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Friday, November 25, 2016


Mollie has been adopted! 

Quick Adoption Overview
3 years old -- DOB Feb 10, 2014
Newf mix
Spayed, UTD Vaccines
Mollie is a fabulous dog - a dedicated companion who loves spending time with her family!

All about Mollie

Mollie is a wonderful girl with loads of love to give.  This sweet Newf mix is super friendly, adores spending time with people, loves belly rubs, chin tickles and hugs.  It is so apparent that she has known only kindness in her life. She's a charming, affectionate girl who is eager to please and just wants to be adored.

She has excellent house manners, she is quiet and stays out of trouble.  Typical of Newfs, she is a total velcro dog who follows her foster mom around and wants to lay right in the middle of everything that is happening. So cute!  She loves to accompany her foster mom to help with outdoor chores like feeding birds, tending to farm animals, getting the mail, etc.

She has joined a foster home with several other dogs and is well mannered with everyone. Having said that, she doesn't enjoy spending time with dogs who are hooligans, or who are pushy and in her face.  She'd be happy to join a family where she would be the only dog in the house, or where there is another mellow, respectful dog.  Dogs who will be jumping on her and pestering her are not her idea of great friends.

Such a happy girlie!
When she arrived in foster care she was non-reactive to goats, chickens and cats, but as she started to drop her excess weight and feel better she began to show interest in chasing them a bit.  She does not seem to mean harm, but is a bit of a pest with them! She's a silly, playful girl!

Sitting in a sunbeam soaking up the warmth.  Mollie also loves napping by the fire. 
This loving and affectionate Newf mix arrived in our care on Nov 23/16 suffering from serious issues with her knees, which we have now corrected, and she is feeling loads better.. She is a well loved gal who has known only kindness in her life, but faced with the reality of expensive surgeries and long, difficult rehabilitation, her loving owners saw no options to save her. They made the heartbreaking decision to euthanize Mollie.  A few hours before the scheduled appointment we were contacted to see if we would be willing to bring her into our program--how could we say no?

Hanging out with one of her foster brothers
Mollie is a Newf mix -- her Dad apparently was a registered newf, mom a newf/shepherd mix.  She is about the size of a typical female Newf, although with lighter bone structure.  Her coat is not as long as a Newf's; much easier maintenance more like a lab.  She is deep chested like a Newf, and has gentle soft eyes.

On arrival Mollie was quite overweight. Her thyroid function is normal, so her weight issues appear to be diet/exercise related.  As mentioned, this gal was very well loved, and maybe she was on the receiving end of a few too many cookies..... With a healthy diet the pounds have melted off.

The ligaments in Mollie's knees were both totally ruptured  leaving her with no stability or support in her knees and experiencing significant pain.  On December 15 she underwent bilateral TPLO surgery performed by an orthopaedic surgeon.  Mollie is all healed now, her rehab is basically complete and she is ready to start her new life!  She now has great mobility!

December, right after surgery
Mollie, feeling loads better, 3 months post-op
Mollie is able to walk around freely now, and the focus moving forward  is to continue to build up more muscle, and to continue with moderate exercise as her bones continue to heal.  No rough housing or hooligan behaviour for her just yet, but she enjoys nice long walks.  She is feeling GREAT and is ready to go, go, go!

Mollie has a spring in her step now!
This lovely gal is being fostered in the Bancroft area.  Her approved adopters will be required to pick her up in person,  An adoption donation of $400 applies.

To be considered for adopting a dog through Newf Friends please submit a completed application, which can be found on the CONTACT US/FORMS page. Before completing an application or emailing us with questions, please review our FAQ page.  As outlined on our FAQ page, applicants who do not meet our adoption requirements (ie. no fenced play area, living in an apartment building, having young children, etc.) will not be considered -- please do not email us asking us to make an exception.