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Monday, November 21, 2011



I've been adopted! Yay for me!

Ya, that's right, I'm adorable!
Hello everyone! Pucker up, I'm Gloria and I loooove giving kisses! I'm a sweet, happy, super affectionate girl who is looking for a family to call my own.

I was turned into a shelter in Sault Ste Marie as a "stray" so nobody is really too sure of my past, but my future is looking bright! I'm about 3-5 years old, spayed, and have been vaccinated. When I arrived at the pound I was in horrible condition, very filthy and as a result a groomer worked on me and removed a lot of my hair, so now I have a funky haircut, but that's ok, it'll grow back!

I weigh about 130 lbs, and the Newf Friends folks say I will benefit from dropping 20 of those pounds. They put me on a healthy diet and I am getting exercise and am on the road to good health. Once I get rid of my excess weight I am going to be feeling so much better!

I met Dr. Kim on November 29 and she looked me over from nose to tail. I had some bloodwork done and we'll get results later in the week. My T4 test showed my thyroid is low normal, so we are waiting on a full panel to see if I need some medication. Thyroid meds are cheap, so my foster mom told me not to worry about it if I need them!

Dr. Kim said I have a Grade 1 Heart Murmur, which isn't a big deal at all, so we're not worried about it. My chest x-rays show that my heart looks good. She also said I have luxating patellas (my knees move around) but my x-rays show that otherwise my knees are in really great shape. All the more reason for me to get rid of those extra pounds, to keep my knees happy! My elbows are good other than a minor little blip on one of them. I also have mild hip dysplasia in my left hip, but my right one is fine. No worries, I can run, play and leap around with the best of them! None of these things worried Dr. Kim too much and she says I don't need surgery or anything like that. Phew! I'm going to get some Cartrophen injections to help prevent problems, and will take supplements to keep me healthy.

Dr. Kim said my front right leg appears to have been injured before my growth plates closed, and as a result it grew kind of twisted. I get around just fine on it, so it's not a big deal! Here you can see my front right leg is a little wonky, but I can still run and play...oh, and look how great I am at flinging goober! Hooray!

It's going to be easy getting the extra weight off me because I loooooove going for walks, I get super excited and dance around! My foster family said I am a good girl off leash and I get to run with all of the other dogs in the woods on our hikes! Yay for me! Check me out, I'm so cute....

I am a friendly girl with a lovely temperament, just happy as can be! I traveled all the way from Sault Ste. Marie way over to eastern Ontario and I have stayed at different houses along the way and have enjoyed meeting everyone. What fun! I love people! I great everyone with enthusiasm!

I have met LOTS of dogs since I arrived in foster care too and I have liked every single one of them! I'm so great. I would be happy to join a family with other four footed friends. I'm also wonderful with cats!

I know commands, am a very good girl in the house, am friendly and easy going, love car rides and going for walks. My foster family says my leash manners leave a little something to be desired, whatever that means!

To be considered for adopting me, please fill out an adoption application and email it back to the Newf Friends people. The normal adoption donation of $500 has been reduced for me because I will likely require some ongoing supplementation and down the road pain management. I am being fostered in the Ottawa, ON area and my new family will be required to pick me up in person.