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Saturday, February 27, 2016



May 29/16:  I was adopted!

Quick Adoption Overview
2 years old
Great with other dogs - needs a home with a four footed pal
Fine with cats

Fenced Yard Required
Located in Bancroft, ON

All About Marleigh
Marleigh is a delightful young Newf who is making daily progress with her training.  She is well mannered, eager to please and sweet as pie.  She also happens to be ridiculously cute!

Watcher of squirrels
Marleigh is an affectionate Newf who is looking for an owner who can help her build her confidence and blossom into a happy, well adjusted girl.  She had little opportunity to get out and meet people and experience new things prior to coming to Newf Friends, so she has much to learn and is taking it all in.  She can be timid when faced with new things but quickly warms up and her goofy, loving, happy, personality quickly shines through.

She loves attention from people she knows and is an expert snuggler!  Marleigh is very motivated to be with people she knows and trusts, and is a typical "velcro newf" who is never more than a few feet away.  When meeting new people she is unsure and shy.  She will back away from and avoid strangers and needs to be given space and the opportunity to approach them in her own time. Once she trusts someone, she quickly becomes their new best friend and demands that they pet her and cuddle with her! She's super affectionate!

Wearing her cape towel after a swim - so cute!
She has excellent social skills meeting new dogs and has happily settled into her foster home with 5 other playmates.  She is playful, reads body language well, shares toys nicely, shows no resource guarding,  and basically gets along with everyone.

A home with another well socialized canine companion will be ideal for her, she really enjoys the company of other friendly dogs and loves to wrestle and play chase.  She also looks to other dogs for cues about how to respond to new situations and really benefits from the company of happy, well adjusted dogs. Marleigh would not be happy living in a home as the only dog.

Here she is playing with another foster dog at her foster home. Marleigh is the one who is often laying on her back on the ground.  She loves to play!

She has been fine with a mellow indoor cat, curious but respectful.  A home with a dog savvy cat will be fine for her.  She has not been exposed to cats outdoors but she LOVES to sit and watch the squirrels at her foster home.

She is a quiet girl who is eager to please.  She does not know many commands so this is being worked on in her foster home and she is bright and making progress.  Marleigh's leash manners are excellent. 

She is a silly girl with a bit of a mischievous side and acts a lot like a pup.  With a twinkle in her eyes she will sneak a shoe or slipper if they are left about, but happily trades for a toy when prompted.  Her house manners are coming along beautifully and she now knows that tables are not for standing on!  LOL!  She is very eager to learn and responds well to positive training techniques.   Marleigh is a delight!

She is now fully housetrained; having had little training in this regard, she is much like a puppy who needed supervision and routine.  She very quickly learned the routine at her foster home.  Such a smart girl!

She is living in a rural environment in foster care and is very at ease and comfortable there.   In a busier environment she is nervous but recovers well and with a trusted handler, and a canine pal, at her side and lots of praise she makes great progress.  Having another confident dog with her makes a world of difference for Marleigh and helps her to take in all of the new things around her.

Marleigh has been introduced to respectful, dog savvy children under close supervision, and is shy but curious, warming up to them when they respect her space, and enjoys to lay quietly and be petted.  She is uncomfortable with people she does not know coming into her space and touching her, so is not suited to living in a home with children.  A very active family with young kids/visitors and a lot of activity and people coming and going will be overwhelming for her at this point and she would shut down and cower.  A calm, quiet household where Marleigh can be introduced to new people, places and things at her own speed is best. She is a terrific candidate for obedience work to help her build her confidence.  She would be fine joining a family where calm, respectful children visit from time to time.
Practicing recall-a work in  progress

Marleigh has been spayed, vaccinated and treated for parasites.  We estimate that she is approximately 2 years old.  She is on the small side as Newfs go, weighing under 85 lbs -- just a little peanut!

Marleigh is being fostered in the Bancroft, ON area.  Her approved adopters will be required to pick her up in person. Traveling a long distance with strangers will be stressful for Marleigh, so preference will be given to homes within a 5 or so hour drive of her foster home. 

An adoption donation of $500 applies.

A safe and securely fenced yard is required.

To be considered for adopting Marleigh, or any other Newf in our program, please complete our adoption application found here.

Having fun in the woods