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Monday, March 4, 2019

Roxanne (Roxy)

ADOPTED July 6/19

Quick Adoption Overview
DOB August 1, 2011
Located in Thornhill, ON
Fenced yard required
Before applying to adopt a dog or emailing us with questions, please read the dog's entire bio and review our FAQ page.  Emails asking questions that are answered on that page will not be responded to.

All about Roxy
Friendly and full of personality, adorable gal Roxy LOVES to be the centre of attention and be petted and adored.   She is clearly used to getting loads of love showered on her.

This sweet girl has known much love in her life, coming to us from an owner who adored her.  When her owner's health needs made it impossible to properly care for Roxy he made the difficult decision to turn her over to us to find her a home where she will get all of the love and care she needs.

Roxy has never lived with cats, although seemed totally uninterested in them when she stopped for an overnight stay at a volunteer's house during her transport.

She previously lived with a male dog and is currently sharing her foster home with another male Newf.  She can be nervous and unsure of how to act around new dogs.  She will likely be happiest in a home where she is the only dog.  She would be fine hanging out with other dogs for walks.

Roxy is a silly girl who loves to go for car rides -- the various volunteers who helped transport her quickly discovered that she thinks she should be allowed to ride shotgun!  Here she is trying to claim the front seat in 3 different cars!  Nice try Roxy!

Roxy is a large gal who is in need of some serious weight loss.  On intake, she was about 40-50 lbs overweight at 160 lbs--yikes!  Her bloodwork results show no issues, so we have begun a weight loss program and the pounds are melting off.  So far she has dropped 25 pounds!!!!! Way to go Roxy!

Roxy has great leash manners, which is good news since she needs lots of exercise!  She loves going for her daily walks, so an owner who likes to get out and walk a well-mannered Newf will be the perfect match for her.

She can be a little pushy at times--it's clear she is used to getting her own way. She has learned her manners well at her foster home.   She was a bit stressed with all of the changes in her life but is making great progress.  A calm, quiet household will work wonders for her.

She will benefit greatly from activities that will help boost her confidence and independence so that she is better able to cope with new situations. With an owner who sets reasonable boundaries and expectations, she will thrive. She just needs some extra work to help her blossom.

Roxy is a gentle girl, who is sweet and sensitive.  She is unsure around children , shying away and prefers to avoid them, so a home without young kids is best for her. A calm, quiet, relaxed home will be her best match.

To be considered for adopting a dog through Newf Friends please submit a completed application, which can be found on the CONTACT US/FORMS page. Before completing an application or emailing us with questions, please review our FAQ page.  As outlined on our FAQ page, applicants who do not meet our adoption requirements (ie. no fenced play area, living in an apartment building, having young children, etc.) will not be considered -- please do not email us asking us to make an exception.