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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Adopter Update: Newfie Boy

Check out these snippets from this amazing adopter update!  These are the kinds of updates foster families love to read!

Hello Carole and Cubby!!!!
We have been keeping Newfie VERY busy! One thing is for sure....he LOVES the water.  As soon as we turned down the drive way to go to the lake at my mother's house he started whining and prancing like I have never seen him and when I opened the car door all I saw was his tail go by.  He went straight for the water and only came out for brief rests for the next three hours. He had a blast, it didn't matter how far out I threw his buoy, he would bring in it and whine at me to throw it again.  What a treat that was, he is too much fun.
We have also been going to events hosted by our regional newfoundland club and are interested in drafting.  Newfie is so relaxed and eager to please that within one hour of being at his first draft clinic he was harnessed, hooked up to a wagon, and pulling it.  I am just so amazed at how adaptable he is, he will do anything I ask him to.  Occasionally he forgets his manners and I have to give him a command more than once but that is the exception, he is very well behaved.  On the rare occasion that he has been naughty he gives it away by slumping around and hanging his head and then I have to try and figure out what he did....too funny.  Last incident involved eating pizza out of the garbage but it wasn't until he passed some aluminum foil the next day that I realized what was going on.
We are still working our way through obedience so that he can take his CGC test and then we can get his therapy certification as well.  We have been distracted by all the fun in the water and drafting.  I am seriously considering working toward titles for him in both areas, there are tests for water dog in September, I am quite confident that he could accomplish the junior level by the end of the summer.  The draft test is in October and the club has drafting classes every Tuesday night at a members home so I think we might have a chance at that as well.  We are going to our local library this weekend to discuss Newfie becoming a volunteer for children to read to.  With the hot weather it will be nice to be indoors but still be working.
We just spent Memorial day at our camp in the Adirondacks and he was able to swim his heart out again and this time I had a brand new dog dryer that worked very nicely.  He got to ride on the pontoon boat but all he really wanted to do was jump off of it.  Dave and I are trying to come up with some sort of ramp that will allow him to get on and off the boat.  It sits up high off the water and there is no way to get him in the boat, he is too heavy.  I have seen a few products on line, one is a ladder but I think that is just an injury waiting to happen, and the other is a ramp with foam on the underside of it.  I think the ramp would work nicely because that is what he uses to get in and out of our vehicles, but to purchase one would cost $410.00.  I know we can build something similar we just have to find the proper materials.  I am attaching some photos of our adventures with Newfie.
Best regards,
  Angie and Newfie

Saturday, June 1, 2013

NDCC National Specilaty

Some photos of the parade of rescue at the 50th annual Newfoundland Dog Club of Canada National Specialty in Gananoque last weekend.

Group photo taken by Garth Gourlay