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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Adopter Update: Barney

Hi - I saw all of the adopter updates on the Newf Friends Facebook  page and I just wanted to send you a quick update and a recent photo of  Barney in his favourite pose. Doesn't he looked relaxed?

We are so fortunate to have found Barney (and Erica). Barney became a part of our family instantly and is so loved by all of us. We hope that we give him what he needs because he gives to us each and every day in his own special Newf way.

A few more pics for your reading and viewing pleasure....

Barney decided that this mattress was adequate cushioning for the back of the car. He napped there for a couple of hours.

I need a boost...

Christmas 2013

Life at the cottage....

Thanks for all you do, Kind regards, Sandra

Adopter Update: Dulcie

Hi Tami, just another update on Dulcie.
Dulcie has made herself at home and everyone just loves her!! The vet, the mailman, the neighbours....it was just meant to be :) this Christmas we are counting our blessings we were the lucky ones to adopt her!!!

Wishing you all the best and a very merry Christmas.

Susan, Marc, Ryan, Emily, Caitlyn
Sky & Dulcie :)

Monday, December 22, 2014

Adopter Update: Marshmallow


Marshmallow is doing so great!  We love her so much and she brings so much love to our family!! She now walk and runs as if she was a puppy. she has charmed all the neighbours , they wave to her....should I teach her to wave back?  Anyways here is a picture of her on her couch after a long day.

Merry christmas and happy new year to all!

Adopter Update: Bennie (was Glenn)

Just a small update on Bennie, it has been a year now since adopting Bennie and he has been a dream to have. Stressfull at the start but with a little advise from Tami and Kaliee things changed for the better right away. We could not imagine life without Bennie now.


He was scared of anything at the start, if we picked up a shovel to clear the walkway or a broom to sweep he was running away scared, now well he won't even wake up! All his fears are gone, it took 6 months or so but is now just loving running around with his buddy through the bush at the back of our property.

He has brought joy to both of us and a play buddy for Reggie. In town on our walks he now loves to greet people and get as  much attention as possible. Bennie is also extemely gentle but is also the boss when it comes to Reggie.

Thanks so much for our little guy.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Adopter Update: Finnegan

Merry Christmas Sandra, Allison and Newf friends Rescue:

Finn is now six and half.  He has gone from a happy, clumsy, young dog; when we took him home over four and half years ago to a happy mature gentlemen, who still has moments of pure silliness. We continue to travel east with Shannon and Finn each year.  They have become old hats at meeting tourists along the way.  We stop in Quebec and Saint Andrews by the Sea in New Brunswick before landing at our destination in Lunenburg Nova Scotia.  They have learned to sit for photos for travellers from all over the world who all say what well behaved and beautiful dogs they are.  One heartwarming story was from a young girl in her wheelchair. Her parents asked if they could have a photo taken with them.  I said I would be happy to take the photo so all they family could be taken together.  Just as I snapped the shot Shannon leaned up and gave her a gentle kiss and Finn put his head on her lap.  The mother cried and so did I.  Other times they are just silly.  When we had their photo taken at the Easter Fund Raising in Pickering Finn thought the giant Easter Bunny was one big fluffy toy.  We took them to Pet Store for a Christmas photo, Finn thought himself a rock star and wanted to be photographed with all the toys on hand. 

We continue to walk to the beach each day.  Finn runs into the water regardless of the weather and Shannon wades until he comes back on shore.  Then they run along together.  Shannon s Wobblers seems to be progressing slowly and she is responding well to medication., Finn seems to know she can no longer engage in wrestling matches and when she tries to tease him into one he lays down and just moves his head around her. What a boy!!!

I have attached a few Christmas picks. Thank you for allowing John and I to adopt Finn.

Colleen, John, Finn and Shannon      

Adopter Update: River's 7th Birthday!

Yesterday was River's birthday - here's how she celebrated:

Happy 7th Birthday to my sweetheart supreme RIVER! I'll be spending the day with my girl, spoiling her with all her favorite things: pancakes and scrambled eggs for breakfast, nap, walk in the woods, followed by a brushing and full body massage, another nap. Salmon birthday cake will be ready for tonight. Love you River!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Adopter Update Sulli

Another great adopter update:

Well time has flown for us, and we hope for Sulli – it was two years at this time that I experienced a slow day at work and decided to complete the adoption application on a whim.  I had neglected to tell my wife Meredith that I was doing this, so when I got the call for a phone interview I thought I’d be in a lot of trouble.  But Meredith saw the picture of Sulli, who HART had in mind as a potential match for us, and she was sold.
When Sulli arrived with us, his foster home had done such a great job helping him begin his path toward being a happy, social dog.  But, he was still rambunctious, and loud, and didn’t believe in boundaries.  Now, after a really good training class, a little patience, and lots of play and treats, he has learned how to play well.  His sister dog, Cinder, bore the brunt of helping him understand how to play nicely.  But, he listened, and they now can be seen romping when she feels up to it.  And when they aren’t romping, you can often find them sleeping within reach of one another.
Everyone who comes to our home is quickly drawn to him – he is confident and happy, and will put on a show if there is a treat handy.  He lives his life through his mouth – and will eat anything that has flavor, including most paper products, so we have to watch him like a hawk.  But, he’s shifty, so we have some funny  (or not so funny) stories about his many mishaps related to eating something he shouldn’t – the corn cobs incident, the mushrooms incident, the bunch of bananas counter surf.  Every day with Sulli is a story waiting to happen – but it is also full of so much affection and love.
Thanks for trusting us with this Muppet of a Newf.  He has been a gift.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Adopter Update: Dory

 Season's Greetings Newf Friends!

It's been 10 months since Dory came home and we wanted to let you know how she's been doing. Dory very quickly settled into her new home and assumed the role of big sister and Mother to her now best friend Lukey. And while she is never far away from Lukey, she loves her snuggle time with the rest of the family. She is very eager to please and is such a polite and sweet girl. She always greets us at the door when we come home with so much love and the biggest smile. 
With the help of Lukey, a harness, and regular daily walks, Dory was very quick to learn to walk nicely on a leash and is the first to the door as soon as we say "walk time". She loves to great all the neighbourhood dogs and people. She and Lukey are rather popular in the neighbourhood, and everyone stops to visit with them. The kids in the neighbourhood have nicknamed her the cow dog (because of her black and white markings) and Lukey the bear dog. 

It took a while for Dory to over come her urges to chase bunnies and birds, but now she rarely pays attention to them while on her walks. Dory was a little anxious with van rides during her first few weeks with us, but quickly realized that most van rides led to the dog park and/or a timbit, and now we only have to say the word and she is waiting at the door to come along. We spent many days playing around in the water this past summer, and while Dory was very nervous in the water at the beginning of the season, she was much more comfortable towards the end and was even beginning to swim. 
As you can see from the pictures, Dory's hair has filled in quite nicely and she had her first visit to the groomers a couple weeks ago. She did very well! 

She celebrated her 4th birthday in November and it feels as though she's been with us her whole life. She is the perfect compliment to our family! We feel so lucky to have been chosen to give her the life she deserves. Thank you for bringing her into our family!

Happy Holidays!
Dory's Family

(pics of Dory & Lukey waiting for Santa, at the dog park, and on a walk)

Monday, December 8, 2014



January 17/15:   I was adopted!!!!

Handsome, friendly, and sweet as can be, this gorgeous landseer is going to make one lucky family very happy!

Buster lived as a farm dog for the first few years of his life, then when his owner passed away Buster went to stay at his breeder's kennel to wait for a new family.  Since Buster had received no training, was not housebroken and knew no commands, many months went by and the right family for Buster never came along.
Upon hearing about Buster we contacted his breeder and offered to bring Buster into our foster program to give him the training that he needs to become adoptable.  His breeder agreed that this was in Buster's best interest, and is supporting us in Buster's care.

Buster arrived in our care on Dec 7 and has been fabulous at his foster home.  He is learning all about housebreaking and has not had any accidents in the house while his family have been home.  He is currently crated when he is left alone, and he settles in quickly and naps.  Buster is looking for a home where his owners have the time to commit to finishing his training.

His house manners are great, other than a little counter surfing (how can he be expected to resist all of those goodies right at eye level?)  Buster is learning his basic commands and is so eager to please that he is picking things up very quickly.  His leash manners are a work in progress, but coming along. 

Buster is a friendly, easy going boy who gets along with everyone he meets.  He loves attention and thoroughly enjoys getting petted, groomed, and loved.  He is so gentle, mellow and eager to please that he would make a great candidate for therapy work once his training is complete.  Well mannered around children, Buster could join a family with kids who are respectful of animals.

He became fast friends with the female Great Dane in his foster home and has been wonderful meeting a variety of dogs.  He is fabulous with the cat in his foster home and simply adores him! A home where he has another well mannered playmate would be great for him. 

Buster was born on February 4, 2009 so is 5 years old and is large for a Newf, measuring about 36 inches at his shoulder and weighing just over 170 lbs.  He has now been brought up to date with his vaccines and neutered.  His blood work was fine, he is HW negative. He is recovering from his surgery and being treated for an ear infection and will be ready to join an adoptive family once his ear is all cleared up.

If you would like to be considered for adopting Buster, or any other Newf in our program, please complete our adoption application and return it to us by email.

Buster is being fostered in the Midland, ON area and his approved adopters will be required to pick him up in person.  An adoption donation of $500 applies.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Adopter Update: Happy Birthday Molly!

Check out this adopter update we received last week on Molly's 11th birthday!

Hi Sandra,

Today is Molly's 11th birthday HOORAY !!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is an update....Remember that we told you that she was getting laser-therapy, it didn't do anything. She was getting weaker and weaker with her hind legs. We really thought that things would go down hill from there. We were really sad.

 But we went on vacation to Havelock (ON) anyway. What a beautiful area. Molly and Izzy enjoyed themselves in the Crow River. Molly just lied down in the water with harness and all to cool down a bit. (see pics) We had the most beautiful weather that week. It was a bit difficult to get Molly down to the river and back to the house again but we managed thanks to the HelpEmUp Harness.
(can't have a big dog without this thing when they get old)  

When we came home, we went back to the vet again, to hear what we could do more for our girl. The vet suggested acupuncture. Well, I was skeptic about it. But now after 3 treatments things have changed so much, it's just amazing. We're so glad about this.

In the beginning when the vet put a small needle in her foot, she wouldn't react at all. There was just no "connection" between her brain and her foot. Now, the last time she pulled her foot back when the needle got in. Her feeling was back!!!!
We can see that when she walks, she places her feet more secure on the ground, not that drunken walk anymore..
 She doesn't need her harness on, she walks around the house more. Normally she would stay in the kitchen where her bowl was, so she didn't have to walk far for it. Of course, when she's to enthusiastic, she still falls down once in a while. It's not like she's a young dog again. She's really happy, she rolls on her back and has this big smile, and her eyes well, you know what I mean.:-) .So we'll see how she will do in the winter, but we're hopeful that she will be strong enough to get through it.
This evening she will get a big sausage in her food and of course Izzy gets it too, you can't spoil just one dog;-)
We love Molly soooooo much!!!!!!!!!! She's really special..

We hope all is well with you!

Anyway, big hugs from us all
Lars,Marij, Molly and Izzy