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Newf Friends Newfoundland Dog Rescue is a volunteer run, foster home based rescue group for Newfoundland Dogs in need in Ontario, Canada.
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Established in 2008.

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Saturday, January 30, 2016



Quick Adoption Overview
Adoption Pending
4-6 years old
Prefers to be the only dog
Fenced Yard Required
Located in Belwood, ON

All About Linus
Nope, he's not a Newf!  We were asked by rescue friends to help this boy find the perfect home.  He entered our foster program on Jan 30.

Linus is an approximately 4-6 year old boy.  We were told he is a Leonberger mix but we're not really sure about that.  He looks more like he could be an Estrela Mountain Dog mix.  Whatever breed he is, he's an intelligent boy who has much love to give!

Found as a stray with his pal Lucy, we don't know much about his past.  The "Leo" pair were adopted from a shelter in the US in mid-January and brought to their new home in Ontario. Integration into their new multi-dog home was not successful so the decision was made to rehome them.  Rather than returning them to a shelter environment the family opted to place them into a foster home based rescue for proper assessment and training, so they ended up in our care.

Linus is looking for an owner who enjoys intelligent, working breed dogs. He knows basic commands and responds to direction from a confident handler.  He is motivated to please and eager to learn.  His leash manners are good, housebreaking is coming along.

Linus has now completed a month long training program and is ready to join an adoptive home.  He has done very well with his training - what a smart, sweet boy he is!  Here are some pics of him working hard during a training session:

He is well suited to an owner who can offer him positive encouragement and guidance.   He thrives in a positive, upbeat environment.

He would be very happy as the only dog in a family, or paired with another well socialized female who is respectful of other dogs and will not get in his space. He is not interested in being put into situations where other dogs will pester him, or where he is expected to play with and socialize with dogs.

Linus is neutered and up to date on vaccines.  He currently weighs in the 115 lb range.

Linus is being fostered in Belwood, ON.  A huge thank you goes out to Mayrich Kennels for all of their help with Linus.

His approved adopters will be required to pick him up in person.  An adoption donation of $350 applies.

Saturday, January 23, 2016



ADOPTED: April 13/16

Quick Adoption Overview
Available for adoption
8-10 years old
Good with kids
Prefers to have someone home most of the time
Special health needs:  takes thyroid meds and supplements;  has poor hearing
Suitable match for a well mannered canine playmate
Fine with cats
Fenced Yard Required
Located in Bomanville, ON

All About Rufus
Love-bug Rufus was adopted from us in early 2015, but due to changes in his owner's travel arrangements necessitating frequent boarding, which is stressful for Rufus, the decision was made to have him come back into our care on January 20/16.

Sweet boy Rufus is a gentle Newf who was picked up by animal control as a stray in 2014, dragging a broken tie out lead behind him.  He was in bad condition at the time and spent many months in foster care getting healthy and ready for adoption.  We don't know much about his past, but estimate that he is now 8-10 years old.

He acts like a pup, is silly and friendly, loves to roll in the grass and is an all around happy boy.   He's a bit of a goof-ball and his foster mom nicknamed him Dufus because of his silly personality!

Rufus has nice manners and is very social -- he loves to greet people and to get lots of attention, especially belly rubs!!!!   A home with an owner who enjoys having their dog right by their side would be best for Rufus, because he looks to his owner for guidance.

His foster mom says he is the typical velcro-newf, loves to be with people, so he is best suited to a home where someone is around most of the time.  Rufus becomes anxious when he can't find his family, he likes to stick close where he feels safe. 

He is not a candidate for staying in boarding kennels -- it is just too stressful for him.  A quiet, calm, peaceful home where there is consistent routine and someone by his side is what Rufus needs.

A sweet and playful boy, in a safe environment Rufus thrives.  He is not able to hear very well, so routine and security are essential for him.

Rufus gets along with other dogs and is gentle and friendly...a little TOO friendly at times.  Ha, ha!  His foster sisters let him know that humping is not allowed and he got the message quickly.  What a good boy, he just wants to please!  Rufus could happily join a home with another well mannered dog.  He benefits from the company of other animals and picks up cues from them about what is going on around him, helping him to compensate for his impaired hearing.

He knows basic commands by hand signal, takes food very gently, likes to be petted and handled and is an all around great boy.  He caught onto housebreaking in his foster home in no time although some disruption during the transition period into a new home would be expected.   He wants to please and is a quick learner.

Rufus is a smaller boy, perhaps a newf-mix, weighing under 100 lbs. He is neutered and UTD on vaccines.   Rufus takes thyroid medication which we have recently adjusted the dose of to put it at the optimal level.  He takes supplements for his joints.

Rufus is being fostered in Bomanville, ON.  His approved adopters will be required to pick him up in person.  

A safe and securely fenced yard is required.  See our FAQ page for more information about our fencing requirements.

 To be considered for adopting a Newf from Newf Friends please complete the adoption application found here and email it back to us. Since Rufus is a senior and takes daily medication we are waiving our usual adoption donation, and ask instead for a donation of his adopter's choice.

Saturday, January 2, 2016


February 5, 2016: I was adopted!

This gorgeous girl is a real gem.  Rigi has excellent house manners, knows her commands, is super friendly, loves everyone she meets, gets along well with other dogs, and she's cute as a button.  What a great catch!

This beautiful 4 year old Saint Bernard comes from a loving family who came to us for help with rehoming Rigi becasue they are relocating and she is not able to accompany them.  Rigi has been well loved and cared for her entire life, and it shows -- she is a happy, healthy, well mannered dog.

Rigi is pronounced Ree-ghee and is the local name for the largest mountain in a range in the Swiss Alps close to the Saint Bernard Pass and is known as “the Queen of the Mountains.” 

Rigi is used to living in the country and enjoys spending time with her family.  A very people focused girl, she loves to get loads of attention and care.  She is very fond of children and could join a family with older kids (she's a bit too big and clumsy to live with very young children!) She has always had someone home with her through the day and would be happiest joining a family where she is not left alone for long hours.   A few hours at a time would be fine though.

A big, bouncy, playful girl, Rigi plays nicely with other dogs and could happily join a family with an equally well mannered playmate.  She has not lived with a cat since she was a pup, but is not highly prey driven and should be fine joining a family with a dog savvy cat.

Rigi knows her basic commands, her off lead recall can be a little slow (yep, she takes her time) but overall she follows commands well.  She is used to being walked off lead at her home, but does have good leash manners after a brief moment of excitement when she first gets her leash put on.  She travels well in the car and uses a ramp to get in and out.

Rigi has been spayed, her vaccines are current, she has received regular vet care throughout her life, and appears to be in very good health.  She was born on April 21, 2011.  She weighs 130 lbs and is 4 years old.

While we search for an adoptive family, Rigi will continue to live with her surrendering family in the Midland, ON area.  Her approved adopters will be required to pick her up in person.  An adoption donation of $500 to Newf Friends applies.

Friday, January 1, 2016




Quick Adoption Overview
1 year old
No children under 12 yrs
Suitable for mellow canine playmate
No cats
Fenced Yard Required
Located in Mississauga, ON

All About Darla
Adorable gal Darla is a sweet pup who is the first arrival of the New Year at Newf Friends.

Born on Jan 5, 2015 she is 1 year old and a typical pup full of energy and enthusiasm.  An active girl, she is looking for a home where she will have lots of opportunities to get out and exercise her body and mind.

Darla knows some basic commands and is eager to learn.  With a confident handler at her side who has the time to socialize and train her she will come along nicely.  Her leash manners are a work in progress but she improves daily.

She came to us when her owner was not able to resolve certain problematic behaviours -- she was chasing horses and had become protective of the child in her home, refusing to let other dogs near her.  We are looking for an adult only home for Darla.

In foster care she continues to chase animals, particularly cats, so she will need to join an adoptive family where her prey drive can be kept in check.  Families who have cats or other small animals are not a match for Darla.

Darla is now enrolled in obedience classes and her foster mom is helping her to learn to interact calmly with other dogs. This retraining will be ongoing and her potential adopters should be willing to continue with her obedience work.

Here she is practicing heel, sit-stay and down-stay.  Such a good girl!

Darla made fast friends with several of the dogs at her temporary foster home and quite enjoys playing. One-on-one she has a great time wrestling and goofing around with another well mannered playmate.

In a group of dogs she easily becomes overstimulated and has a hard time controlling herself -- the excitement of dogs playing, romping and horsing around is too much for her to handle and she will go after the other dogs.  For this reason she is not suited to a home with several other dogs, or where she will be expected to go to a dog park.  She would be fine in a home as the only dog, or with one other well socialized dog.

Watch her video below!

Health wise, this cute girl is a happy, spunky pup.  She underwent spay surgery and had her cherry eye corrected in early February, and once healed she will be ready to join an adoptive home.  She is current on her vaccines.

Darla is being fostered in west end of Toronto.  Her approved adopters will be required to pick her up in person.  An adoption donation of $500 applies.