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Monday, November 9, 2015



Feb 26 - Wilson has been adopted!

Quick Adoption Overview
Available for adoption
2 years old
Likes well mannered dogs
Will chase cats, but making progress
Special health considerations -- had bilateral TPLO surgery and continues to rebuild muscle mass.  Will require specific exercise regimen for a few more months
Fenced Yard Required
Located in Bancroft, ON

All About Wilson

Affectionate, full of love and a total ham, Wilson is a wonderful boy who will make one lucky family very happy.

Born December 6, 2013 this sweet boy is 2 years old.   He has nice house manners, knows basic commands and has excellent off-lead recall.  His leash manners are a work in progress but coming along nicely.

Wilson is neutered, UTD on vaccines and weighs 50 kgs.   Xrays show that his hips are ok, showing mild dysplasia on his left side but nothing too problematic.  He was surrendered to us due to bilateral cruciate ruptures.  An orthopedic specialist performed surgery on both knees on November 9/15.  His recovery is coming along well and once healed he should have no further issues with his knees.  On Dec 21st he had follow-up xrays and everything looks good.

Wilson is ready to join an adoptive home.  He will need to continue on with his exercises and slowly build up to full activity--his adoptive family will need to have the time to take him for several walks daily and continue working with him to help him reach his full potential.  The focus of his rehab now is to rebuild muscle mass, increase his strength and help his bones heal.    He does daily range of motion exercises at his foster home and goes for supervised walks to build up his muscle mass in his back end.  Full recovery is expected by the Spring of 2016.

Coming from a loving home, Wilson is used to getting lots of hugs, belly rubs and cuddles.  He adores people and wants nothing more than to get lots, and lots of attention!  He loves attention so much that he will frequently plant a big, sticky kiss right on your face!   Pucker up!  He likes children very much but can be a bit in their face so is not suited to a home where there are very young kids.

He is an active,  playful boy who is looking forward to his knees healing so he can resume his favourite activities again.  He loves to go for long romps in the woods, and is an avid swimmer.  A home where he will have access to a pool, pond, lake or river would make Wilson so very happy!  He will play in the water and swim around for hours - a great candidate for water rescue work perhaps?

Wilson is playful and enjoys the company of other dogs.  He shares toys well and loves to play tug and wrestle.  He shares his foster home with 4 other dogs and gets along well with everyone.   Sometimes he becomes overstimulated when there is a lot of excitement--in those moments he does respond to redirection by a calm handler who can identify when he is becoming too aroused and intervene before he escalates.  He is doing really well learning to control his arousal when situations are very exciting.  He could happily join a family with another well socialized dog who likes to play and assuming the dog is a relaxed, gentle dog, there will be no issues at all.   A home with an equally excitable dog is probably not the best placement as he will feed off the arousal of the other dog.   Calm and relaxed companions are best for Wilson!

Wilson finds kitties irresistible (they are just so darn fun to chase!).  He's made a lot of progress with this during his rehabilitation, but a cat free home would be best, or a home with a very dog savvy cat.

Wilson is being fostered in the Bancroft, ON area.  His approved adopters will be required to pick him up in person. An adoption donation will apply.