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Newf Friends Newfoundland Dog Rescue is a volunteer run, foster home based rescue group for Newfoundland Dogs in need in Ontario, Canada.
We place Newfs into carefully screened homes in Ontario and surrounding provinces and states.
Established in 2008.

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Monday, February 28, 2011


# 3634


Lovely 2 year old Bella has just arrived in our care and is currently under assessment in foster care. More details will be posted as we get to know her.

She came to us as an owner surrender following changes in their life, and is a sweet girl that is looking for a loving family to call her own.

She's met a lot of dogs in the last few days and seems to be coping well so could be placed in a home with other well socialized dogs.

This sweetie has just been spayed, and is UTD on vaccines.

To be considered for adopting Bella please complete an adoption application and return it to us.

An adoption donation of $500 applies


# 3636

Give a big hello to Maggie, a beautiful Landseer who is looking for a great family to call her own.

Maggie is fully house trained, knows basic commands and is well mannered and eager to please. She is a total love bug and is blossoming in the care of her foster guardians. She enjoys romping and playing at her foster guardian's farm, and is a happy, friendly girl who loves people.

She is learning all about how to interact with other dogs, thanks to her 3 foster brothers. Upon arrival Maggie was having difficulty knowing how to behave around other dogs and was not following appropriate dog etiquette, but she is making great progress and is now learning all about playing, and being a happy dog.

She is suited to an active family who will give her lots of opportunities to get out and exercise. She will require a confident handler who has some giant breed experience. Maggie would be happy as the only dog in a household or living with a well socialized dog and an experienced owner.

We estimate her age to be 2-3 yrs.
She has been vaccinated and is spayed.

To be considered for adopting Maggie please complete our written application and email it back to us.
An adoption donation of $500 applies


Rocky the Rock Star!
# 3635

Update April 14: Geordie as he is now known has undergone surgery to repair his torn cruciate ligament.

Update: Monday, March 14: Rocky was scheduled to join his new family this past weekend, but we had concerns about his leg and decided to delay his adoption and have x-rays done to rule out any serious issues. Sadly, the results of the x-rays were not good.
Rocky has some issues with his hips -- they are very loose. We are taking a conservative approach and hoping to correct the issue through exercise.
Of more concern is that Rocky has an injured knee, with a partially torn cruciate ligament. This will likely require surgery by an orthopedic specialist and we will need to have surgery done prior to placing Rocky into an adoptive home.
Rocky is the third Newf in our care right now who will require surgery for a torn cruciate ligament.
Your support is needed now more than ever to help us raise the funds to cover the cost of these specialized surgeries.

His face says it all - yes, he really is that adorable.

Rocky is a 5 month old darling - friendly, playful, and sweet as can be.

Rocky came to us following a very unfortunate change in his family situation. We wish them well in the days ahead.

An adoption donation of $500 applies


# 3621
September 24/11: Jade has been adopted! Congratulations Jade!

Say hello to Jade, a gorgeous purebred Newf who is simply adorable - she's a complete love bug with a perfect temperament and a hilarious head of hair! If you love the Newfy Floof, Jade is your gal!

She has a true Newf personality, this girl is gentle, affectionate, friendly and an absolute pleasure. What a delight! The ideal companion for someone who likes leisurely strolls and spending time cuddled up with their Newf. Jade is a total love bug and would be thrilled to find a home where someone could give her lots of attention and loving,hugs and kisses and ear scratches.

Coming from a loving home, she was turned over to our care with many tears from her family who were forced to make the heartbreaking decision to re-home her due to changes in their life. She has known much love in her life and gives the same in return.

What a good girl she is! Gentle and friendly, Jade gets along with everyone - dogs, cats, people, horses, you name it....well, ok, she does like to chase ducks on occasion, but who doesn't? She would happily join a family with other dogs and animals. She is happy to meet anyone and everyone--an all around great girl!

Jade is pretty as can be, has the cutest head of hair of any Newf we have met, and is simply adorable. She loves to play with toys and to get lots of hugs and kisses. You can't help but smile when meeting her.

Jade was born November 23, 2004 and is spayed. She was 140 lbs on intake and is now 125 lbs and looks great! Way to go Jade!

Seriously, look at her hair! Isn't she the cutest?

On intake Jade had a torn cruciate ligament and has now had surgery by an orthopedic specialist to repair her knee. She has recovered well and gets around great now, enjoying long walks in the woods and playing with the dogs in her foster home. Having lived with an injured knee for quite some time Jade compensated for her discomfort using her other limbs. This has taken a toll on Jade's joints and she does have some deterioration in both her front and back end, but it is easily managed and she is able to get out and enjoy life. This is not unusual for a mature Newf and she gets around very well.

Here she is out on the hiking trails at her foster home:

Jade is not a big fan of stairs and is best suited to a one level home, or a home with only a few steps. Non-slip floors are best for Jade, and all Newfs.

To be considered as Jade's adoptive family please complete an adoption application and return it to us to begin the screening process.
Given Jade's age, and the need for her to be on NSAIDs long term, a reduced adoption donation of $300 applies.
Jade is being fostered in the Bancroft, ON area and her adoptive family will be required to pick her up in person.

Update - February 28, 2011

If you have been thinking about fostering, now is a great time to apply. Our foster homes are filling up fast and new volunteers are needed. We are looking for foster families in Ontario. Fosters should have a securely fenced yard, preferably have some dog experience, and should have schedules that allow them to work with dogs who have training and socialization needs.

As February comes to an end, the number of Newfs arriving in our care continues to increase. The last few days have seen 4 more Newfs enter our program, 2 of which have high medical needs. (Edited at 5 pm: we now have 5 new arrivals, another Newf in poor condition has arrived this afternoon.)

A 5 year old male who is suffering from a long list of health issues, and a 2 year old female will be arriving in foster care this week once transport is sorted out. Details will be posted soon about these two special Newfs.

6 year old gal Jade arrived a few days ago and is settled into her foster home. This girl is an absolute doll - the perfect newf! Gorgeous, sweet temperament, loves everyone, just an all around great Newf who has clearly known much love in her life. She has a torn cruciate ligament and we will be working with an orthopedic surgeon to determine how best to treat her knee. Surgical repair of the knee will be costly and her recovery time in foster care will be long. Donations for her care are greatly appreciated.

This little darling is 5 month old Rocky. He arrived yesterday and we will be reviewing homes on our approved list to see which is a match for him. Yes, he's adorable!

Gorgeous gal Molly is also doing great in her foster home and is proving herself to be a real love bug! This girl is simply adorable -- affectionate, friendly, silly, she's sure to make you smile. Well mannered in the house, eager to please, devoted and loving, she is a real gem. Maybe she's the Newf you've been searching for?

Read Molly's updated bio here!

Penelope is doing fantastic in foster care. Now that her health issues have all been resolved, she is looking and feeling great! Happy, playful and full of love, this girl is ready to find a special family to call her own.

Check out her updated bio here

Sweet Lily is also making steady progress in foster care and really coming out of her shell. She's been visiting nursing homes, out exploring shops and learning all about the world around her. This adorable girl is so loving and affectionate, she will make a great companion for the right family. She wants nothing more than some dogs to play with and some people to cuddle with!

Read her bio here

Lovable pup Harold is doing fantastic! He has an adoption pending and will be joining his new family soon.

Sassy girl Mackenzie has been adopted. We're so happy for your Macaroni!

It's raining dogs, of all breeds! Our parent group HART has dogs of all shapes and sizes available for adoption. If you know of any loving families who are looking to adopt a dog, please direct them to HART!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Adopter Update - Bear - Feb 2011

Bear joined his new family recently and here are some of the updates they have been sending us -- we do love these happy endings!

Hi Everyone

Bear is now settling into our home wonderfully. He is the biggest cuddlebug you could ever imagine. He is such a good boy and really listens well. We are so very happy to have him join our family.
Feb 13

I have attached a few pictures that I took today. He is certainly getting tons of love and attention.
Thank you so much to all of you who helped make this happen.
Feb 20
Hi Sandra
Bear is still doing amazing. He is even trying to run a little bit when we go out. He has also progressed from using only the front steps (there's 3 of them) to using the back steps (5) to come in now.
His fur is looking so much better and he has really perked up. We just absolutely love him. We snuggle with him at night while watching tv and he just loves all the attention.
Thank you so much for all the love you have brought into our home.

Darcy, Ray & Kieffer

Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Family Day

Keep your kids and dogs safe this Family Day
Dogs are important members of the family and following a few basic guidelines will ensure that your children and dogs can life together happily and safely. Most dog bites are preventable if children learn how to interact with dogs properly.

  • Obedience train your dog. Teach your dog to be well mannered and respectful of all family members.
  • Dogs should never be left alone with children under five years of age, even if you trust the dog. A young child may challenge or injure the dog unintentionally and the result could be tragic. Take Molly as an example, she arrived in Newf Friend's care with horrible ear infections and her ear canals swollen shut. Upon examination our vet discovered pieces of chewing gum which had been shoved into Molly's ears. She also had gum tangled in her hair. This could have been prevented had Molly's interactions around children been supervised.
  • Teach children that animals are not toys and must be touched gently. Do not pull the animal's tail, ears, poke their eyes or throw things at them. Children must not hug animal's head, climb on them or try to ride them.
  • Your dog should be an indoor, family pet, never tied in the yard. Children tend to tease dogs who are tied out which can lead to aggressive behaviour. Many instances of dogs attacking children occur when the dog is tethered in the yard and a screaming or running child enters its space.
  • Never sneak up on a pet. If frightened dogs can become defensive. Approach the dog from the front with your hands visible and speak in a low soothing voice. Don't allow children to play any "hide and seek" or "sneak up on the pet" games.
  • Teach children not to run past the dog, this can excite the dog and lead to dominant and even aggressive behaviour. Dogs instinctively chase things, so this may cause a dog to see your child as prey.
  • Teach children to be calm and quiet near dogs -- they should never scream near an animal as this will upset the animal and make them want to chase.
  • Let your dog eat without being disturbed. Explain to your children dogs can become defensive around the food dish. Do not sneak up on, or put your hand near the bowl when the pet is eating
  • Never take a toy or bone from a dog's mouth
  • Dogs and children should be separated at snack time so the dog doesn't learn to steal food from tiny hands.
  • Never disturb a sleeping dog or a dog that is caring for puppies.
  • The dog should have a place he can call his own. This can be a crate in the house, or a soft bed in a quiet location in the house. The children should never be allowed to bother the dog when he is in his place.
  • Do not make eye contact with dogs, stare at dogs, put your face in the face of a dog or kiss the dog on its face.
  • When in your fenced yard, owners should make sure that neighbourhood children cannot accidentally or intentionally tease your dog. Kids often begin by goading the dog to bark, then to snarl. Or they may throw things at him to chase him away from the fence. However it begins, the end result is usually the same: the dog learns to hate kids which can lead to fear and/or aggression.
  • Do not play tug-of-war or wrestle with any dog who has access to children. A dog that learns to tug on any item will soon figure that anything he can grab is his, even if it's a child's toy, clothing, or appendage.
  • If the dog is excited and jumping up, Be A Tree
  • Do not get near or try to stop two dogs from fighting. They might become more excited if they are yelled at or separated
  • Neuter your dog.
  • Make sure your dog is vaccinated against rabies and other diseases and take him to the vet for regular checkups. Your pet's health and well-being can affect his behaviour.
  • Show your children how to observe body language. Tell your children that since dogs can't talk, they communicate by using body language. A growl is not always the first warning prior to a bite. When interacting with a dog, pay attention when the dog yawns, turns its head away or tries to get up and move away. These are signs the dog is stressed. Dogs that have their tail up, ears back, hair standing, are barking, growling, or showing teeth, are all signs that the dog is being bothered and should not be confronted. Tell your children if they are ever face to face with a dog showing these signs to not scream, run or make eye contact. Always walk away slowly with no fast movements while avoiding any eye contact with the dog. Be sure your children know to immediately tell an adult if a dog ever bites them.

This family day, why not get out there and do something good for animals in need. Send us your stories of children helping animals and we'll share them on our Kids that Care blog!