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Established in 2008.

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Sunday, July 19, 2015



June 29: I was adopted!
Quick Adoption Overview
7 years old
Health needs - takes medication daily for joint pain; requires eye drops daily
Good with well mannered dogs
Fine with cats
Fenced Yard Required
Located in Bancroft, ON - We will consider homes for Zoe up to 15 hours or so from her foster location -- this includes NB, NS and the eastern States.

All About Zoe

Zoe is a sweet and sensitive girl who is quiet and well mannered, knows basic commands, and is looking for an awesome family to call her own.  She is people focused, loves to hang out with her family and be involved in all of the activities in her household.

She is a friendly girl who is affectionate and will never turn down a chin scratch or a belly rub!  An easy going gal, Zoe is a pleasure to spend time with and is a lower energy Newf who is happy relaxing with her family.  She'd be a great companion for someone looking for a slower paced dog to take on leisurely strolls.

Zoe gets along well with other respectful dogs and cats.  She is currently living with 4 other dogs in foster care and they enjoy hanging out together.  She is not overly playful,  but is happy to have a few snout wars.  An overly boisterous playmate would be too much for her, but a gentle, well mannered dog would be fine, or she would be perfectly happy to be the only dog.

Hanging with her pal

Zoe has excellent house manners and is a loveable girl who thrives on attention.  She knows her basic commands and wants nothing more than to please.  A typical velcro Newf, she is always nearby!

Born Dec 9, 2008 she is 7 years young.  Zoe came to us because her owners could not find a solution to get her ear and skin issues under control.  With some basic preventative care, lots of TLC and loads of help from Almonte Veterinary Services, Zoe is completely healed and doing well!  She looks marvellous!

Zoe requires regular ear cleaning  and daily eye drops, a regular grooming regimen, a healthy grain-free fish based diet, and lots of love to keep her in tip top shape.

Zoe is a tall girl who weighs 140 lbs.  She has put on muscle and worked very hard these last few months to build up the strength in her back end.  She is doing really well!  Zoe takes pain medication daily to help manage inflammation and is thriving with an exercise regimen in place.

Hitting the trails at her foster home
She has been spayed and her vaccines are current.  We've run full blood panels and everything looks good.

To be considered for adopting Zoe please complete our adoption application found in the forms section of this site and email it back to us.

Zoe loves to play in the water, and is very "helpful" when it's time to water the flowers!
She is being fostered in the Bancroft, ON area.  Her approved adopters will be required to pick her up in person. We will consider homes within a 15 hour drive of her foster location -- this includes parts of Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Vermont and more.

Because she will require ongoing support and medication for her hind end issues we are waiving our adoption fee and ask instead for a donation of her adopter's choice.  We will send along a good supply of her medications with her adoptive family.



AUG 19:  Bear was adopted

Handsome fella' Bear arrived in our care on July 17th and as you can see, he is making himself right at home in foster care!  This gentle boy is sweet as pie and loves to hang out with his family and get lots of loving.

He came to us through no fault of his own.  He was adopted from a shelter a year ago and his owner has now had changes in her life situation and is no longer able to care for him.  She made the decision to turn him over to us so that he can find his perfect forever home.

Bear's coat was a bit of a mess so his owner had him clipped down before surrendering him.  His hair will grow back soon enough!

Bear is about 6 years old, although he sure acts a lot younger at times!   He is a friendly boy and he gets along with other well socialized dogs.

He likes to dive at kitties though! 

Bear has been neutered and is up to date on vaccines.  He weighs 141 lbs and could drop a few pounds, but overall is in good health. We are treating him for an ear infection and hope to have him all fixed up soon. 

He is negative for HW and lyme disease.  Bear's blood work shows that he has a slightly low thyroid function so we have started him on thyroid meds. This should help to bring about improvement in his ears, coat and weight.  He will be on meds for life.  Thyroid meds are very inexpensive and are effective at helping hypothyroid dogs maintain proper levels.

His front left shoulder is a little tender on exam, but our vet does not feel it is anything too bothersome.  His mobility is not impacted by this.  He is taking glucosamine and this will benefit him greatly.

He is being fostered in Bomanville, ON and his approved adopters will be required to pick him up in person.  We will consider homes within a one day drive of his foster location.  This includes homes in parts of ON, QC, NY, OH, NJ, PA, and more.
An adoption donation of $500 will apply.


Saturday, July 11, 2015


October 21, 2015: 
With very heavy hearts we said a sad farewell today to our sanctuary care girl Molly.
This darling 1 year old newf arrived in our care in early July due to ongoing, undiagnosed health issues. Tests revealed that her kidneys were damaged beyond repair and that she would only survive a few months. She was placed into a loving foster home where she received palliative care for the last few months. During that time she enjoyed a wonderful life, having lots of opportunities to swim, go for long walks, play with other Newfs and she attended several fundraising events where she got loads of attention. A happy, playful girl who loved everyone she met, Molly's final months were filled with fun, friendship and most of all, the best foster mom she could ever ask for.
It is never easy for our volunteers when we lose one of the newfs in our foster program, and we are all saddened to say goodbye to this wonderful young pup. As foster families we always know that the dogs we open our hearts and homes to will one day leave us, but usually it is to join their new adoptive homes, and it is a happy time. Days like today though, when a young pup is lost to a congenital defect, are heartbreaking for our entire rescue team and especially devastating for the foster guardians. Our hearts go out to Molly's amazing foster mom who gave so much love to Molly these last few months, who worked so hard to give her the very best quality of life and provide her with so many happy experiences in her short time. Molly's foster mom held her in her final moments, giving her love and care right to the very end and we'd like to say thank you for all she did for sweet Molly--her life was so much better because of her.
Run free little Molly.

Update: July 15, 2015
Sadly, Molly's status has been updated to SANCTUARY CARE - She will not be available for adoption.

Molly's ultrasound and tests revealed that her kidneys are damaged beyond repair and are only functioning at 10%.   She is only expected to survive a few months.  This is heartbreaking news for everyone.

She will live out her remaining days in a loving foster home receiving palliative care. We will be giving her supportive treatment to help her kidneys function as best they can and to ensure that her remaining days are happy, love filled and that she enjoys an excellent quality of life in her remaining time.

Tests will be done for renal dysplasia and the result sent to the DNA databank to help other dogs in the future.

Donations to help offset the cost of Molly's diagnostics and upcoming surgery are greatly appreciated. 

As sweet as she is adorable, lovable gal Molly is a new arrival in our program and is making herself right at home in foster care.

Born May 29, 2014, Molly is a young Newf who is well mannered, quiet, affectionate and a pleasure to spend time with.  She gets along with everyone she meets, is great with children and has a lovely personality.

Molly gets along well with other dogs and would be happiest to find an adoptive home where she will have another well mannered dog to romp and play with.


Molly is on medical hold and will be available for adoption once her health needs have been taken care of.  She has cherry eye which we will be surgically correcting.  She has also been leaking urine and we are currently treating her for an infection and will be completing a full assessment of her health needs and forming a treatment plan in the coming days.  Her initial blood tests are showing signs of possible kidney issues, further tests are pending.  Details will be posted as we complete her vetting.

UPDATE: See notes above, Molly's status has changed to sanctuary care. We will not be treating her cherry eye and she will not be available for adoption.

Molly is being fostered in the Burlington, ON area.  

Sunday, July 5, 2015



AUG 4: I've been adopted!
Meet Phoenix, a total love bug who is ready to make friends with everyone he meets!

Born on July 17, 2014, this young fella is just about to celebrate his first birthday.   A typical young giant breed male, he has a few things to learn, but is a happy, friendly boy.

He arrived in our care on July 5/15 and is currently under assessment in foster care.  More info will be posted about him soon!