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Newf Friends Newfoundland Dog Rescue is a volunteer run, foster home based rescue group for Newfoundland Dogs in need in Ontario, Canada.
We place Newfs into carefully screened homes in Ontario and surrounding provinces and states.
Established in 2008.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

December 22, 2009 - Update

Please visit our "Available Dogs" listing to the right to learn more about the dogs currently available for adoption.

Our 2010 Newf Friends Calendars are now completely sold out. (We are still able do print runs as a special order for customers that order 10 or more calendars.) Thank you to everyone who ordered a calendar, your support is greatly appreciated. Once again our calendar has been purchased around the globe and will be hanging in several countries. This year the farthest traveling calendar is on it's way to Israel! The last of the orders were filled today and went out express post for arrival within Canada in time for Christmas. International orders will take longer.

Buddy has found himself a great new home and will be joining them this week. Congratulations Buddy!

Isabel is doing great, and is slow to wean her pups. After a rough start, she is making up for lost time with her puppies. The pups will be moved into their new foster home by New Years and will stay there until adoption. We will move Isabel into her long term foster home at that time. We have been inundated with applications for her puppies, and will be screening those families that appear to be their best matches in the new year. We are still accepting applications for Isabel and hope that a great family will come along for her soon. She is a loving, affectionate girl who is very motivated to please, and loves spending time with people.

Hera, the husky we rescued along with Hudson, was featured in the Ottawa Citizen, and pictures of her and her pups can be seen there. We are accepting applications for Hera and her pups now.

Hudson is still searching for his perfect forever home....we know there's a great family out there just waiting to find him. Hudson is a fabulous boy, so full of love, and is an excellent house dog. He really is the perfect pet!

Misty is waiting on the results from a home visit for a possible family for her.....we will know more after Christmas. We've got our paws crossed that she will be joining a new family soon. We are still accepting applications for her, and they are on hold until after her pending home visit.

Happy holidays to all of our adopters, friends, donors, and supporters. Wishing you and your Newfs all the best during the holidays and in the coming year.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Update December 16, 2009

Details about all of the dogs we currently have available for adoption can be found by clicking the available dogs link to the right.

Newf Friends would like to extend a huge thank you to Ferghus & Company for their generous support in coordinating the Santa Paws - Bags for a Cause Program! All of the foster dogs in Newf Friends and HART's foster care programs will have their own special gift under their tree thanks to the fine folks at Ferghus & Co. Thank you so much, from all of the dogs!

Hera, the husky we rescued along with Hudson, continues to thrive in the care of her foster mom. Her pups are all doing well and growing bigger and stronger everyday. Mr. Slushy Pants is in the lead with growth and is the biggest of the litter.

To read about Hera and Hudson's rescue story click here.

Hudson is having a great time on his daily play dates and is hoping to have a family all of his own very soon.

Misty, who is sharing a foster home with Hudson is also thriving in the care of her foster family. Hopefully her forever family will come along soon.

Buddy is still searching for his perfect family too. Hopefully over the holidays we will be able to find home for all of the Newfs currently waiting for new families.

Isabel and pups are doing great, and the pups are nearly weaned. Isabel wil be ready to be adopted very soon, and her pups will be moving to their new foster home shortly. As they grow and their personalities begin to develop we will start screening potential homes for them.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Buyer Beware

The newspapers and online listings are full of "purebred" dogs for sale. People considering buying a purebred dog need to know a few things...

If a breeder says that their breeding stock is active in conformation, draft or carting, therapy, obedience, etc., you should demand to see the certificates for what they say they have accomplished with the breed. You should also be able to see certificates for health clearances. A reliable breeder will be happy to provide you proof of their accomplishments, as well as health clearances on their breeding stock. Also, ask to see the parent's CKC certificates - in Canada pure-bred dogs MAY be registered under a CKC not-for-breeding contract, and puppies from these dogs can not be registered. The certificates issued by CKC clearly show the status of the dog's registration.

In Canada, it is ILLEGAL for a breeder to represent a dog as "purebred" and not provide papers. Canadian breeders MUST supply registration papers at NO EXTRA COST. Beware of breeders who offer a "discount" for not supplying papers. ALL puppies MUST be permanently identified BEFORE they leave the breeder - by microchip or CKC assigned tattoo.

In Canada, the breeder is responsible for completion, submission and payment of the registration with the Canadian Kennel Club. By law, registration papers MUST be supplied to puppy buyers WITHIN SIX MONTHS of the date of purchase.

If a Canadian breeder does not provide a buyer with registration papers, the buyer can contact the Canadian Kennel Club 416-675-5511, and ask for information on how to obtain their registration documents.
There should also be a written contract between the breeder and the buyers, clearly stating the responsibilities of each party.

Under Canadian Kennel Club by-laws, it is illegal for a CKC member/breeder to offer mixed breed (non purebred) dogs for sale.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Update - December 12, 2009

Isabel and the pups are all thriving. The pups will be weaned shortly, and Isabel will be ready to be adopted. We are still searching for her perfect forever home, or a cat-free foster home.

Buddy, Hudson and Misty are all still waiting for their forever famiies to come along. They are all wonderful dogs and will make some very special families so happy when they are adopted.

Hera and her pups are doing very well also. She is an excellent mom, taking exceptional care of her brood.

We have added an Updates from Adopters section to our blog (on the right hand side) and in the coming weeks we will be working our way through updates that have been sent to us and adding them to the list. Now is a great time to send a recent update about your adopted newf! Don't forget to include a few web-size images for us to post as well!

Our final print run of our 2010 calendar is at the printer right now. All outstanding orders will be filled on Monday, and anyone wanting to get a calendar ordered in time for Christmas should do so with in the next few days. These beautiful calendars make a great holiday gift, and 100 % of the proceeds go to help Newfs in need!

George Update!

October 12, 2009

Just a quick update to let you know that I was transferred to California in June. I am now living in Los Angeles, 2 blocks from where they shot “Baywatch”. George is now an “ocean dog” and is in the water with me almost everyday. I have taught him how to surf, he loves it...!!! Yesterday he entered his first “Dog Surfing Contest” in Huntington Beach, and he came 3rd in the “Heavyweight division” - more importantly he had the time of his life making new friends and was voted the “Crowd Pleaser” dog of the competition. He kept running out in the water to “save” the surfers offshore, to the delight of the crowd – it was amazing. He has no fear of the large waves and has such personality.

Here is a link to one of many blogs about the event.

Photo from twentyfouratheart.com

The whole Dog surfing contest was really fun...!! George has no fear of the waves, but once I got him balanced on the board, caught a wave and he started surfing, he would realize I was in the water behind him, he would turn around and jump off the board to swim back to “save” me... It was very funny, but it prevented him from winning the competition. He came 3rd – but he won the “People’s Choice “ award. The judges (all Celebrity Pro Surfers) and the crowds on the Beach loved him...! I have about $1,000 worth of dog crap now (leashes, collars, food, treats, shampoo, etc.) Its very funny.

I have enclosed a link of photos that were taken at the event by the photographer – George and I are in quite a few of them between pages 3 through 9. Take a look when you have a moment- some of them are very funny...! The fact he had to wear a lifejacket cracks me up – he is so funny looking in it...!!! As you will see in the photos, he loved the whole experience – everytime he got off the surfboard – he would try and kiss my face.... Huntington Beach, California is a long way from Bancroft – he is loving it...! Let me know if you would like any of the photos for your records, I am going to purchase a few of them and would be happy to share...!

Professional Photos

Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help your rescue group – its a great cause, and I am sure there are other “George’s” out there who will have love, protection and adventure in their life because of your efforts. And to be very clear – as much as I have given him a great life, (what Newf wouldn’t jump at the chance to go Surfing in the ocean everyday...???) he gives it all back to me as well, I truly love him – we are BOTH very lucky...!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy Gotcha' Day Matilda

December 11, 2009

Matilda is the reason we started Newf Friends, so that no Newf would ever again have to endure what she was forced to live in.

It was 2 years ago today that we picked Matilda up after she had spent 18 months living in some of the most disgusting conditions I have ever seen. Emaciated, stumbling and suffering terribly from malnutrition and starvation, she was just skin and bones when she arrived. Matilda was absolutely filthy, covered in matts down to her skin that were caked with urine and feces -- the matts behind her ears were so large she couldn't even turn her head. She was in excruciating pain from having been denied veterinary care or pain meds for her crippling orthopaedic issues - her hip bones grinding together, as she was left, suffering with no pain relief. She was infested with parasites left untreated for so long that they had become so severe she had explosive bloody diarrhea, making her anaemic and weak. She could not have survived much longer. Through a chain of events, she, and several others, ended up in the safety of our co-founder's kennel, and I headed over to pick her up to "help groom her out".......and we've never looked back since.

She responded immediately to our treatment plan, and within days had put on several pounds, was moving around pain free thanks to having meds, within a few weeks was strong enough to go for short hikes on flat terrain, and within 2 months was hiking up huge hills out in the woods. Once she started growing stronger, nothing was going to hold her back. By the time spring rolled around and the lake opened there was no stopping her, and she was diving into the water, swimming all around, towing boats, and doing what a Newf was meant to do. All she needed was some love, some respect, basic care, and to be treated with dignity.

Today she is a proud and strong girl. Sure, she has her health issues, and at times struggles with her deformed back end that simply doesn't do all of the things she wants it to do. But with lots of exercise, massages, proper vet care and the right combination of pain relief, she is able to enjoy an excellent quality of life. She is a friendly, happy, loving girl, who loves to be hugged and petted and told how wonderful she is. And she is wonderful, she really is. Matilda finds joy in the simple things, like going for a ride in the Jeep with the top off, taking a stroll through the woods, or playing catch with water as it comes out of the hose. She's a gentle foster sister to all of the pups that come through our home, even when they yank on her tail and make her crazy. She's never met a person or animal she doesn't like. She's a foot warmer on cold winter nights. A hiking companion, swimming companion, my constant shadow.

Matilda, and dogs like her, are the reason rescuers do what we do. Matilda is a daily reminder of how much of an impact we can have if we choose to act instead of looking the other way. Happy Gotcha' Day sweet Matilda. Thank you for all you've taught us.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Update December 10, 2009

It's been a busy few days here.

Isabel and her pups are doing well. Their eye's are open, one has a tooth coming through, and they are all lapping gruel. They will soon be weaned. We are starting to accept applications for Isabel.

Hudson the Newf we rescued from deplorable conditions in Quebec is still searching for his perfect home. He is a fantastic boy and will make a great companion for the right family.

Hera, the husky we rescued with Hudson delivered her pups on December 9, a total of 8 pups. Mom and pups are all doing well.

Hudson and Hera's story can be read here including photos from the site in Quebec which we have not previously shared.

Misty continues to do well in foster care, and enjoys her daily play dates with other dogs. She is still searching for the right family to adopt her.

Newcomer Buddy is ready to be adopted and looking for an awesome home to call his own.

Donations towards vet care are always welcome -- our resources are low after having some serious health issues with some of our rescued dogs. Purchasing one of our calendars (link to right) is another way you can help Newfs in need. 100 % of the proceeds got to help the dogs.

Hudson and Hera's story

On November 11, 2009 Newf Friends was contacted by Joy, a volunteer from Gerdy's Rescue in Quebec, to see if we could help a Newfoundland Dog who was living with over 100 sled dogs in horrendous conditions in Ste-Agathe-des-Monts, Quebec. This sweet boy, who had at one time been a family pet, had been given to the owner of the sled dogs as a "mascot". Hudson, as he would soon be named, was rescued, along with over 100 other dogs, by SPCA Laurentides-Labelle. The SPCA found dogs chained outside without regular access to adequate food, clean water or shelter. There were numerous dead dogs discarded in heaps on site. Worse still, 30 of the rescued dogs were pregnant. Without help, these expectant moms would have given birth in mud pits. The puppies would have surely suffered and died. This tragic story made headlines around the world, and rescuers across the nation came together to help out.

Photos of the conditions the dogs were living in were provided by the Humane Society:

We called on our network of volunteers and secured a Newf Friends Foster Home for Hudson immediately, and started making arrangements for his transport to his Ottawa area foster. The situation in Quebec was quite desperate, as rescuers scrambled to find rescue placements for over 100 dogs. Many rescues are not equipped to intake pregnant females, and the 30 pregnant huskies were at the greatest risk. After mentioning the desperate situation in Quebec to one of the Board members of HART, she agreed that more could be done to help out, and offered to foster one of the pregnant huskies if Newf Friends could make those arrangements. And so it came to be that Hera, a Husky was taken in by Newf Friends and joined Hudson, and several others on their transport to Ontario.

A Newf Friends volunteer met the transport team in Ottawa where Hudson and Hera were handed off to her loving arms, and their new lives began. She took them to her home, where Hudson immediately pranced into their house, thrilled to once again be invited inside a loving home, and he settled in and made himself comfortable. This foster home would be Hudson's long term foster home. In the coming weeks Hudson would flourish in their capable hands. Step one was a trip to the doggie spa, a good diet, and lots of TLC. He was introduced to a variety of dogs on daily play dates, temperament tested with people and animals, and passed every test his foster mom put him through with flying colours. Hudson was placed up for adoption, and on January 7, 2010 he was adopted to his perfect forever home!

Upon arrived Hera, who had never lived a day of her life indoors, was frightened, and quite overwhelmed by everything she had been through, and was fearful of being brought indoors. Patiently, and gently, our volunteer worked her magic and brought Hera around. This timid girl was receptive to a gentle hand and was soon fed, and settled in for a rest after a long, stressful few days. Newf Friends had a rescue transport scheduled the following weekend to move foster dogs to foster homes across the province, and Hera was included in this transport, to bring her to Bancroft, where she would meet her long-term foster Mom. Hera arrived at her new foster home feeling tired, and scared. With some TLC, she quickly came around and her gorgeous blue eyes sparkled when she met her two new canine siblings.

Like all Newf Friends fosters, Hera was immediately put onto a high quality diet of Orijen dog food. She was also given sockeye salmon each day to add extra nutrients to her diet to help her become as strong as possible before her pups arrived. She soon settled into a routine in her new foster home, and under their loving care, she came out of her shell, and began learning to trust. She enjoys quiet cuddles, and being petted gently, and has responded to calm, soothing care from her foster parents.

On December 9 Hera delivered a healthy litter of pups -- 7 girls and one boy -- Minnie-Me (who looks just like Hera), Delilah, Luna, Agent Snowball, Mokey, Miss Sprocket, Athena and Mr. Slushy Pants. Hera's instincts were superb and she immediately started caring for her pups, and all are doing very well.

Hera has an adoption pending, and will join her new forever family once her pups have all been placed.
Update: February 13, 2010

Hera was adopted into her forever home on February 8th. She has a wonderful family to call her own, and other dogs to romp and play with. She will have a wonderful life with them!

All of her pups have also now joined their forever families and their new lives are beginning.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Update December 4, 2009

We have another new arrival to Newf Friends. Buddy is a sweet and playful 2 1/2 yr old who is looking for a family to love him. You can read all about Buddy, and the other dogs that are available for adoption, under our Available Dogs listing to the right.

Isabel and her pups are doing well. All of the pups are gaining weight, and have opened their eyes. Soon they will be walking! We are searching for a cat-free foster home for Isabel to be moved to once her pups are weaned. If you live in southern/central Ontario and have considered apply to be a foster, now is a good time.

Hudson and Misty are both doing fantastic in their foster home, and thoroughly enjoying almost daily play dates with a variety of dogs. They are both such great dogs, hopefully their perfect forever families will come along soon!

Ella is officially ready to join her new family. She will be adopted this weekend. Way to go Ella, you've come a long way!

Hera, the husky who was rescued along with Hudson from deplorable conditions in Quebec, is in the care of a HART foster home and expected to have her pups any day now. Details about Hera and her pups will be courtesy posted on this site and we will be facilitating her adoption.

We have a long winter ahead of us, and our funds are being depleted rapidly due to extensive veterinary care for dogs that have come through our rescue. Please consider making a donation to our Newf Friends Fund (link to the right), or perhaps purchasing a calendar in support of our rescue. Every dollar helps.