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Established in 2008.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Adopter Update: Bear Has a New Job

Every day after we've had our morning walk we wait for the bus with Kieffer. He is becoming very used to this routine and will head back to the house as soon as Kieffer is on the bus.

Bear is still improving in leaps and bounds. His coat is looking better everyday and he no longer hesitates at all when approaching stairs. He is doing so well that we have been able to reduce his Metacam a little bit. His 4 walks a day and Acana Pacifica food (as well as the Glucosamine I add to his supper each day) are really doing the trick. On sunday we went for a long walk and he even ran a little bit.

We are so proud of the improvements in his health. He is also so much calmer in the house now. He has really settled in. He has his favourite spots one being right in front of the fridge. I think he's trying to help me on my diet. He is still my shadow and will follow me everywhere.

He has also started making a few friends around the neighbourhood. He has become friends with the little Boston Terrier across the street and a mix dog around the corner. If he could he would play with them all. When he meets up with them you can see he's just a big pup.

We absolutely love our Bear. He has brought a lot to our family.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Landseer: Found, Ontario

Found in Central Ontario in February

Landseer; adult; female - no microchip

Dog has a tattoo which is not coming up in any registries; does not match any missing dogs we have been notified of; animal control and area vets have not been contacted about a missing Newf.

If you have lost a female Landseer please email us at newf.friends@gmail.com with identifying information, including tattoo number

Monday, March 28, 2011

Update March 28, 2011

We've had a busy few weeks at Newf Friends with lots of dogs coming and going. We have also had some computer issues, so if you have not heard back from us please resend your application.

the love bug is STILL searching for an adoptive family. She has been waiting far too long! Molly is a fantastic girl, a loving soul who will make the right family very happy. She just needs a home where she will be the only pet. Does this sound like your home? Due to her unique needs, we will consider a placement outside of our typical adoption area if the family is right. Read her bio here

Maggie is doing great in her foster home. She is learning all about getting along with other dogs and is fitting in beautifully. Check out her bio here

Handsome boy Ace is finally feeling better and is just about ready to join an adoptive family. Is he the Newf you have been dreaming of? Learn more about this sweet boy here

Lovely Penelope is still looking for her forever family. She is making tons of progress in her foster home and is blossoming into a wonderful girl.
Read her bio here

Sweet gal Jade continues to do well in foster care. She will be moved to her new foster home shortly and will be having surgery done on her knee by an orthopedic specialist in early April. She will be ready to join a family after she has healed from surgery. Details about Jade can be read here.

New arrival Yogi is getting settled into foster care and doing terrific. This lovable Saint Bernard came to us after his owner's sudden passing. He's not a Newf, but he's got the sweet, gentle temperament of one, and is a total love bug. Read all about him here

This handsome boy is Larry and he is a new arrival in our foster program. He was abandoned by his owner and made his way to us thanks to concerned neighbours.
This sweet boy's bio can be found here

Harley is doing great in foster care, and is proving himself to be a total sweetheart. He loves everyone! We are considering a family for him now.
Read all about this sweet boy here

Rocky Rock Star is doing well. He is under assessment for his leg and will be seen by the orthopedic specialist in April. We have an adoptive home ready and waiting for Rocky. Details about this adorable pup can be found here

Lovely Bella has been adopted. Congratulations Bella and family!

Our parent group HART has dogs of all shapes and sizes available for adoption. If you know of any loving families who are looking to adopt a dog, please direct them to HART!


May 24/11: Larry has an adoption pending!

Well hello handsome!
This is Larry, a lovable, kissable, huggable big goof who is searching for a great family to call his own.

This gorgeous boy is just shy of 16 months old and landed himself in rescue after being abandoned and left in the care of neighbours for an extended period.

He is in need of some manners and like all young, male Newfs will benefit greatly from obedience classes with a confident owner. His leash manners are not too bad, but he needs to improve his off lead recall.

Larry loves to play! Running, chasing, toys, wrestling... you name it. Below are 2 videos his foster Mom took. The first is Larry at his foster home with fellow foster Newf Penelope. They are having a blast! The second video is Larry on a playdate at his foster Mom's friend's house. He made a new buddy and boy did he sleep well that night!

Larry will benefit from opportunities to work on his doggie social skills, and is learning all about how to behave in his awesome foster home. He does have some resource guarding behaviour that potential adopters will need to be aware of, although he responds well to firm correction. He's been getting lots of opportunity to get out and about and interacting with other dogs and is doing well. He would be happy joining a family with another well socialized dog and he gets along well with cats.

Larry loves people and gets along with everyone he meets. However, because he does have some resource guarding behaviours (related to other dogs) we will not consider placing him in a home with young children.

Larry's DOB is Dec 24, 2009 and he currently weighs 114 lbs and needs to put on some muscle.
He has been vaccinated and neutered and is ready to find a great family!

To be considered for adopting Larry please complete an application found on this site and email it back to us.

An adoption donation of $500 applies. He is being fostered in the Peterborough Ontario area and his adopters are required to pick him up in person.


# 3639

Yogi has been adopted!

Say hello to Yogi, a simply adorable Saint Bernard who is looking for a great family to call his own. Yogi is full of love and needs a family to spread all of his love to!

Yogi made his way into the care of our parent All-Breed Rescue Group HART. We have opted to put Yogi through the Newf Friends foster program to best meet his needs as a giant breed. This lovable boy found himself homeless after his owner's unexpected passing - heartbreaking for everyone involved.

Yogi has known much love in his life and simply adores people and is a gentle, affectionate boy who will fit in well with a giant breed experienced family. He wants nothing more than to be a part of a family. His foster dad says he would make an excellent therapy dog as he is well mannered and gentle with everyone he meets.

Like all Saints, Yogi is best suited to a home with handlers who are confident, and have dog experience. He's a big boy and although very well mannered and lovable, he is not the dog for first time dog owners.

He is crate trained, quiet, well behaved in the house and such a pleasure to spend time with. A real gem! Yogi has excellent manners. All he wants is some loving!

Yogi lived with another giant breed male dog before coming to our care, and gets along well with many dogs. He does have some difficulty with certain male dogs, so we are looking for a home where Yogi will be the only dog or where he is with another calm, well socialized dog. He gets along very well with all of the female newfs in his foster home. He is not suited to living with sled dogs or other breeds who have very erect ears/high tail carriage.

He has received extensive training in our care and lots of opportunities to improve his doggie social skills. We have put him into lots of new situations and tested him and Yogi is doing great! What a good boy!

To be considered for adopting him please complete the Newf Friends adoption application (you can pretend it says Saint wherever you see Newf.) An adoption donation of $250 applies.

Yogi is neutered, UTD on vaccines. He is approximately 2 years old.

Yogi is being fostered in the Lindsay area. ** Because Yogi's needs are unique we WILL consider placing him in a home outside of our usual catchment area.**

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Update - March 15, 2011

It's been another busy week at Newf Friends with another new arrival, and an unfortunate diagnosis for one of the dogs in our care.

Many of the Newfs who have recently arrived in our foster program have high medical needs. After caring for serious health issues in dogs like Mackenzie, Ruby, Penelope, Harold and others, our funds are getting low. Our new arrivals also have extensive medical needs and donations are needed - we currently have 3 Newfs in need of specialized cruciate repair surgery, requiring that we bring in an orthopedic specialist. Your support is needed now more than ever.
To donate please visit
HART's Canada Helps page and when making your donation state in the message section that the donation is for the Newf Friends Fund.

5 year old Ace is doing well in the loving care of Dr. Janice who is working hard to get Ace's medical needs under control. Ace suffers from chronic antibiotic resistant skin infections, gastro-intestinal issues, has muscle wasting, and once healthy enough, may need surgery to repair a suspected torn cruciate ligament and surgery to correct his eyes.
He will have a long road to good health and Newf Friends is in need of your support to help us pay for the diagnostic tests and treatment to help Ace get healthy.
You can read about Ace here.

6 year old gal Jade is doing well in her foster home. We will have her seen by an orthopedic specialist late March/early April and have surgery done to repair her damaged knee. Donations for her care are greatly appreciated.
Read about Jade here.

5 1/2 month old Rocky is one of the sweetest pups we've ever met. What a doll. The day before his adoption was set to happen, we made the decision to postpone adoption due to a lingering issue with his leg. We had x-rays done and discovered hip problems, and worse, a partially torn cruciate ligament. We are all heartbroken for this loving puppy and will be moving ahead with orthopedic surgery to repair his damaged knee if our consulting specialist feels it is warranted.
More info about him can be read here.

Gorgeous gal Molly is still searching for her perfect family (and her knees are good!) She is loving, affectionate, friendly, playful and very well mannered in the house. She's a great girl who is looking for a cat free home where she will get lots of loving. Molly needs a home!!!
Read Molly's updated bio here!

Special girl Penelope had a home lined up, but they changed their mind about wanting to put in the work that helping a rescue adjust to a new environment requires. So this silly girl is still searching for a loving family to call her own.
Read all about Penelope here.

Maggie the love bug is settling well in our care. Her quarantine period is complete and she has now been spending time with other dogs and is doing great. More details to come soon!
Read more about her here.

New arrival Harley is getting settled into foster care and doing well. This sweet boy is 6 years old and gets along with everyone. We'll be getting him all groomed out and are beginning our assessment. More details will be posted soon.

Beautiful Bella is doing very well in foster care and has an adoption pending.

Sweet Lily has been adopted to a great family! Congratulations!

It's raining dogs, of all breeds! Our parent group HART has dogs of all shapes and sizes available for adoption. If you know of any loving families who are looking to adopt a dog, please direct them to HART!


# 3339
April 10, 2011: Harley was adopted.

Say hello to Harley, a lovable brown Newf who is looking for a great family to call his own. This sweet boy arrived in our care on March 13th after his owner was no longer physically able to care for him.

Harley has proven himself to be an absolutely wonderful fella. He has perfect house manners; staying off the furniture, no begging for food and waits calmly at the door to be let out. He sits nicely and waits for food/treats and when taking treats he has the most gentle mouth imagineable. A true gentle giant.

While out walking he has excellent leash manners and greets everyone he meets, both 2 and 4 legged, with a big tail wag. He loves to receive pets and his stunning good looks make him a popular guy while out and about. He is also excellent in the car.

His foster Mom said, "I can't think of anything he does wrong. He's perfect!"

Harley is 6 years old, neutered and will be brought UTD on vaccines this week. He's a handsome brown bear, and once we've had a chance to brush him out and trim him up he is going to be pretty darn gorgeous. Well... he's already gorgeous, he'll just be MORE gorgeous!

To be considered for adoption for Harley please complete an adoption application and email it back to us. An adoption donation of $500 applies.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Adopter Update - Sampson

Hey Sandra!
Just dropping you a note to let you know how we are....
As you might remember, we moved to our cottage – which is now our home! – here in Haliburton, this past fall. We love it! And more importantly the boys love it!

Sampson & Ozzie have been having a ball with the weather and the freedom. Sam has finally become ‘himself’. He likes the fact that he can go & come as he pleases (although he does prefer to be with me). Our property is contained with an ‘Invisible Fence’, and he has respected it since it was installed in summer of 2009. This means he has the relaxed freedom of knowing where his boundaries are and has settled very comfortably into that. We also go for very long walks into the bush (or on the lake) each day, so there is lots of investigating going on each day. They are both also very good ‘car’ dogs. We take them almost everywhere with us.

Ozzie has taught Sammy how to wrestle properly, how to play tug (before, Sammy would only play tug with a human, not with another dog), and how to play together with a toy, stick or ball. Ozzie is a very patient teacher for being so young!
I don’t know if you remember me telling you that Sammy couldn’t swim – he sank! So we had to put a lifebelt around his back end so it would float! He wasn’t too crazy about that idea, but tolerated it so he could join in the fun. We have a low raft with a ‘dog ramp’ attached so the dogs can easily get out of the water up to the raft. Well in the fall, he showed us he could swim....he swam after a couple of playful otters who were teasing him just offshore. He was very proud of himself when he came out! So I guess he won’t need his lifebelt anymore!
Sammy has been an absolute joy to have. Previously I had only had German Shepherds – 7 in total. The Newfies are a breed that fit into our lifestyle now – but I would never have thought that. Ozzie, who is Newf/Retriever was the catalyst that changed us for good. Watching the changes in Sam as he gains confidence and relaxes into our home has been so rewarding. He definitely had ‘issues’ when we first began, but time and patience (and Ozzie!) have really brought out his natural personality. They both make us laugh every day!
I am home all the time now. When we moved up here, I left my part-time job in the city. So I get to spend lots of time with them. They both have birthdays in May (being a rescue from an unknown source, we are not sure of Oz so we ‘allocated’ his birthday in the same month as Sam’s). Oz will be 3 and Sammy 6.
I’m sending you a few pictures of the boys.

Hopefully we’ll get to Bancroft to see you soon......Deb