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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Adopter Update: Bear Has a New Job

Every day after we've had our morning walk we wait for the bus with Kieffer. He is becoming very used to this routine and will head back to the house as soon as Kieffer is on the bus.

Bear is still improving in leaps and bounds. His coat is looking better everyday and he no longer hesitates at all when approaching stairs. He is doing so well that we have been able to reduce his Metacam a little bit. His 4 walks a day and Acana Pacifica food (as well as the Glucosamine I add to his supper each day) are really doing the trick. On sunday we went for a long walk and he even ran a little bit.

We are so proud of the improvements in his health. He is also so much calmer in the house now. He has really settled in. He has his favourite spots one being right in front of the fridge. I think he's trying to help me on my diet. He is still my shadow and will follow me everywhere.

He has also started making a few friends around the neighbourhood. He has become friends with the little Boston Terrier across the street and a mix dog around the corner. If he could he would play with them all. When he meets up with them you can see he's just a big pup.

We absolutely love our Bear. He has brought a lot to our family.