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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Adopter Update - Ace & his new sister

Ace and his sister Billy

Landseer Ace was adopted by a great family in May 2011. He's been a treasure and loves other dogs so his family thought he'd enjoy having a canine companion. They kept their eyes on our parent rescue HART's available dogs and along came little Beagle Billy. She seemed like she'd be a great friend for him so they adopted her in June 2012. They quickly became fast friends and are simply adorable together. What a great update!

Newfs make great pillows
Fast friends

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Samson featured on The Weather Network!

The Weather Network recently attended the Central Ontario Region Newfoundland Dog Club's water rescue training seminar and made a marvelous video about Newfs.

Samson, adopted from Newf Friends in 2010 is proudly featured in this video -- he's the big fella with the red toy in his mouth.  Way to go Samson, and all of the other Newfs and their handlers, and thank you to The Weather Network for this great piece.



July 23, 2012: Molly was adopted!

Hi friends! My name is Molly and I'm a sweet 2 year old gal looking for a great new family. I came to Newf Friends on July 15, 2012 with my brother Max when my parents could no longer keep us. They loved me so much and took excellent care of my brother and I but things happened that made it impossible for them to keep us. I am having quite a bit of fun in foster care and I'm pretty sure I'll find an awesome family too so I think they made a good choice for us. 

What can I tell you about myself to help you decide if I'm the Newf for you?? Hmmmm. I love people, especially my owners. I love getting my ears scratched and will roll on my back for belly rubs too. Sometimes when I meet new people I bark at first but then I'm pretty happy to receive lovins' once I've calmed down and said my initial hello. My foster Mom says I'm kinda 'clingy' and pushy for attention. I guess I am but I just love my people a lot. I do need to be told to back off sometimes and I'm pretty happy to listen. I'm told I need to just relax and realize that all the pets don't have to be for me all the time. Hmpft! 

I love playing with other dogs and I don't mind cats either. At my foster home there are 7 other dogs and 4 cats and I'm friends with them all. When I first got here I was anxious (I missed my parents and brother) but I've settled in pretty good now and am starting to play with the other dogs. I don't have any problems with other animals being around me when I eat, sleep or hang out but I don't really like pushy or dominant dogs, they make me nervous. I like it when dogs say hello nicely with a polite sniff and let me get to know them at my own pace. I don't do anything bad to other dogs, I'm just reserved at first. Once I get to know them though I'm ready for fun and will zoom around, wrestle, play and chase. Good times!! I LOVE the dog park too! Check me out in the video below with my foster sister... I've got some moves!

My birthday is July 8, 2010 so I'm just a young Newf. I need regular daily exercise to burn my energy and stay fit. I weigh 120 lbs but the vet says my ideal weight would be 110 lbs or so. Foster Mom is keeping me active and also feeding me Acana Pacifica, which is a high quality, grain free food. The pounds should start coming off, she says! 

In the house I'm pretty good. If I'm properly exercised I spend most of my time laying around snoozing. Be warned though.... I can get into mischief if I don't get enough exercise! I like to always be in the same room as my people and will follow you around endlessly (there's that clingy thing again). Foster Mom is slowly showing me that I don't have to be with her every second and she makes me wait in other rooms while she's bustling about. She says I'm a 'work in progress' and my new family will want to continue working with me. I guess I should mention that I'm house and crate trained and am great for being brushed too!!

I'm watching a squirrel

Probably the biggest thing I need help with is leash manners. I'm terrible! I pull A LOT! I haven't yet mastered the art of calmly walking beside you but I'm ready to learn because making my people happy is one of my favourite things. I love treats and am really responsive to correction. I am pretty obedient already and I know my basic commands. Oh also.... I sometimes get super excited and jump up on people. Mostly when I'm let out of my crate because I'm soooooooooooo happy to see you. Yipppeeeee!

Anywhooooo, hope I've given you enough info to give you a good idea of my personality. I'm happy, friendly, good with other dogs and cats and I love car rides too. I am looking for an owner that will exercise me a lot and not let me be pushy for things I want. I would be more than happy to join a family with another well mannered dog but I'd also be fine as an 'only child'. I would not be suited to a family with children under the age of 10 because of my jumping, young dog exuberance and clinginess. I need a fenced yard too!

If you would like me to join your family please complete an adoption application and get it back to the Newfie folk. I am being fostered in the Guelph area and if you are approved to adopt me, you have to come and pick me up in person.  An adoption donation of $500 applies. I am spayed and up to date with my vaccines.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


 # 4128

August 4, 2012: Max was adopted!!

Meet Max, a totally adorable young fella' who is searching for a great family to call his own.  This 19 month old love bug is well mannered, knows basic commands, gets along with everyone he meets and is an all around fabulous Newf.

Max came to us on July 15, 2012 along with his sister Molly following unfortunate changes in his owner's life which made it impossible for the duo to remain with their loving owner.  Max has been very well cared for and has clearly been loved his entire life.  He is a happy, well socialized, well mannered boy.

Max is a friendly, playful boy who gets along well with all other dogs and is great with cats as well.  What a good boy!  Here he is meeting the resident Newf in his foster home....

Max is searching for a home where he will have another four footed playmate and where he'll get lots of opportunities to romp and play.

Max was born December 9, 2010.  He is not registered but his surrendering family did DNA testing and he is purebred. 
Max is neutered, UTD on vaccines and weighs approximately 140 lbs.
He is being fostered in Etobicoke and his adoptive family will be required to pick him up in person.  An adoption donation of $500 applies.  To be considered for adopting Max please complete an adoption application and email it to us.


I have awesome floof!
August 20:  Willie has joined a wonderful family!

Are you looking for a working companion to do obedience, water rescue or carting with? Look no further than Willie, an adorable 6 year old purebred Newf who is looking for a great family to call his own. This sensitive boy is a real sweetheart and is going to make one lucky family very happy!

Willie is a sweet boy who is well trained and knows a lot of commands. He has good house manners (well, except for counter surfing if food is left out!) and is friendly boy who is particularly fond of women. He loves people and really enjoys spending time hanging out with his family and being included in their day to day activities.

Willie comes from strong working lines and is very motivate to work. He loves swimming and is an excellent candidate for water rescue work. A typical working dog, he requires a fair bit of exercise and will get into mischief if his exercise needs are not met.

Willie just qualified for 2 legs in Novice Rally-O so needs one more qualifying run to get his Novice title!! Look at him go!

If you have ever been interested in competing for titles Willie is your boy! Willie also “reverses” like a dream which is an extremely useful trick for carting. Willie is happiest when working and requires a home where he is expected to be more than a couch potato.

Look at me playing in the pool at the K-9 Country Inn!
Like many Newfs he likes to carry things around in his mouth and this may include shoes, books, etc. He is learning to carry more appropriate items - he's definitely a boy who likes to have toys to carry. His favourite things to carry are soft plush toys so if you don’t mind walking a big dog with a stuffie in his mouth Willie is for you!

Willie is a confident Newf who will benefit from continued obedience work with his adoptive family. He needs the attention and care of an experienced owner who is calm and confident to help Willie know they are in control so he doesn't need to make decisions. With a confident handler at his side Willie is well mannered on leash, gets along with everyone he meets and is a terrific boy.

Willie came to us through no fault of his own. His owners had a baby and felt they could not meet Willie's needs. In consultation with his family and his breeder we determined that because of his confidence issues, Willie's needs would be best met coming into our foster program for assessment and care rather than going to his breeder's kennels. He is CKC registered and comes from a reputable breeder who is involved in his re-homing and will be available for advice and offering guidance to his new adoptive family.

Willie has demonstrated issues with other large dogs in the past, especially males, so is not suited to a home with another dog. He is looking for a home where he will be the only pet.

He was enrolled in classes for "reactive dogs" which helped him learn how to meet new dogs appropriately. He can now be in close proximity to other dogs without any issues with a handler at his side. Willie would rather have love and affection from his handler than worry about what the other dogs are doing!  In his "down time" when he is not working he would prefer to lounge about without another dog in his home.

His ideal home will be a calm country setting with a loving owner who enjoys spending a lot of time with their dog. A sensitive boy, Willie would do best in a quiet home where he has someone around most of the time.

Willie is a bit of a goof at times and doesn't always know his own size so he is best not living in a home with children. He could join a home with teenagers and is very friendly and affectionate. He definitely loves to be groomed, hugged and petted!

Willie getting some training from one of our volunteers

Willie was born on June 9, 2008. His vaccines are UTD and he is neutered. Willie is currently in a training center to continue helping him work on his manners around other animals. Willie is not suited to a home with cats, he can't help himself, he loves to chase them!

He is being fostered in the Cookstown area and his adoptive family will be required to pick him up in person. A reduced adoption donation of $400 applies to offset his ongoing training needs. To be considered for adopting Willie please complete an adoption application and email it to us.

A fenced yard is required.

Willie working with one of our volunteers at the K-9 Country Inn

Monday, July 16, 2012

Adopter Update: Finnegan

Hi Sandra and Allison:
It has been two years since Finn entered our lives.  What a fun filled time it has been.  Finn happily runs along the beach each morning, tongue hanging, in and out of the water, swimming for a stick and still making time to say hi to those he meets.  One beach goer told me that just watching Finn makes him feel good. That's our Finn.
You may recall when Finn first came to us he was suffering from bone chips in his shoulder, found it difficult to get in and out of the car and ran with a limp. The removal of the bone chips was a complete success. He loves the car, when we walk by the car he looks at me with those big brown eyes to say lets go for a ride.  He runs and plays with no sign of any problems. 
When he came to us he had no idea how to play with Shannon our Bernese Mountain Dog, but now he is a gentle play mate.  This Winter, Shannon, tore her CL.   When she came home from surgery he laid down beside her and gently licked her face.  Each day, until she fully recovered, he would only engage in play by lying beside her and playing with their mouths and head.  I am so very proud of my boy. 
We went home to Nova Scotia in July and had a wonderful time.  Enclosed are photos of Finn at the beach at home in Ontario and at the beach in Nova Scotia 2012.  We are off to the cottage in Huntsville in August and back to the Martimes in the Fall, Finn has lots of beach time ahead.  I think we should buy him a boogie board. 
Thank you for allowing John and I to adopt Finnegan.

Adopter Update - Luna

Just wanted to let the world know that we have the coolest dog ever. She just wants to love everyone (especially squirrels, she really wants to love squirrels). I have to admit that my husband wasn't so convinced about bringing Luna into our fold, but umm.. wow. It's kind of embarrassing now. I've never seen him so smitten with an animal in my life. Those two are in love. Yes, we're all in love, but those two have their own language. Luna came to us always looking like she wanted to give a kiss, butting her nose against us and wagging her tail frantically. Last month, Luna's joy overtook her and she 'accidentally' gave my husband a small lick on the cheek and then dropped her head, expecting (we suppose) to be reprimanded. Well, of course she was only encouraged by my husband and now it's kisses, kisses everywhere.

These are some pics from our backyard - Fort Henry. Luna's big thing is to run in the water and run out, again and again and again. She runs in, dunks her head in and runs out. So, there's some pics of Luna posing regally and others of her wet dog look.  

Luna came to us so concerned about ever doing anything wrong and acting a little insecure. Over the months we've seen her blossom into a confident, silly dog. She's now come to learn that: a.) We are the bosses so she can relax her responsibilities in that department b.) She is truly a part of our family and is indoctrinated into our daily routines and lives and she, in turn, is our impetus for daily romps in the woods or adventures along the shoreline, and c.) This is the last stop for our gorgeous beast, she's never going anywhere without us. Luna is our big, sweet, smart, glorious, fluffy, silly, and joyful dog. We are so grateful to have her in our lives.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Boots update!

Boots (aka Beatrice) sure knows how to beat the heat!  Check out this update from her family!

Hi Guys,

Just thought you might like an update on Boots and her BF Sandora & Diezel.

Went on a late evening walk because its been so hot, and at the halfway stop, the famous Dairy Queen,  they had ice cream at 9:00 PM.

I on the other hand had to stay home and go to bed, because I have to get up in the morning and go to work to pay for this.

Boots is such a sweet heart, you just can’t help but squeeze those cheeks and she loves every minute of it.

See You At Newf Stock.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Thank you Dublin Dog!

Check out these awesome collars that arrived today from Dublin Dog Co in North Carolina!  We will have them available in the raffle at NewfStock in September.

They are fabulous collars which are ideal for water loving dogs like Newfs because they are NO STINK COLLARS!  What a great idea, no more stinky collars after water training! I'm going to order some for my own Newfs from the Dublin Dog website!

Thanks for the donation of these cool collars Dublin Dogs!  

Thursday, July 5, 2012

A poem to my foster dog

Help save a life.  Become a foster.

If you think you would be interested in providing a foster home for a Newf in need please download & complete our Foster Application from the Forms section & return it to us.