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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Adopter Update: Dixie

OCTOBER 26th, 2014

Dixie has been part of our family since October 26th 2013 and from the very moment she jumped into the truck and promptly laid down to sleep for the 3 hours back home, she continues to happily jump into the truck and promptly sleep for our 4 hour jaunts up to the cottage as though it was always meant to be.
Dixie loves people, loves Ghillie her fellow 4 legged friend, loves her food, loves to swim, loves to sleep and snore, loves to romp and play, and on more occasions than not, though she is definitely getting better, loves to bark because she either wants you to play with her, wants to be let in or out but much more importantly wants some one on one me loving time.

Over the past year, Dixie has learnt how to sit, how to stay, how not to take her owner off on an unexpected rush whilst hanging on at the end of the leash because there was someone or some other dog that she thought she needed to talk to or was much more important and we are happy to say that she has come through with flying colours.   Dixie is very much admired and greeted on our walks and in her gentle loving way takes it all in very humbly.
She has acquired a couple of fun loving nicknames as in Dixapotamus and Back Up; which neither really  need explaining but this past year she has given all of us tremendous pleasure, tremendous fun, tremendous love and a huge appreciation of all that a Newfie has to give.

Sending you all our very best with lots of licks,

Kevin, Carol, Ghillie and Dixie