - Dangerous toys!

An important message from Ella's family, with a warning for all of us to keep in mind when giving our Newfs bones.....

Hi Everyone...

I felt the need to write you on this one and at this very moment I am still shaking badly and my heart is pounding so hard!

Like many of you, I have dozens of those hard beef marrow bones around...the ones with the hole that you stuff peanut butter in. The dogs absolutely love them and chew on them all the time! I see everyone with them...I think pretty much all of us have them.

Around midnight (and fortunately I was still up and around), I saw Ella jumping around. For a bit I thought she was playing with something, but then I saw her pawing at her mouth. I checked and she had somehow gotten a marrow bone around her bottom jaw and her bottom canines were holding it in place like a barbed fish hook. Her tongue as well as her whole bottom jaw was in the hole of the bone. It was so stuck that her jaw started swelling within minutes, cutting off her blood supply. I was screaming for help and with quick thinking Scott got all his cutting tools. We held her and held her tongue back and with all his might just nipped about 1/8 of an inch at the middle end of the bone with cutters so as not to hurt her in any way. We knew that we had to work fast. Luck was on our side and the thinner part of the bone was up and facing us and it split perfectly... just by a fluke only. Getting her to the vet fast enough at midnight would have been questionable with the swelling happening so fast.

This was a perfectly normal sized bone..the kind that I have used for my dogs all of my life and see in all doggie homes, but just that particular shape with a flared end and a little jut inside made possible to get her canines and jaw inside and get jammed. We still cannot figure out how she did this, as it was on so TIGHT and her jaw is a good size now.

ALL FLARED ENDED MARROWS ARE PERMANENTLY OFF THE FOOR...like 20 of them!!!. The only ones I am using from now on are the long narrow STRAIGHT ones with a smaller hole and thick edges...no flares!!

Please, please...take note as this was a very serious situation!!! A fluke maybe, but it could happen again and we might not be there!

On a good note...Ella is totally fine now and after a hefty drink of water and a cooling down time, swelling went down fast and she got her frisbee out and wanted to play!! WHEW!

I never dreamed this would ever happen, so I just don't ever want it to happen to anyone else!

Now that it is a happy ending, I am actually glad that this happened.....a big lesson learned and we were fortunately there for her! It will now never happen again!

Best to all of you and your furries...keep them safe...

With kindness..
Judy and my incredible crew

Ella - 6 Months old

Update posted by Ella's adoptive Mom on February 13....

Ella has come a LONG way since her near death rescue. She is 6 months old today! My, she sure has grown & it's hard to call her "wee Ella" anymore! She is now a good 60 pounds (Zoe is 125 pounds to compare), with long legs & a slim, long, narrow body. I can see the dane in her but there's newf too & she has webbed feet! Blind Jake, Zoe & Ella are the BEST buddies ever, but all respect good 'ol 3-legged Denver who just sleeps or hangs out on the sidelines. Ella is as sweet as they come & she is loved to bits!

Happy Half Birthday Ella, from all of us here at Newf Friends!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Fosters Needed

Newf Friends Newfoundland Dog Rescue is always in need of foster homes to provide care for Newfs in need.

Operating under the umbrella of HART, our volunteer foster families on occasion have the opportunity to open their hearts and homes to breeds other than Newfs, such as labs, goldens, and most recently Huskies.

Fostering is incredibly rewarding, and is one of the greatest ways you can help rescue -- foster families are the backbone of our rescue organization, and make the greatest difference for the dogs that come into our care.

Here is HART's most recent Newspaper Ad for the Bancroft Times. This article, written by a Newf Friends/HART foster mom shares the experience of fostering......click the image to see the larger sized version.

To be considered for joining our foster team, please complete a foster application.

Update - February 22, 2010

Kody and Ben have both now been adopted into wonderful homes. To read about these and all of our other successful adoptions, visit our Happy Endings page.

Ralphie and Murphy have successfully been moved into separate foster homes and are doing great! The bonded pair are happily playing with their new playmates in their respective foster homes, and we are confident that we will be able to move forward with adopting them to separate homes.

Information about these two boys can be read in our Available Dogs page.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Update -- February 15, 2010

Ralphie and Murphy are still searching for a special home to call their own. What an adorable pair they are. The two love bugs are sweet as can be, and looking for a loving home to call their own.

Visit our "Available Dogs" listings to the right to learn more about Murphy and Ralphie.

9 month old Ben, a handsome Newf/Retriever mix, has a home visit going out for a potential home. We've got our paws crossed that it will be a good match!

Kodiak's adoption fell through (no fault of his own), and we will continue reviewing applications we have received for his adoption. A huge thank you goes out to the kind family that took Kody in, cared for him, and got him ready to be adopted before turning to us for help finding him a home. He is a very lucky boy to have made his way to such great people.

Hera and all of her pup have now joined their forever families and are doing great!