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Established in 2008.

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Monday, January 23, 2017


ADOPTED March 30, 2017

Quick Adoption Overview:
DOB: May 1, 2016 - 10 months old
Arrived January 22, 2017 
Kids 12+ as Miley is working on her manners
Could live with a well-mannered dog
Could live with a dog-savvy cat
Located in Oakville, ON 
Before applying to adopt a dog or emailing us with questions, please read the dog's entire bio and review our FAQ page.  Emails asking questions that are answered on that page will not be responded to.

All about Miley:
This cute young gal is an affectionate, happy pup who has loads of love to give.  She is full of life and looking for a wonderful family to help her reach her full potential. 

Miley is a playful, goofy gal.  She loves to be at your side, and is a typical shadow-Newf.  Such a sweet girl! 

Hey you, get pettin'
Miley has a nice base of training, and knows her basic commands, such as 'sit', 'down' and 'stay'.  She loves training time and is doing very well at her obedience classes.  She does sometimes forget her manners when her excitement gets the best of her  -- she is working on keeping all four paws on the floor and curbing other puppy-behaviours (stealing socks, counter surfing).  However, she is bright, food-motivated, and extremely responsive to positive training techniques.  In the right hands, she will thrive!

Miley walks nicely on leash and loves walk time.  She pulls when she sees people and dogs (her adoptive family will need to continue working on these skills) but for the most part she trots along right at your side and is a real joy to walk.  

She loves car rides.  She'll happily hop right in, and snooze away for trips of any length.  Miley is always up for the next adventure, especially if it includes a car ride!

She's an energetic girl, who does best once she's had a good romp.  She will require an active owner, who can provide daily exercise to drain her energy.  Once she's exercised, she's happy to relax and cuddle indoors. 

Miley loves other dogs but will benefit from opportunities to improve her social skills. She becomes excitable when meeting new dogs and can easily become over stimulated.  She is making great progress with controlled interactions with well-socialized dogs.  She is a playful gal who loves to horse around with other dogs, so she could join a family with a nicely mannered dog and an experienced handler.  She would not be a candidate for living with elderly dogs, or dogs that do not wish to play, as they will not appreciate her bouncy approach.

Snuggling up with her foster brother

Miley can live with dog-savvy cats, as long as they wont be too off put by her bouncy curiosity.

Miley is fond of children, but older kids (12+) are recommended, while she continues to work on her manners (jumping up, mouthing).  She could easily knock over or overwhelm young kids.

Miley is best suited to a family who have owned a giant breed before -- she is not a good fit for first-time dog owners. Continued positive training is a must for Miley as she has the basic but needs to learn to control arousal in exciting situations.  Continuing on with her obedience classes is strongly recommended.

Miley appears to be in good health, has great mobility and is current on vaccines.  

She is being fostered in the Oakville, ON area.  Her approved adopters will be required to pick her up in person.  A securely fenced, Newf-proof yard is required.

A $500 adoption donation, plus a $250 spay deposit (refundable at time of spay) will apply. Miley is too young to be spayed just yet. 

Miley will make the right family extremely happy. She will require exercise, training, and structure and in return she will provide endless love, laughs, and affection.To be considered for adopting a dog through Newf Friends please submit a completed application, which can be found on the CONTACT US/FORMS page. Before completing an application or emailing us with questions, please review our FAQ page.  As outlined on our FAQ page, applicants who do not meet our adoption requirements (ie. no fenced play area, living in an apartment building, having young children, etc.) will not be considered -- please do not email us asking us to make an exception.

Those soulful eyes!


Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 Calendars still available!

Happy "Newf" Year!
Have you hung up your Newf Friends calendar? Marleigh is this month's model, such a pretty girl! 

If you don't have your Newf Friends calendar yet, no worries, you can still order one! Not only is this large size calendar filled with gorgeous colour photos of the Newfs who have come through our program, but the best part is, 100 % of the funds from the sale of the calendars come to our rescue to help the Newfs in our foster program. Here's the link to our awesome online store.....happy shopping!