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Established in 2008.

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


April 1/13: I was adopted!

Say hello to Rupert, an adorable 1 year old fella who arrived in our care on October 28.  This cutie is sweet as can be and such a good boy!

Rupert knows basic commands, is housebroken and has good house manners. He's easy to get along with and is a very affectionate and sweet boy.

Rupert  is gentle with children and is an all around lovely boy.


He arrived in our care after being adopted from a pound by a family that didn't have time for him.  How he ended up in the pound in the first place is unknown to us.  He was with his family for only a few weeks before they surrendered him to us.  Rupert will be so happy to have some stability in his life!  He likes to romp and play and will be happiest in a home where he will get lots of opportunities for exercise.

He gets along well with other most animals  including female dogs, cats, birds and small animals.  He'd be happy to join a home with another well socialized female playmate to romp and wrestle with.  He can be dominant with other males, a home with only female dogs  is best.  He needs work on his on leash manners when he sees other dogs, but in the hands of a confident owner this can be worked on.  He is not a good choice for going to dog parks because he can be dominant with males.

Rupert was born approximatley June 2011 and is a happy, healthy boy.  He is on the smaller side, around 100 lbs.  Maybe he has some retriever in him?  He has been vaccinated and neutered .

Rupert is being fostered in the Petawawa area and we will consider helping transport to the right family, but picking him up in person is preferred.  To be considered for adopting Rupert please complete an adoption application and return it to us via email.  Our adoption policies and procedures are outlined on our FAQ page.  An adoption donation of $450 applies.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Update October 18, 2012

Newf Friends has been very busy over the last few weeks and we've seen a large volume of Newfs arrive in our care.  We currently have 10 Newfs available for adoption, the most we've ever had at one time.  We are very careful to match dogs up to the right families so sometimes it takes a while to find that perfect match -- but it's worth it in the long run.

We do have a need for more foster families so if you live in Ontario, have a securely fenced yard, have the time and desire to open up your heart and home to a newf in need, please consider fostering.  We cover all expenses, you provide a safe home environment for a Newf while we search for their adoptive home.  Fill out a foster application today!


Meet the Newfs currently up for adoption through Newf Friends:

Handsome boy Grayson just arrived and is currently under assessment in foster care.  This gorgeous fella' is going to make a great companion for the right family.  Read more about him here.

This adorable pup is Flynn, an 8 month old bundle of bouncing love!  What a fun, enthusiastic boy!   Check out his bio here.

Sweet, sensitive Monty arrived a few days ago and is getting settled in foster care.  This young Landseer is currently under assessment and is looking for a great family to give him loads of love and care.  Read about Monty here.

They don't get much cuter than this!  Check out Newfie (for real, that's his name) a very handsome boy with a big beautiful head and a gorgeous personality to match.  Newfie Boy is a sweetheart!  Read more about him here.

If you're looking for a gentle, lower energy, well mannered gal to go for leisurely strolls with Molly might be the perfect match for you.  This sweet girl is everything a Newf should be and more - a real gem!  Read all about her here.

This big teddy bear is Schultz  a fabulous fella' who is ready to join a great family.  Gentle, affectionate, great with other dogs, cats, kids, you name it, this boy is the whole package!   Isn't he just the cutest?  Read more about him in his bio.

Sweet girl Katie needs a home of her own.  She has been waiting much too long!   This adorable girl is looking for a great, cat free family to love.  She really is a wonderful girl, she needs someone to love her!  Read about her here.

Handsome boy Sisko is doing awesome.  He is a fabulous boy -  friendly, social, great with kids, dogs, great with cats, he's just great!  His pathology report on a worrisome mass on his shoulder came back with very good news and tomorrow he will have surgery to remove a sore on his face, then will be ready to join an adoptive home.  Check out his bio!

Willie is still waiting for the right family to come along.  This 4 year old purebred boy has so much love to give.  Do you have room in your heart for him?  Learn more about Willie Wonka here.


Jasmin  is doing great in foster care.  This mellow, well tempered gal is a real catch.  She gets along with everyone, and is a total love bug!  This pretty 7 year old beauty is a wonderful, gentle Newf.  Read about her here.

If you or someone you know is looking for a new canine family member that isn't a Newf, be sure to visit HART, our parent all breed rescue group's PetFinder listings. They've got wonderful dogs of all shapes and sizes, coats and ages who are waiting for great families to adopt them. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012



Update Nov. 17, 2012: Grayson was adopted. Yippee!

Hi everyone, pleased to meet you!! My name is Grayson and I'm a happy boy looking for a family. Nope, you're not seeing things and I'm not that old (I'm only 3!) ... my coat is gray and everyone tells me I'm super handsome. Not sure if that's true but I love when people talk sweet to me so keep the compliments coming.  My vet says that my coat will darken up with better diet and proper grooming, so now that I'm with Newf Friends I'll probably start to look a lot better!

I came to the Newfie people on October 17th, 2012 because my owners couldn't care for me any longer. I was sad but I'm having a super time in foster care so far and I'm told I'll find a new family in no time. Hope so! I love everyone I meet and have pretty good manners about it too. I don't jump up, or bark or anything. Awesome!

I get along pretty good with other dogs but I don't like dogs getting too excited in my face. All I'm asking for is a polite greeting; little sniff here and there, a tail wag or two, but not to be jumped all over. I don't think that's too much to ask, do you?? Check me out playing with young pup Flynn in the video below. We had big time F-U-N in the pouring rain (foster Mom, not so much).... tee hee heeeeee!!!

Here I am having a romp in the woods....

As I said I do get along with other dogs and I greet nicely on leash but I am... how shall I say it... umm.... bossy. I am used to being the top dog in a house. Foster Mom said something about 'alpha dog'. I would be best suited to a house with another passive dog either my size or smaller or as an only dog. I'm in foster care with other dogs and everything is pretty good but sometimes I like to "hump" them. Fun for me, maybe not so much for them I guess. Whooops!

My activity requirements are pretty minimal. I like to play but only for a bit, I like to go on walks but not for that long (and not in the rain!). I mostly enjoy snoozing with my people and just hanging out. I would not be suited to a household with a young active dog that wants to play a lot, I'm past that stage and it would just tire me out. Also, I've never lived with cats and think they are for chasing. Apparently most cats don't like this. :oP

I weigh 131 lbs, am neutered and my birthday is May 2, 2009. I've been to the vet and am being treated for skin issues. Seems I have a few scabby spots, probably because I wasn't eating great food and wasn't being brushed enough! I'm getting all brushed out so I look even more handsome!

I'm going to be vaccinated once my skin clears up.  The vet says my left hip is sore, probably from mild hip dysplasia.  So I'm taking metacam and that helps make me feel better!  I will be getting lots of Omega 3's (whatever those are!) and that is supposed to help me too. 

Seeing as I just arrived, they are still assessing and getting to know me to determine what kind of home would be best for me. They will post more info over the next week to help you decide if I'm the guy for you. Scroll down to view a bunch of pictures in the meantime. Enjoy!

I am being fostered in Pickering, ON and my new family needs to pick me up in person. An adoption fee of $500 applies.

Also, they told me to tell you.... please don't email them with questions about me, just watch this space for more info or check out the FAQ page. If you're REALLY interested and want to talk to someone about me and have questions, just submit an application... then they'll know you're serious. Apparently these Newfie rescue folks are all volunteers and they get loads and loads of emails every day.

I look super serious here... I'm staring at a treat
And here's my happy face!

Yep, I need some grooming

Tuesday, October 16, 2012



UPDATE October 28, 2012: Flynn was adopted.

Woohoooo! Howdy Newf folks! Run, play, wrestle, chase, bounce..... that sums me up! Oh and by the way, my name is Flynn! I'm an 8 month old Newf pup and I'm looking for an active, super-duper family to make me their own. I came to the Newfie rescue people on October 15, 2012 as an owner surrender. I think I was too busy and active for my family. Hmmpft! I'm a pup, so that was probably true! An active Newf pup is not for the faint of heart! ha haa haaaaa!

Here I am standing still for a split second
Boy oh boy, I arrived at my foster home and immediately starting running my face off... for hours! I had some energy to burn and then some! There are a bunch of other dogs here, ranging in size from tiny to giant, and I LOVE them all. I have the best time ever running, playing, chasing, splashing in the water, bombing through the woods and .... crashing into fences. Whooops!

Anywho, once I'm tired, I have no problem chilling out in my crate. I do whine a bit at first but then I'm ok. I sleep all night in my crate with no problem, it's my cozy den and foster Mom says it keeps me out of trouble. Did I mention that I'm still a silly puppy?? I like to grab things with my mouth, sometimes I like to nibble on them too. I'm learning what it is ok for me to chew and what isn't. Apparently blankets, shoes, pillows, leashes (the list goes on!) are NOT ok. Who knew?? In the video below I'm playing with my stuffie, I love it!

Here I am mouth wrestling with one of the resident dogs at my foster home. He's my best friend but I seriously LOVE every dog I meet!

Check me out trying to keep up with a super fast Greyhound cross that just arrived at my foster home. I love to run and thought I was quick but she blows me away!!!! (pssst.... she needs a home too!)

Hello??? Rub my belly please.
I love people and am friendly with everyone I meet. I do get SUPER excited sometimes and jump up and mouth people's hands. I don't mean any harm but foster Mom says its not a great habit so she's going to work with me on this. I do know some commands already, like sit and wait, and I'm really eager to please and learn more cool stuff. Apparently learning to walk nice on leash is also in my future. Wooot! I think this means I'll get to go on lots of walks, greeting people and other dogs ... gulp .... calmly (NO idea what that means but I'm willing to learn!) I'm just super happy to say hello... I think most dogs realize I'm just a big dorky puppy who learning to be an awesome adult Newfie-boy. Give me a bit of time and lots of practice and I'll be as good as gold! Check me out playing with new arrival Grayson in the video below, fun times!

Can't tell here, but I slobber a lot
Chewing on a stick
Anyways, I gotta jet; things to do, dogs to wrestle with, people to kiss. I am looking for an active family that will get me out doing lots of fun things and have the patience, time and energy to guide me into adulthood. I need work on my manners but really I'm just a good natured goofball puppy. Nothing wrong with me that lots of exercise, consistent leadership and training won't cure! Because I'm pretty exuberant and jumpy, I would not be suited to a home with young children, I'd knock them over for sure, by accident of course :oP.

Goofy puppy sit
I currently weigh around 80 lbs, am up to date on my vaccines, neutered and my birthday is February 26, 2012 (see ... told you I was just a baby!). If you think you'd like me to join your family, just go to the Contact Us page of this website and download an application to submit. I'll be patiently waiting (ok, maybe not patiently!) to hear from you!!

I am being fostered in the Guelph, Ontario area and you are required to pick me up in person. My adoption fee is $500. 



Sep 28/13:  Monty was adopted!

 Hey everyone I'm Monty.  I'm an absolutely adorable Landseer and I'm searching for a special family to call my own.   Everyone tells me I'm a very sweet boy and that I have the cutest face ever.  I love getting petted and hugged, and of course getting lots of belly rubs.

I love belly rubs!
I'm 3 years old and am healthy, neutered and UTD on vaccines. I'm not too big as Newfs go, weighing around 125 lbs.  My foster mom tells me I am a very good boy and that I have nice manners.  I know my commands and I am very well behaved in the house. 


 I  LOVE swimming, and running, and swimming, and playing, and swimming, and being goofy and, oh ya, SWIMMING!  I'm looking for a family who will give me lots and lots of exercise.  I'd love a nice big fenced backyard to run and play in, and if I had somewhere to go swimming I'd be soooooooo happy!

Woo-Hoo, I love running around at the farm!  What fun!
I arrived at Newf Friends on October 13 and I'm doing great.  I am learning all sorts of things, meeting lots of new people and having lots of fun. 

My previous family gave me up after a baby arrived in the family.  I was gentle with the baby, but when we'd go for walks I would guard the stroller from strangers.  Apparently I wasn't supposed to do that??
I've always been kinda' wary of strangers and my foster family have been working with me to help me be more confident and to learn to trust strangers.  It's pretty fun and I get to eat a lot of cheese when I meet new people!  Yippee!  I am doing great now, I am feeling more confident and secure and am happy to meet new people!  Yay for me!
Hopefully my new family will have the time to take me out and work on this even more. I feel so much better when I'm out and about with someone who is confident and can make me feel safe.

This is me making my I loooves cheese face

Ho, Ho, Ho!  Look at me all decked out for Christmas.  I helped pick out the Christmas tree for my foster family!
My foster mom says I'm a sensitive boy who is very people focused.  It's true, I really want to be with the people I know and trust. Nothing makes me happier than hanging out with my family!  

Squirrel!  I see a squirrel!
  I lived with another Newf and could join a home with another well socialized large dog. Sometimes when I meet new dogs I get nervous and I start barking, but as long as they are nice to me I'll be nice to them.  Oh, I should mention that I like to chase small dogs.  Apparently this is not something they like, so the Newf folks say I shouldn't live with a little dog.  I did live with a cat before and I think they are fun to chase too.

I'm  being fostered in the Oshawa area and my new family will need to pick me up in person.   An adoption donation of $500 applies.

Monday, October 15, 2012


Newfie (yep, that's my name)
# 3698

November 24, 2012: Newfie was adopted!

Say hello to Newfie, an adorable purebred fella who arrived in our care on October 14.  This lovable Newf is a very sweet boy and has loads of love to give.  He wants nothing more than to please and get lots of hugs and kisses.

A gentle and affectionate boy, Newfie (aka Mr Slobberchops) is very well mannered.  He needs a bit of  work on housebreaking and basic obedience commands, but he has such a mellow, sweet temperament that he is an easy boy to get along with.

He is fine with other animals and immediately hit it off with the other Newf in his foster home.  What a good boy!  He is used to cats as well as horses, and is fine with everyone.  He is also well mannered with children.

Newfie came to us through no fault of his own.  When a new 2 footed family member arrived in his family Newfie wasn't getting the same attention he was used to.  His family moved to a smaller house, Newfie moved outside and it was clear to his family that he wasn't getting what he needed so they made the decision to turn him over to Newf Friends to find him his perfect family.

Newfie was born December 9, 2008 so he's a young boy.  He has some health issues that his family had not been able to get under control, like recurring sores.  He has been to our vet and is now on medication for the infections and we hope that with a fish based, grain free diet, combined with topical treatment and oral meds we will have the infections cleared up shortly.  The infection is responding well to the treatment and is healing well so far.

 Once he is all healed up we will vaccinate him and have him neutered.  We will also have entoropion surgery done on his left eye which is irritated.  His right eye has mild entropion but does not require surgery.  This is tentatively set for Nov 8 to allow time for all of his infections to clear.  He will be ready to join a new family once all surgeries are completed.

Newfie is being fostered in the Etobicoke area.  His adoptive family will be required to pick him up in person.   We are accepting applications now.  An adoption donation of $500 applies.