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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Kayleigh does it again!

Newf Friends supporter Kayleigh has come through for us once again raising funds to help Newfs in need. Her latest efforts brought in $120 in sales of her awesome doggie biscuits called Kayleigh's Kanine Kookies.

10 year old Kayleigh poses here with Murphy at the Pumpkin Hunt where she sold cookies to raise funds for Newf Friends

From all of us at Newf Friends, thank you once again Kayleigh for your support, all of your hard work and for being an inspiration to kids everywhere! You are one in a million!

Monday, October 24, 2011


# 3662
Katie has been adopted!

New arrival Katie is a gorgeous 3 year old (DOB October 26, 2008) purebred Newf who is looking for a special family to love. She is the epitome of what a Newf should be, a big, beautiful gentle bear and an absolute delight to be around.

Through no fault of her own, Katie found her way to us when her owners could no longer meet her needs. She has adjusted very well to foster care and is just taking everything in stride.

This gentle giant is sweet as can be. She is loving, affectionate and an all around awesome girl! She has a true Newf personality, just perfect in every way! She has wonderful house manners and leash manners, knows basic commands, and is an easy going, lovable girl.

She gets along fine with cats and although a little shy around new dogs, once she is comfortable with them she will happily snuggle up and cuddle. She enjoys playing with other dogs and could happily join a family with another four footed playmate.

She is UTD on vaccines, spayed and is undergoing treatment for some minor skin issues. Proper diet and basic grooming will prevent a recurrence of these issues. She is now on thyroid meds and we expect any lingering skin issues will clear with this.

Katie is a big girl, her last check up she weighed in at 162 lbs. Like many newfs, she is a drooler, which just adds to her charm! Be sure to have your drool bibs ready!

To be considered for adopting Katie please complete an adoption application.
An adoption donation of $500 applies
Katie is being fostered in the Brantford area and her approved family will be required to pick her up in person.

Adopter Update: Busa (Harold) and Anna

Harold January 13, 2011 - intake day
Remember Harold, the sad pup who came to us last winter with horrible skin infections? Well look at him now! Harold, now known as Busa lives with his sister Anna, also adopted from Newf Friends, and the two of them are doing great!

Here's what their family had to say about them:

Well life with Anna & Busa has been and still is fantastic and we would not change a thing. We are so glad that we adopted Busa when we did because as much as Busa LOVES playing with Anna (and her ears), Anna is glad that she has a play buddy, even though he now towers over her so much. I have tried to take pictures where you can see the difference in their size over such a short period of time. We thought that when we adopted Anna she was a big dog but Anna looks so small compared to Busa.

Busa has completed and graduated 2 levels of obedience and Anna has completed and graduated 3 levels of obedience. I think that maybe over the winter I may take Busa to do indoor agility becuase he really loved the tunnel and the running around when we got to try it during the classes. Anna loved the tunnel as well but I think that I will start with Busa and then Anna later.
Like Anna and her little soccer ball, Busa has a bunny that he carries around and brings over to us to play fetch. You tell him to "go get your bunny" and looks all over the place for it until he finds it.
This past summer Busa & Anna did a lot of swiming up north. Busa loves to retrieve the floating dummy and is like the energizer bunny, he kept on going and going and going and going. We actually had to tell him that it was time to get out of the water and go back to the cabin. You can see in one of the pictures that he jumped up on the picnic table to get the dummy to go back in the water to play. Anna also retrieves the dummy and tries to get it from Busa every once in awhile, but she prefers to just swim around and around and around the lake on her own. There are some pictures where she is just doing that.
Summer, as you can remember, was extremely hot and when I was at the cabin in July with the furry kids, it was so hot that I broke down and bought a fan for Busa and Anna. I have to tell you that both Busa and Anna learned fast what the fan did for them and what an air conditioned car was all about. Nothing but the best for my furry kids.
Ron and I wanted to get out to the events that were going on over the summer and in September but "life" always got in the way. I told Ron that the next event that happens we are going no matter what. I want to get the chance to bring out Busa & Anna to meet fellow Newfs.
The picture where you see Busa hanging inside the drivers window was taken up at the cabin on Thankgiving weekend. His fur has come in so beautifully that you would never know that he wa so bad when he first came into your care.
Well we are heading up north this weekend again and Busa and Anna love going for long hikes in the forest, especially with the cooler wheather we are having and again they keep on going and going and going, then when we get back to the cabin they are out for the count.
Ron and I want to thank you again for the best Newfies that we could ask for. I know that if we had a big farm right now we would be asking for some brothers for Busa and Anna, Newfoundlands are truly a special breed. You can have the most terrible day at work but when you get home, there are 2 of the most gorgeous fur balls waiting for you at the door wagging their tails and kissing your face, we wouldn't change a thing. Anna & Busa are our gentle giants and we are so happy that they both are part of our family.
I hope you enjoy the pictures of Anna & Busa and one day we will all meet up for a reunion.
Thanks again Sandra & Patti for the 2 best Newfs in the world!!!! :O)
Margaret, Ron, Anna & Busa

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Adopter Update: Star

Here's some new photos of Star from her adoptive mom. Look how great she looks with her coat grown in!

Almost exactly 5 months since we adopted each other!

Adopter Update: Jade

Here's an email from Jade's new family:

Just wanted to share a picture of Jade. She went to the groomers yesterday and they tied her newf floof with a yellow bow! I don't think that she was impressed. It might be a good look for a Shitzu but not so much for a newf...lol

She is barking at me telling me to not take her photo here. Although she looks really pretty.

She is continuing to fit in well. She really is a love. She loves going to our local leash free park as well as just walking in the neighbourhood. Everyone always comments on how beautiful our dogs look together. She and my son have become very good friends. And they love meeting everyone when we are out.

Have a good weekend!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Update: October 17, 2011

The latest news from Newf Friends..............

New arrival Jack is doing great in foster care, and will hopefully have a home very soon.

Handsome boy Alex is making lots of progress in foster care and will be ready to be neutered very soon. Details about him can be read here.

5 year old Tycho is looking better every day. This sweet boy is doing great and is healthy enough to be neutered now! Details about Ty can be read here.

Lovable, 4 year old beauty River is happy as can and still on bed rest recovering from her first TPLO surgery. She has had a minor set-back in her recovery and her second surgery will be delayed longer to ensure she has time to fully heal before we proceed with the second surgery. River's bio can be read here.

Yogi still needs a family to love! We have had some great applications come in but they have just not been the right family for Yogi. He is such a good boy, surely there is someone out there who wants to love him? Yogi the Saint (who we are fostering for our parent group HART) is still waiting for a family to come along - please spread the word!!! This sweet boy loves people and is friendly and social, he really is a wonderful Saint. Read all about him here. Yogi is a loving boy and will make a wonderful companion for the right adopter.
Because Yogi's needs are unique we WILL consider placing him into a home outside of our catchment area. Please cross post his bio to help us find him a perfect home!

Don't you want to run and play with this boy??? Handsome boy Duke is a super friendly boy who is playful, fun loving and cute as can be. Look how adorable he is! He is having a blast playing and being a total goof ball in foster care. He's a great boy for an active family who wants a playful dog to accompany them while they are out having fun. Read about him here.

Love bug Otis has been adopted! So happy for you big guy!

Adorable Pandora has an adoption pending, just waiting on the paper work!

Our new line of Newf themed merchandise is ready to go! Our Online Store is updated and we are ready to take orders!

Our parent group HART has dogs of all shapes and sizes available for adoption. If you know of any loving families who are looking to adopt a dog, please direct them to HART!

Check out George!

Check out this video created by the folks responsible for the Dog Surfing Championships in California! Newf Friends rescue George is featured prominently in the video strutting his stuff at last year's competition.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Make your voice heard, stop irresponsible breeding!

On the October 5th, 2011 episode of the CBC television show Dragon's Den, Ingrid Johansson and Raf Khoury presented their request for financial investment in their company, Matchmaker Pet. This company is promoted as an "online dating service" for dogs. Members pay a fee to profile their dog in an attempt to find a mate. The intended result is a litter of puppies which the pet owners will then attempt to sell to the public.

In a society where dogs are euthanized at alarming rates, shelters are overflowing with unwanted dogs and rescues are overwhelmed by both purebred and mixed breed dogs, it is beyond comprehension that this concept was granted airtime, let alone investment dollars.

Last week, the city of Toronto banned the sale of dogs in pet stores in an attempt to curtail the activity of puppy mills. We, in rescue, celebrated this milestone only to be confronted this week by the irresponsibility of a television show, on a publicly funded network, promoting the irresponsible breeding of dogs. We are appalled and infuriated by both the decision to present the concept on the show and the decision of one of the dragons to invest in this business.

Responsible dog breeding is the result of years of careful study, medical tests on breeding stock, puppy follow ups and health guarantees. It is a science, not a whim. Responsible breeders stand behind the animals they bring into the world for their lifetime. The idea that a website with bios and cutesy photos of potential mates will help promote the health and welfare of a breed is absolutely ludicrous! Specific breeds are susceptible to certain medical problems which can be inbred. Responsible breeders try to breed these problems out to in order promote a healthier, stronger breed of dog. Helter skelter breeding only increases the incidence of these issues. There are too many dogs being bred every day in Canada. This notion of a doggy dating service will serve to encourage misinformed people, looking to make a fast dollar, to bring more dogs into the world.

We, in rescue, are confronted by the results of irresponsible breeding on a daily basis. Back yard breeders and puppy mills account for the majority of the purebred dogs that end up in rescue. Clearly the concept of Matchmaker Pet was the brainchild of two people who have not contemplated the horrible fates that often befall pets conceived in such a haphazard manner. Every day, those of us who are passionate about animal rescue, are in the trenches cleaning up after the likes of people like Ms Johannson and Mr. Khoury, and now Ms Dickinson. We are disgusted by the lack of foresight shown by all involved - this sort of idiocy must be stopped.

We encourage the CBC to publicly retract its support of the Matchmaker Pet Company. We encourage Arlene Dickinson, who invested in the idea, to withdraw her investment support. We invite her to educate herself on the issue of pet overpopulation. Perhaps spending a day in a shelter will open her eyes to the problems that the promotion of this concept can cause. We are certain that armed with the proper information, the concept of this company will be as repellent to her as it is to us.

Finally, we encourage the sponsors of Dragons' Den, Scotiabank, in particular, to contact the CBC to express their disapproval for this venture. To make your voice heard, please contact the CBC at:
http://www.cbc.ca/contact/ or Arlene Dickinson through Facebook:
Read what others are saying:



# 3340

March 31, 2012: I've been adopted!

Say hello to Jack, an adorable 3 year old Landseer who is looking for love.

Friendly, social and lovable, Jack gets along with everyone he meets. He loves people and is happy to be right in the middle of all the action at his foster home. He is very affectionate and loves belly rubs and cuddles. What a sweet boy!

Jack went through our foster program last fall and at that time he got along very well with other well socialized dogs and loved playing and romping with them. He was adopted on Nov 6, 1011 and joined a family with other dogs. In February Jack started showing resource guarding behaviour and the decision was made to return him to us. Arriving in foster care a few weeks ago Jack continued to show resource guarding behaviour but is making progress in an environment with only one other dog - a female. At this time, we believe it is best if Jack goes to a home with an experienced handler, and either no other dogs or with a calm, well socialized female so his behaviour can be worked on and corrected.

Playful and happy, Jack loves running, playing fetch . He is well suited to an active owner who likes to go for walks and get out and play with their Newf. As much as he loves playing, a good nap afterwards in a sunny spot makes Jack a happy boy.

Jack knows basic commands and is a very smart boy. He is housebroken, crate trained, and has fairly good leash manners. What a great boy Jack is, he is going to make one lucky family very happy.

If you would like to be considered for adopting Jack, please complete an adoption application to begin the process. He is being fostered in Lindsay and his adoptive family will be required to pick him up in person. An adoption donation of $500 applies.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Adopter Update: Jade

Hi Sandra,

I just wanted to give you another update on Jade. She has been with our family for just over a week now. Jade and Sophie (8 year old newf) are getting along very well.

She is still settling in and adjusting to our routine. She is such a friendly, sweet girl who is patient and loves everyone.

We took her up to the cottage this weekend to see how she liked that. Apparently she is a cottage dog! She didn’t swim but did enjoy wading and splashing with Sophie in the shallows. And also enjoys a good game of fetch, as well as chasing Sophie around the field and generally being silly.

We had a “welcome to the family” party last night for her where we introduced her to our extended family. And she took to the 10 extra people in house, including 20 month old twins like she had been with us forever.

Here are some pictures from the weekend.

The three “kids” playing a game of fetch…

Will update again soon, just wanted to send a note with some pictures to let you know that she is continuing to settle in well and has been a wonderful addition to our family!