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Established in 2008.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

NewfStock Online Registration

Our online registration form is ready to go! 
There is no fee to register or attend NewfStock. 
Pre-registering ensures you receive our full information package with all of the scheduled events outlined, maps and so much more including coupons for local businesses!

Even if you only plan to attend for one day, please register so we can be sure to have enough welcome packages at the park and prizes for our contests and more!

Sunday, May 27, 2012



June 26, 2012: Chase was adopted!

This adorable boy arrived in our care on May 27/12.  He is approximately 9 years old (but he sure doesn't act like it!) and a total love bug who gets along with everyone he meets and is going to make a wonderful companion for the right family.

He is fine with cats, other dogs, and is an overall gentle, well tempered boy.  He is not particularly interested in playing with other dogs, but is friendly with them.  Chase would be fine joining a family with other well mannered pets, or he would be content as the only dog in the house.

Chase has been clipped down by his surrendering family.  He will require regular brushing as his coat grows in.  Care should be taken to protect Chase from overheating in the summer months.  He will need access to shade and lots of water when outside.  At his foster home he likes to dip his feet in his pool to cool off.  Chase would love leisurely strolls by a lake or river!  Like a typical Newf he drools, makes a royal mess with his water bucket and loves to lay on the air conditioning vent when indoors!

Look at me meeting dogs at the dog park.

Chase has lived with children and is gentle and sweet but he would prefer a quieter home where he would not be exposed to a lot of activity and uproar.  This  fella' likes his peace and quiet.  He's perfectly suited to be a quiet companion for a lower activity family.

Chase has good house manners - he is fine being left alone unsupervised.  Like many Newfs, he's a bit of a counter surfer so this will need to be worked on.  Chase is a well behaved boy who knows basic commands, walks nicely on lead and is overall an easy going, quiet, sweet boy.

Chase has been neutered and vaccinated.  He is in overall good health. At 136 lbs he is a little overweight but not bad.   Chase is a bit stiff in his left hip. His right knee has some boney thickening possibly from chronic cruciate ligament issues but the joint seems stable now and he is not lame so surgery is not recommended for him.   Chase does not like stairs, so a home with few steps would be best for him.  
Chase  goes for several short walks a day.  He does not have great stamina, but as he drops his excess weight and exercises more his energy will increase.

Look how cute I am rolling around on my doggie bed!

Chase is being fostered in the Mississauga area.  His adoptive family will be required to pick him up in person. Because he is a senior our typical adoption donation of $500 will be reduced to $350.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Jumpin' Jack Flash

 Jumpin' Jack Flash

July 25, 2012: I've been adopted!  Yahoo!

Hey everyone meet Jack,  a sweet, 8 year old boy who is looking for a family to spend his senior years with.   This handsome fella' is loving and social and hopes to find a fabulous family to call his own very soon.

Jack is a gentle boy who has good house manners, knows basic commands and gets along well with people.  He is good with children and a total love bug who thrives on attention and being around his family.

Jack is an active boy who loves to swim and would be very happy finding a home with a family who will take him for nice walks and lots of exercise time in and around water.


This adorable purebred Newf is registered and was originally intended to be a show/stud dog but he wasn't quite right for that role and was rehomed to a caring family who he has lived with for the last several years.  They recently had some changes in their living situation which were proving stressful for Jack and the decision was made to turn him over to rescue.

Previously Jack lived in a home with a back yard, and during the day while his family worked he was able to hang out in the fenced yard and he was content with this arrangement.  Several months ago his family ended up moving into an apartment and Jack no longer had a yard to play in during the day. Jack did not cope well being left home alone in an apartment.  He's a very smart and crafty boy and soon started getting himself into trouble in the apartment and ultimately  figured out how to get out of the apartment and his adventures around town began.

Like many newfs Jack is very intelligent and has excellent problem solving skills, so locks and latches were no problem for him to monkey with and he was frequently letting himself out of his apartment despite his owner's efforts to contain him.  He ended up in animal control more than once, and the situation was becoming dangerous for Jack.  After many months of trying to find a solution it became clear that Jack is not suited for apartment life and for his well being and safety he was turned over to Newf Friends.

Given the great distance back to Jack's original kennel the decision has been made to first try to rehome Jack from Ontario rather than putting him through the stress of a very long transport back to the kennel he came from.  This is a decision made with Jack's best interest in mind.

A home where someone is around a lot of the time would be terrific for Jack -- he thrives in an environment with people around him.

Jack has recently been neutered so we are still waiting for his testosterone levels to drop.  He is a frisky boy making it difficult for him to control himself around female dogs.  He mounts them and ignores their warnings which can lead to problems. 

Jack is not suited to living with other large males at this time. We have not seen signs of aggression, but he is definitely dominant and that can provoke other dogs.  Jack is probably best finding a home with no other male dogs.

Ultimately Jack would be very content as the only dog in the household, or he could join a family with a nice, mellow female dog.

Jack was born January 13, 2004 and appears to be in good health and physical shape.  He has been vet checked,  vaccinated and neutered.  We also had a few teeth extracted that were potentially problematic, but Jack is all healed up and ready to go,  Jack has OFA clearances for hips and elbows.

Jack was shaved by his owners prior to being surrendered to us and it will take many months for his coat to grow back in.

Jack is in a temporary foster home in Lindsay, Ontario.

Our usual adoption donation of $500 will be reduced because Jack is a senior.    A donation of $350 will apply.  We are accepting applications for Jack now.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Adopter Update: River

An update from River's new family:

River is so easy to love! We are getting to know her more and more every day but I’m sure she is the friendliest dog I’ve ever met.  So far we know that River likes to park herself in the center of the kitchen when its meal time, splashing around in the river ranks high (good thing we have one) and sleeping beside her new mom every night is a must.  It’s easy to accommodate her when these are all things I like too.   
River thrives on the constant attention from her human brother, Callum.    She is so gentle and patient – I think she's figured out he is the most generous with the salmon cookies.   They share a love of romping through the forest and playing in my gardens.  They’re perfectly matched!  River is so friendly with everyone she meets.  She gives the most wonderful kisses and never tires of having arms around her.   She is a big-time snuggler!

River is getting lots of safe exercise off leash, we are careful of any strain on her knees.  She is very familiar with her stretching routine and home-care after having multiple surgeries.  We’ll start some swimming at the cottage this summer, I already know how much she loves the water.   River loves our river!  It is not deep enough to swim in but she is happy enough to splash around or even just sit and cool off for awhile.   Once or twice she’s managed to jump in when it was suppose to be time to jump in the van – oh well, that’s what towels, blow dryers and brushes are for.   
River has been a perfect match for our family, we're busy spoiling her with hope that she feels the same. 
We loved her from the first day, she is very special to us. 

Adopter Update: Maggie

An update from Maggie's new family:
 Hi Sandra & Allison,

I just wanted to update you guys on how Maggie is doing.  She is so much fun to have around and we can't imagine not having her as part of the family.  She is healthy and very happy!

Her and Cash are getting along great and even choose to sleep beside each other at times.  They play amazingly with each other and we are supprised at how fast she can run when she wants to. Maggie loves it when Cash licks her face!  We have to stop him from licking her ears though, even though she likes it!  Vet says it can lead to infections.  We've since had her microchipped and have picked up revolution to keep her healthy!

She is such a love bug and often comes to us and puts her head in our laps!  Maggie's way of giving hugs! :) :)  She acts very innocent but we have learned that things like a loaf of bread or butter can't be left on the counther within reach over night because she will help herself to it.  She has a great appetite! LOL! The planter pots were being dug up as well and we thought it was Cash since he is usually the trouble maker but we soon found out otherwise. :) :)

I have attached some photos, one of which shows her sitting in the flower pot!  I couldn't resist grabbing my camera and snapping a picture!  She is so gentle and amazing with my nephews as well!  She is loved very much and we can't thank you enough for taking care of her and chosing us to be her parents! :)

I'll send more updates in the future.

All the best!


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A note from one of River's veterinarians

Following her surgery, River's vet care and rehabilitation was done in the Ottawa area.   Dr. Stephanie Cote was instrumental in River's rehabilitation providing acupuncture, herbal medicine and supportive care to facilitate River's recovery.

 Dr. Cote poses with River

 Here's a note we received from Stephanie about her experience as part of River's health care team:
When I first met River, she was in trouble.  Besides needing bilateral cruciate repair, she  was spiking fevers, developing infections and her surgeries were not without complications.  I have been so tremendously impressed by the care and commitment of her foster parent, Erica, and the Newf Friends Rescue for supporting River to wellness so that she could find a forever home.  I know Erica and I both had tears in our eyes on the last day I saw River.   She was a happy dog.  In fact, she was a happy dog throughout, she just went through periods where she didn’t walk very well or struggled to get up or didn’t really feel like getting up because she wasn’t well.  To see her running up and down the hill, on that last day, reminded me how lucky we are to get to meet dogs like River. The dogs that despite all odds are SO LOVING and SO LOVEABLE that they have the opportunity to heal and have a great life.   My deepest gratitude to all who supported River’s road to wellness.  

Stephanie Cote DVM

About Dr. Stephanie Cote 

Stephanie Cote is an experienced veterinarian who specializes in integrative medicine.  She combines her love of medicine and client education with specialized training in acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutraceutical and nutritional therapy, postural rehabilitation and osteopathy. 

Her combined training allows her to offer comprehensive treatment plans for patients with adverse reactions to medications, food & environmental allergies, lameness, pain & mobility problems.  She has a particular interest in patients with multiple problems including geriatrics,  internal medicine, chronic skin disease & digestive problems.
Dr. Cote also provides a full range of hospital services for those seeking a more holistic approach to routine and preventive veterinary care.  Stephanie’s primary focus is supporting the body’s ability to heal fully through nutritional therapy and physical rehabilitation to prevent problems from recurring.  Stephanie is happy to discuss any and all questions regarding different approaches to medicine and wellness for your pet.

Update: May 15, 2012

Lots of exciting things going on at Newf Friends since our last update!

New arrival Brutus entered foster care on May 14.  He's a sweet 16 month old fella' who is looking for a great family to call his own.  Read about him here.

Pretty girl Jasmine is doing well in foster care and just waiting for her ideal family to come along. This affectionate 5 year old gal is looking for a home where she will be the only dog or where she can live with a well mannered male. Learn all about her here.

16 month old Astrid is ready to be adopted! This goofy and lovable girl is friendly, loves to be hugged and petted and is great with other dogs! What a good girl! Check out her bio to learn more about this precious girl.

Love bug Bailey has a home visit going out for a potential home.  Read more about him here.

Pretty young girl Valerie has an adoption pending!

Playful fella' Dozer is waiting on a meet and greet with the other dogs in a potential home.  Paws crossed it's a match!

  Sweet girl Dakota was adopted!  Way to go pretty girl! 

After months in foster care and rehab, gorgeous gal River was adopted by an awesome family and is doing great!  Congratulations all around!

 Handsome love-bug Duke was adopted. Congratulations Duke!

 Our penny drive is in full swing and we are getting lots of donations!  Thank you everyone!  Keep those jars of spare change coming!  You can find a list of drop off locations here.

If you or someone you know is looking for a new canine family member that isn't a Newf, be sure to visit HART, our parent all breed rescue group's PetFinder listings. They've got wonderful dogs of all shapes and sizes, coats and ages who are waiting for great families to adopt them.

 NewfStock 2012 is goign to be here before you know it! Check out our NewfStock Blog for accommodation details and get your room booked right away! Our free online registration should be posted up later this week! 


June 8, 2012: Yippee!  I was adopted!

Hello everyone!  I'm Brutus,  an adorable young landseer who just arrived at Newf Friends on May 14.  I'm a handsome boy with a big beautiful head and floppy lips that are great for flinging goober around!

I was born on January 4, 2011 so I'm a 16 month old pup who is looking for a great family to spend my life with.   Maybe yours?  I'm easy going,  know some basic commands and am crate trained.

 Check out how handsome I am!

I get along with other dogs and like to romp and play because I am such an awesome, lovable boy.  I'm goofy, playful and I love to drip goober all over everyone!  What fun!

My foster family says I am a very good boy but a bit of a bull in a china shop, whatever the heck that means!  I'm sweet and gentle and looking for love in a home where it's ok if I clear your coffee table with a happy swoosh of my tail!   

Maybe if I walk around with this yogurt container under my blubbery lips it will catch some of my drool?

I will be heading to the vet soon for a check-up and to get neutered, and will be ready to find a great home once that is done.

I'm just getting settled into my foster home and more info and photos about me will be posted as my foster family gets to know me better.  So far, they tell me I am pretty darn fantastic, as long as you don't mind drool!

I am being fostered in Carleton Place, ON and the lucky family who gets to adopt me will have to pick me up in person.  An adoption donation of $500 will apply.  Did I mention that I drool?

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Small change makes a BIG difference for Newfs in need!

Small change makes a BIG difference for Newfs in need!

Newf lovers in Ontario join us in our penny drive! The penny is on the way out so now is the time to get rid of those jars of pennies you have laying around the house before you won't be able to use them any more! What better way to toss those coins than to donate them to Newf Friends!

Gather up all of the spare pennies (and any other spare change you have laying around) and send us an email and we'll tell you a location near you where your change can be dropped off! So easy! We have volunteers on hand across the province to collect pennies and start rolling them, so gather up your coins today and help us help Newfs in need!

Be the "change" you want to see!

Some of the Ontario businesses who have made themselves available as drop off locations - more to be added:

Bancroft - West Wind - 7 Bridge Street West
Caledon - The Caledon Inn -  16626 Airport Road
Havelock - Becca's Pet Emporium - 48 Ottawa St West 
Kingston -Urban Paws - 1183 Midland Ave
Petawawa - Critters Aquarium - 3227B Petawawa Blvd
Rockland  - Lafontaine Veterinary Clinic- 2799 rue Chamberland
St. Catharine's - The Standard - 17 Queen St. (Attention Angela Scappatura)
Sudbury - The Leprechaun - 1159 Kingsway

We also have  volunteers with private residence drop off locations in most communities, so please send us an email to find a volunteer near you!