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Friday, May 28, 2010

Adopter Update - Finnegan

Hi Sandra:
A few photos to let you and Newf Friends know how Finn is settling in. He is great around the house and has had obedience training (sit, stay, wait - needs work with come, leave it and drop it). He helps with all my housework. Yesterday I was able to have a bath without supervision.

At first, my Berner girl was intimidated by him but as you can see she has become much braver. I also do not allow him to put his head over her shoulders. We have been calling him in when he gets too strong with her.

We have also been working on calming exercises. We go to the beach each morning. At first he would just sit in the water. I do not think he had ever been at the beach before. I threw a stick out into the lake and he would go only until his feet lost touch with the bottom. I threw it again and he swam out to it - what a proud boy he was. Now he runs into the water has a swim and then comes on shore to play with us and Shannon. What a wonderful way to start the day.

Since we have a shaded back yard and central air in the house there have been no issues with heat. He is a loving and charming in boy. Someone in his past life loved him very much. He has stolen our hearts.