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Newf Friends Newfoundland Dog Rescue is a volunteer run, foster home based rescue group for Newfoundland Dogs in need in Ontario, Canada.
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Established in 2008.

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Saturday, July 23, 2016



Adoption Overview
Update: I've been adopted!
1 yr old
OK with well mannered dogs
Will chase cats
Located in Fergus ON

All About Thunder
Thunder arrived in our care on July 23/16 and has shown himself to be an affectionate boy who is friendly, playful and full of puppy silliness.  Thunder has loads of potential and is looking for some training, attention and love.

We don't know too much about his history, he has been bounced around a bit in his short life and will benefit greatly from routine, structure and someone who has the time to teach him all of the things he should have learned when he was a pup.

Super cute video below!

A typical young hooligan who has not received much training, Thunder is full of beans and in need of learning leash manners, basic commands, and house manners (like keeping his feet off the counter!)  He will come around quickly with some basic work.

Given his training needs, he is not suited to a home with young children.

He has been tested with dogs and has been playful with them although can become overstimulated and pushy and does not always know how to interpret some play behaviours.  He could join a home with a well mannered playmate who will be tolerant of his puppy playfulness and his lack of manners.  He is in need of learning doggie social skills so further exposure to well mannered dogs in a controlled setting will benefit him greatly.  At this time he is not a dog who is ready to go to a dog park or be integrated into a large pack.

He has now been brought utd on vaccines and neutered.  He weighs 130 lbs and is in need of dropping some weight.  He is a black newf although his coat is dull and looks almost brown at the moment -- we hope that with a healthy diet, exercise and grooming his coat condition will improve greatly.

Thunder is being fostered in the Fergus, ON area.  His approved adopters will be required to pick him up in person.  An adoption donation of $500 applies.

Saturday, July 16, 2016



Adoption Pending

Quick Adoption Overview
On medical hold, however a foster to adopt placement will be considered with a family who lives near one of our supportive vet clinics.  See details below.
2.5 years old - DOB Dec 10, 2013
Health Needs:  has environmental allergies
Is allergic to cats (and goats) so is not suited to a home where there is a cat
Gets along with well mannered dogs
Located in Mississauga, ON

All about Murphy
Murphy is a sweet and sensitive boy who loves attention and belly rubs.

This gentle boy came to us after his family had changes in their life making it difficult to meet Murphy's health needs.  He has received nothing but excellent care from them throughout his life, and has been very loved and adored.

Health wise, he suffers from environmental allergies from a variety of things including certain grasses, trees and even cats.We are working with a team of traditional and holistic practitioners to come up with a supportive strategy to get him on the road to good health.  He's doing great!

He is hypothyroid and has now begun medication (under $25/month) which should go a long way towards helping his skin issues.

I love my walks! 

Smurphy Murphy is a typical velcro Newf who loves nothing more than spending time with his family.  Taking a shower?  Murphy will follow you to the bathroom, just to make sure your don't drown. How considerate! 

He loves a good scratch, and will happily roll over for a belly rub anytime you're offering.

Rub my belly please!

Murphy loves other friendly dogs, and is pretty excited to meet them!  The first few minutes he comes on a bit strong (all excitement!), but eventually he relaxes.  He gets to go into work with his foster family, and has a routine of kissing the other dogs good morning.  How sweet!

He could happily join a home with a foot legged pal, or a home in which he gets regular social opportunities.
Murphy and his Pals

Here he is playing with his foster brother:

He has a low prey drive. Small animals are fine friends in Murphy's books.  Murphy has a mild allergy to cats.  We would be fine with occasional exposure to feline friends, but best to not live with cats.

Murphy is sensitive to being separated from his family, so a home where someone is around much of the time is ideal for him.  That said, once he is settled in, he has been just fine when left during the day, after a good walk.

He has met young children and was a very good boy.  He can join a home with respectful children over the age of 5.

He is being fostered in the Toronto area.

We will consider placing Murphy into a foster-to-adopt placement with an adopter provided that they live near the GTA to access his team of health care providers.  In this arrangement Murphy would join his adoptive family before he has been cleared medically and we would continue to oversee and cover the costs of his vet care.  Once he is stabilized and his medical hold is lifted we would then finalize his adoption.

Thursday, July 14, 2016



Hudson joined his adoptive family on Dec 11/16

Quick Adoption Overview
Available for adoption
6 years old - DOB May 4, 2010
Fostered in Stayner, ON
Good with cats
Good with well mannered dogs

All about Hudson

Hudson is a gentle, well mannered boy who knows his basic commands and has nice house manners.  He enjoys spending time with people, is friendly and affectionate, and loves to give big kisses!  He is gentle and an overall big, lovable fella'.

Hudson has been happily hanging out with the other four footed pals at his foster home.  He could join a family where there is another well mannered, gentle dog. He is also respectful of cats.

Having said that, Hudson does at time guard his food bowl (from some dogs only - never from humans), so should not be left unsupervised with other animals when he is eating.

This sweet boy came to us through no fault of his own when changes in his family meant that he was not receiving the care that he needed.

Hudson was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2015 but sadly was left untreated.  As a result of this he had been experiencing weakness, pain, swelling and feeling very unwell.  When he entered our care we started treatment promptly and Hudson is feeling loads better!  His treatment is now complete and he is all better!

On intake he was suffering from severe skin, ear and eye infections, likely due to low thyroid function.  He has responded very well to treatment and now looks and feels loads better!   A healthy diet, and proper management of his thyroid, will help Hudson to stay in good condition.  Hudson takes meds to stabilize his thyroid function and is now receiving the correct dose and is no longer exhibiting symptoms of hypothyroidism.  These pills cost about $25/month.  He is also benefiting significantly from daily eye drops, which will be a long term requirement for Hudson.

Hudson is being fostered in Stayner, ON. His approved adopters will be required to pick him up in person. An adoption donation of $500 will apply.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016




Courtesy posting for our rescue friends and supporters in Thunder Bay
If interested in adopting Dior please complete our application and return it to us, we will forward to her caregivers in Thunder Bay for screening

Quick Adoption Overview
6 years old
Spayed and UTD on vaccines
Good with dogs
Good with cats
Good with kids
Located in Thunder Bay

All about Dior
Sweet 6 year old Dior is a friendly, affectionate and well mannered girl who through no fault of her own finds herself in need of a home.   Her family's situation has changed and she can no longer stay with them.

We are told that she is a very sweet girl who is wonderful with other dogs and could happily live with a cat as well.  She is used to getting lots of love and care, enjoying napping on the couch and snuggling on the bed.

She is in need of dropping considerable weight, currently weighing 160 lbs (goal weight of 115-120).  A healthy, grain free diet in the appropriate amount, and lots of opportunities for exercise should help her get in shape over the coming months.

Dior is not a fan of stairs so would be happiest in a home where she will not be expected to climb a lot of stairs to go outside to potty.

She has been spayed and her vaccines are current -- due at the end of the summer.

Dior is in Thunder Bay -- her approved adopters will be required to pick her up in person.

She is not a Newf Friends dog, but we are accepting applications for her on behalf of her caregivers and will forward suitable applications along to them.