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Wednesday, January 4, 2012



March 17, 2012: I was adopted!!!!

Hellooooooooo everyone!! My name is Marvin and I'm a big happy boy in need of a super (and active!) family to sweep me off my big goofy feet and adopt me. Shouldn't be too hard, I'm pretty adorable.. if I do say so myself!

Oh yah, full of beans!

I was born on October 17, 2010 so I'm still a pup and full of beans! I love, love, love to run around outside like a crazy yahoo - zooming, leaping, cavorting and bouncing. Such fun! It's even better when the other dogs at my foster home (and there are a lot of them) join me and try to catch me while I race around. They can't... I'm waaaay too fast! Ok, maybe I'm just younger than them but still... I'm pretty fast and very agile. I would not be suited to a home with little dogs or senior dogs because I don't know my own size and I'm just a tad too exuberant for them. A perfect home for me would be with other big young dogs or I (and hate to even mention this) but I guess even no dogs .. sob!

I came from a very loving family that tried their very best for me but in the end I was too big and their space was too small. They contacted these Newf Rescue people and here I am. I was sad to leave them but I know they only wanted the best for me... and I'm told I'm going to find it - I can hardly wait!

My foster Mom told me that I need to work on my manners when I greet people. Huh? You mean jumping up in excitement, barking and ... ahem... humping isn't polite? Pffffft! She said that "no it wasn't" and she would begin to teach me how well mannered Newfs say hello. She seems like she knows what she's talking about so we'll see how it goes. I like to make people happy so I'll give it a try and I'm a quick study too so training me shouldn't be too tough.

Oh one other she said. I needed surgery on my eye, so the vet did that at the same time as she neutered me. Apparently I had what's called 'cherry eye'. Hmmm. I think I'd like to eat cherries but not sure I want them in my eye. Anyways, the Newf people got me all fixed up, and once my eye is healed I'm good to go!

Let's see.... what else can I tell you about myself. I love to go for walks, they are the best thing ever! I get quite excited when I see my leash come out.. yahoooo, yippeeeee! Once I'm out on my leash..., look out world, I pull and tug and circle in excitement. That's one more thing that foster Mom lady said she'd teach me to do - walk nicely on a leash. I'm beginning to think that's all she does, teach me things. Oh well, I'm more than happy to learn as long as the treats keep coming and walks keep happening.

I guess I should mention a bit about myself inside the house. I'm pretty calm once I've had my goodly amount of exercise (and I mean goodly with a capital G!). I love to lay around on dog beds, snooze with the other dogs and play with the odd toy. Sometimes when I'm super excited I like to grab things with my mouth. Let's see... today when someone came over I was soooooo happy, happy, happy to see them I wanted to show off a whole bunch of things. I grabbed a shoe, then a remote control, then a drool towel, then a toy. See I can learn, it just may take me a few tries. I'm still a puppy y'know!

Oh one more teeny thing to toot my own horn about. I'm pretty good with cats. I never met them before coming to my foster home but I've determined that I like them. Foster Mom lady is making sure I don't learn to chase them but this one little kitten... I swear he just teases me. He bats at my tail and romps away when I get too interested. Pretty sure we'll be best buds in no time.

Anywhoooo, bottom line. I'm a big goof. I can admit it. I need to learn a few things but heck who doesn't? I'd love to join a family that had another dog for me to play with and I'd also love to live with kids (my other family had them so I'm great with them). If you think you can provide me lots of exercise, lots of learning and endless belly rubs, just apply. I can't wait to meet my forever family!

I am currently being fostered in the Markham, Ontario area (wherever the hoot that is?). If you are approved to adopt me you'll have to drive yourself over there to pick me up. An adoption donation of $500 applies.