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Established in 2008.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Update: June 27, 2012

What a busy month this has been!  Lots of Newfs went through our program, and we have more arriving next week. 
Handsome boy Dozer is still searching for a family.  We had a home lined up but that fell through. This big sweetheart is a fun loving, playful, goofy boy.  Read all about him here.

Sweet senior boy Jumpin' Jack Flash has been neutered, had teeth extractions and is healing well.  He will have a meet and greet with a potential family next week.  Read about Jack here.

Pretty girl Jasmine is doing well in foster care and just waiting for her ideal family to come along. This affectionate 5 year old gal is looking for a home where she will be the only dog or where she can live with a well mannered male. Do you have room in your heart for this adorable girl? Learn all about her here.

Sweet girl Katie needs a home of her own.  This adorable girl is looking for a great family to love.  Read about her here.

 We've had lots of adoptions since our last update too, including our 100th Newf placed into a great home .......

Lovebug Bailey was adopted!

 Goofy boy Brutus found himself a great home!

 Playful pup Mahani arrived in our care earlier this month and has now been adopted!

Adorable girl Astrid was adopted!

Gorgeous boy Max arrived in our care and found himself a great home!  He was adopted together with Chase!!!!!
Senior boy Chase lucked out and was adopted by a great family along with Max.  The boys` adoption marks Newfs 100 and 101 placed into loving homes!

Our penny drive is in full swing and we are getting lots of donations!  Thank you everyone!  Keep those jars of spare change coming!  You can find a list of drop off locations here.

If you or someone you know is looking for a new canine family member that isn't a Newf, be sure to visit HART, our parent all breed rescue group's PetFinder listings. They've got wonderful dogs of all shapes and sizes, coats and ages who are waiting for great families to adopt them.

NewfStock 2012 is going to be here before you know it! Check out our NewfStock Blog for accommodation details and get your room booked right away! Our free online registration is posted on the blog, be sure to fill in your registration info today!!! 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Good morning,

I would like to cordially invite your members to join us at the
National War Memorial for the Commemoration of the Battle of
Beamont-Hamel ceremony.
All are welcome to join us - two legged and four! The crowds who
gather each year are always delighted to see so many Newfoundland dogs
joining in!

Details are below, hope to see you there!


Crystal Parsons


Sunday, July 1st, 2012
The National War Memorial (Cenotaph) Ottawa, Ontario
Starts at 8:30 a.m. sharp (rain or shine)
Guests to arrive starting 8:00 a.m.

Please join us for this deeply important event to commemorate all
Newfoundlanders and Labradoreans who fought at Beaumont-Hamel (France)
in 1916. During the past six years, a large number of Newfoundlanders
and Labradorians have visited the National War Memorial to honour this
day in our history. Please ensure that this tradition continues and
pass on this message to any and every person in this region of Canada
who would want to participate in this tribute.

This year, members from The Atlantic Voices Choir will lead us in the
singing of the Ode to Newfoundland and the National Anthem. The
National War Memorial is located at the corner of Wellington and Elgin
Street in Ottawa.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Pawsway Celebration of Maritime Breeds

On Sunday, June 24th Newf Friends volunteers and their dogs took part in the Pawsway's Celebration of Canada's Maritime breeds as part of Toronto's Waterfront Festival.

L-R: Mimi, Ayasha, Buddha, Chase, Flare. (Missing is Moosh)
Flare, Buddha & Mimi 
Chase posing with a young fan

The 6 Newfs in attendance delighted the crowds of tourists, dog lovers and families by being awesome ambassadors of the much loved Newfoundland breed. All the dogs wore our new donation vests to drum up much needed funds to support the rescue's work.

Buddha & his Mom captivate some children

Mimi gets some lovins'

Newfies love attention!

Chase & Mimi work their magic

A big thank you to PawsWay Toronto for the invitation and allowing us to show off our dogs and educate the public on this gentle giant.

Mimi loves children & pets!

Ayasha and Chase relaxing while still working

Ayasha taking a break

Pawsway Toronto is dedicated to the understanding and celebration of pets. It's the first place in the world where pets, owners, and pet lovers can come together to enjoy exhibits, activities, special events and more. Visit their website at www.pawsway.ca.

Thank you also to all who supported our rescue with your donations!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Penelope - Adopter Update June 2012

Landseer Penelope came to Newf Friends in January 2011 as an underweight, unsocialized girl, scared of the world and needing bilateral cherry eye surgery. Read her rescue story here.

Here is an update from her family. She's doing great!

Pretty Penelope
Pen loves swimming
Crashed out with her brother Angus

Hi there.

We've had Penelope a year now and we wanted to update you.  She's doing great and we all love her.  She hikes and swims everyday and she and Angus do everything together.  She's made great progress meeting new people and not barking so much.  She looks great and is completely happy and healthy.  We love her very much and we're very happy she joined our family.  I think she has a great dog life!  I'm sending a collection of pictures so you can see how great she's doing.

Thanks for all that you did.  Hope all is well with you.

Mike and Kerri

Best friends
Lucky Penelope lives right on the water
Posing for Mom
Pooped out!
Winter time wrestling
Family holiday card. Awesome!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pyometra - A deadly condition!

Article posted in 2012

Keiva the Landseer is lucky to be alive
Last week Adrienne, a responsible Newfoundland Dog breeder,  nearly lost her Newf  Keiva to Pyometra, a life threatening infection of the uterus. Pyometra is a  condition that all pet owners who have intact (unspayed) female dogs need to be aware of.   Pyometra occurs as a result of bacteria entering the uterus.  Open pyometra is easier to identify and treat -- the cervix is open and pus is able to leave the body.  Closed pyometra occurs when the cervix is closed and pus can not leave the uterus, causing it to rupture.  Closed pyomtera is more difficult to identify and treat and will result in death more quickly than open pyometra.  Whether open or closed, pyometra is a life threatening condition.


Adrienne has asked that we share her story as a reminder to all pet owners to spay your dog once she reaches maturity. Please don't take the risk of your girl developing this deadly condition!   Pictured below is a normal, healthy uterus -- spaying a dog with a healthy uterus is a far simpler surgery than removing an infected uterus.  Don't wait for an emergency, spay your dog when she is healthy!

Normal Uterus

Last week Adrienne noticed that  Keiva was not herself -- she was off food, drinking excessively and lagging behind on her walks.  Unsure of what was wrong  Adrienne took Keiva to the vet for blood work and to have a urinalysis done.  The blood work came back normal but her urine showed some bacteria so the vet started her on antibiotics figuring she had a bladder infection.  Adrienne says,  "The next day I noticed some blood tinge on her 'pants' - very hard to tell where it's coming from and it is not unusual to have some blood in the urine with an infection. Since she just started the antibiotics, I thought lets give it a minute to see what happens. By the next day the discharge was so bad (pus blood and FOUL smelling) I knew we were not dealing with a UTI but Pyometra - We went directly to the vets where they did an emergency hysterectomy."

Keiva had open pyometra and in less than a week her uterus had become so large it had curved back on itself to fit in her abdominal cavity.   Keiva was very close to having her uterus rupture. This is a photo of Keiva's uterus taken following her emergency surgery:

Fortunately Keiva survived the surgery and is now recovering at home, but many dogs are not as lucky.  Particularly in the case of closed pyometra (which is more common) the symptoms may be vague and pet owners may not realize how sick their dog is until her uterus has ruptured and it is too late to save her.

In addition to all of the other benefits of spaying your dog, spaying will eliminate the risk of pyometra.  

Still not convinced that you should spay your dog? There is also the cost of treating pyometra to consider.  Spaying a healthy adult dog will cost anywhere from $200-600 depending on breed/veterinarian.  Having an emergency hysterectomy done will cost $1000-3000 and is a far riskier surgery.  It just makes sense to spay your dog while she is healthy, rather than waiting for an emergency.

Some of you may recall that we first wrote about Pyometra back in January 2011 when Ruby the Newf arrived at our rescue and was rushed to our vet for emergency surgery due to pyometra.  Here's the newspaper article we ran shortly afterwards outlining the reasons why it is so important for pet owners to spay their dogs. (Click the image to see it in larger size.)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Adopter Update: Busa and Anna June 2012

Remember Harold (now known as Busa)?  This sweet boy arrived in our care in January 2011 in rough shape, covered in chronic skin infections and sores, he also had deformed legs and was suffering greatly.  You can read all about him here.

 Well, check him out now!  The latest photos from Busa's family show just how great he is doing!  It's all about good food, lots of love and the right home!  Way to go Busa!
Some of you may also recognize that pretty gal in the photo with Busa, that's Anna, also adopted from Newf Friends.   You can read previous updates from Anna and Busa's adopters here. 

Don't you just love these happy endings?

Friday, June 15, 2012


## 4168
June 26/12: I was adopted!
Hello everyone!  My name is Mahani nd I'm a playful, fun loving gal who is looking for a great family to call my own.  I am cute as can be, friendly and loads of fun to be around!

My birthday is March 25, 2011 so I'm just a young girl and I have lots of puppy energy and I love to zoom, zoom, zoom around and play, play, play!  Yippee!

I arrived at Newf Friends on June 15, 2012.  My family had to give me up due to allergies so they asked the Newf Friends people if they could help me, and here I am!

I'm looking for an active family who will want to get out and have fun, fun, fun with me !  Lots of walks, playtime, swimming and horsing around will make me super duper happy!

I am having a great time racing around and playing with my new foster sister! I'd love to find a home where I can have another dog to romp and play with!  Check me out playing with Cubby, my new friend!  What fun!

My foster mom tells me I have lots of learning to do -- apparently my leash manners need some work.  Who knew you aren't supposed to drag people behind you like a rag doll!   My foster mom is going to be taking me out to practice.  Sounds like fun!. She said I also need to work on my commands and manners a bit.  I have no idea what that means, but I'll give it a whirl!

I am full of beans and am bouncing all around my foster home, so my foster mom will be teaching me how to be a good girl indoors, and taking me out for lots of exercise.  YAHOOOOOO!!!!  I want to run and play!

Phew, all of this playing made me hot!
I  have been spayed, my vaccines are up to date and I'm in good health.

My foster home is in Etobicoke and my new family will have to pick me up there in person.  An adoption donation of $500 applies.
If you think you'd be a great family for me please submit an adoption application and one of the Newf Friends folks will give you a call.

They are going to post some new photos of me once I sit still long enough to have them taken.  Hooray!

Sunday, June 3, 2012


# 3682

June 26, 2012: Max was adopted!

Handsome boy Max arrived in our program on June 2nd, 2012.

Max is an adorable 4 year old boy who is looking for a special family to call his own.  This gentle giant is a sweet fella who gets along with everyone both 2 and 4 legged.  He's a very sweet and lovable boy. Here he is with another dog at his foster home... very cute!

Max is a sensitive Newf and when he first came to his foster home he was stressed being in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people. He really missed his family... poor guy. He settled after about a week and now greatly enjoys being with his foster parents, going for strolls and receiving attention. He joins in with other dogs sometimes when they are playing and he's always ready to chase a squirrel. As soon as he hears the distinctive chirp chirp of a squirrel,... he's off... crashing through the underbrush on the hunt. He doesn't move super quick but he certainly gets an 'A' for effort!

Going for a stroll
Max loves the kiddie pool
Very handsome and sweet!
In the house Max is very calm, quiet and relaxed. He prefers to spend most of his day napping with a few strolls added in to explore the yard and do his business. He actually likes to sleep right over the vent to feel the cool air. Check out this super cute video of him trying to lick the cool air blowing up from the vent.... he does this frequently and it makes his foster Mom giggle every time. He is such a sweet and funny boy!

Max is a very large boy at 185 lbs. He has some issues with his back end (hips and hocks) and is down on his pasterns right now. He saw Dr. Selinger on June 20 and she confirmed that his mobility issues are due to poor diet and lack of exercise and greatly exacerbated by his excess weight. Basically he has weak ligaments and no muscle tone. He has one sore knee but it is not serious or something surgery could fix. It's simply stiff and Dr. Selinger didn't think it was a huge issue for him. She recommended a good diet, supplements (vitamin C and sockeye salmon oil), weight loss and an exercise program. These things will help him immensely and work to straighten out his back hocks and front too. He'll never be running and bounding around but he'll be much better than he currently is. Max will be looking for a home with no steps.

Max was born April 26, 2008 and he is neutered and up to date with his vaccines.

He is being fostered in the Guelph area and his new family will need to pick him up in person. The usual adoption fee of $500 has been reduced to $400 to account for his mobility issues and need for supplements for life.

If you would like to be considered for this gentle boy, please complete an adoption application and send it to us. 

Hanging out, enjoying the sunshine
Max enjoys the company of other dogs