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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Adopter Update: Molly November 2013

Adopter update from 10 year old Molly's awesome family who adopted her in June of this year......


Hello Sandra,
We thought it was time to let you know how miss Molly is doing. Well, it couldn't be better. She feels so at home here.  And for us it feels like she's been here much longer then a few months. More and more we discover new things that she does. When she wants to play she throws her head sideways, like "come on let's play" and of course with a big smile on her face and big eyes and barking. Who could refuse that! And she knows how to get our attention...lying on her back and show her belly! Izzy and Molly touch noses more often, they really are good friends now. We're so happy about that. 

And did you know that Molly is religious she does pray!!!!!!!!! (see pic)
We went to a small dog-park here in the neighbourhood and they played very well. Molly was running too, but of course it's just a short run. In her mind she's still young....If she can't play anymore, then she starts barking when the others start running again, like you said in the beginning she's policing the others :-)

One time we went to the Laurentians with the ferry, their heads out of the window and sniffing the air on the lake!  We found a small lake were they could swim, but unfortunately both dogs are no swimmers.. Molly went into the water until her belly and Izzy only her feet and that was it!!

Last week we had to go away for the whole morning (first time) and I asked my neighbour to let them out (also first time). We didn't gave them breakfast that time because if they got stressed things could go wrong. But all went well. We left at 7.30am and came home at 2pm. Of course they were very happy to see us. We're very lucky with our neighbour because she has a dog walking business. But we get it for free! She's even willing to stay overnight if it's necessary... but this is something that we won't do often only when it's really needed.
Anyway, that's it. We are so happy with our Molly. I'm so glad that I looked at your website that time! :-)

Big hugs from us all

Molly, Izzy and their mom and dad