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Established in 2008.

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Adopter Update: Lily

Remember Lily? The sweet girl who came through our program last winter -- severely underweight, completely lacking socialization and fearful of everything, untrained and unruly and in need of a very special family. Well that very special family came along, and a year later Lily is doing great!

Here's what her family had to say about her....

"It will soon be a year since Lily joined our family and as I mentioned in my first email she is doing really well, evolving into the great dog we know she can be. Her last check up at the Vet’s weighed her at 100lbs and her spleen is not longer enlarged. He feels her consistent good diet has reversed this. With Molly’s help she has become a calmer and more confident girl. She’s becoming more confident when meeting new people although her fear of children persists. We are making baby steps in conquering this fear, she no longer tries to escape or shakes like a leaf in their presence but now is in the avoidance stage inching towards acceptance. She’s great on the leash and her anxieties in the car have decreased, settling down in the van in a much shorter time period. She really has come a long way from the girl we adopted last year. I’ve attached some pictures of her and Molly."

And if that's not enough good news for you, well guess what, there's another reason to smile! Lily's family just increased by one.......

Drum-roll please...........yup, you guessed it........ Adorable Newf Friends foster puppy Chloe, now known as Sophie, has joined this fabulous family!

Congratulations Sophie, Lily, Molly and of course Rosemary and Stephen! We look forward to updates and seeing you all at Newfstock - we've heard your room is booked!