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Newf Friends Newfoundland Dog Rescue is a volunteer run, foster home based rescue group for Newfoundland Dogs in need in Ontario, Canada.
We place Newfs into carefully screened homes in Ontario and surrounding provinces and states.
Established in 2008.

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Updates - Nov 19

It's been a busy week here and we have several Newfs entering our program.

Today we will be picking up Hudson, a male Newf who was one of the 147 dogs surrendered from a kennel in Quebec last week. This was the only Newf on the property -- apparently he was given to them as a "mascot". He will be arriving in foster care today, vetted, assessed and more details will be posted as we have them.

For those not familiar with this horrible situation in QC, here is a link to 3 videos. You can see clips of Hudson there. Our parent organization, HART, will be taking in one of the 30 pregnant female huskies. She will be arriving in foster care along with Hudson today.

Today we will also be picking up Isabel, a 3 yr old female Newf who appears to be pregnant. X-rays will be done this afternoon to determine how many pups, and when she is due. The sire of the litter is a Bernese Mountain Dog apparently. Details to follow.

Misty is doing well and will be moved to her new foster home this weekend, where we will continue with her assessment. We will have more details about her next week.

Ella's recovery is coming along well. We will be calling potential adoptive homes to conduct interviews next week.

Marley's adoption will be going through shortly. He is doing great.

Our 2010 Calendar is being printed today. Orders will be able to be placed online starting this weekend. Here's a preview of the large calendar images....

100 % of the proceeds from the sale of this calendar go to support Newfs in need.

Thank you for all of the recent donations and support that so many of you have sent our way. Those of you who are considering fostering, please consider applying. We are always in need of foster homes throughout the province.