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Friday, October 12, 2018



I was adopted on July 7/19!

Quick Adoption Overview
DOB October 2013
Located in Bancroft, ON
Fenced yard required
Before applying to adopt a dog or emailing us with questions, please read the dog's entire bio and review our FAQ page.  Emails asking questions that are answered on that page will not be responded to.

All about Stella
Stella arrived in our care on October 11 and has been undergoing treatment for bilateral knee ruptures. After 8 months in foster care and multiple surgeries, we are thrilled to announce that she is fully healed and ready to start her new life! Hooray!

She is a friendly gal who is well-mannered and loves meeting new people and getting showered with attention.  The more lovin' the better for this gal!

She has excellent house manners, is calm, quiet and respectful. Stella knows several commands, has excellent leash manners, great off-lead recall, and is an all around easy going gal.  She greets everyone with a wagging tail, and occasionally their shoe in her mouth!  Silly Stella!

She is an adorable girl who loves to carry stuffies around and will happily lay on her bed and gently play with her toys.  She adores children and loves to lounge around and be petted, groomed and loved.

Stella is a happy girl who takes her role as squirrel patrol officer very seriously.  No squirrels in the bird feeders when this gal is on duty!

She gets along well with most other dogs but has a preference for hanging out with male dogs over females.  In her foster home, Stella lives with 4 males and 1 other mellow female and gets along with all of them, although she can be the fun-police at times! She's had numerous visiting dogs come and go from her foster home and has enjoyed the company of most of them, with the exception of bossy females.

Her greeting style can be a bit pushy for some dogs, so an owner who will continue to work with Stella on this will be best.  She likes to romp and play with other dogs and is best suited to a playmate who has a mellow, gentle play-style. 

She can guard her food a bit (from other dogs only, never from people) but is easily redirected with a verbal command.  In her foster home, she will wait calmly with the other dogs during their meal prep, then eats in a separate area just to ensure there are no issues.  She does not guard toys or any other items.

One month post-op for surgery #1 and doing very well!
If she were to join a family with another dog, an easy-going male would be the best match.  She would also be equally happy being the only dog and keeping all of the attention for herself!

Stella has been respectful around the farm animals at her foster home, even watching politely as chickens run around her.  What a good girl.

5 weeks post-op from her first surgery, out for her morning stroll
Healthwise, she has been spayed, is current on vaccines and her bloodwork is great.  Unfortunately, on intake Stella had bilateral ruptured cruciate ligaments.  We have now completed surgery on both of her knees, she is fully healed,  and her mobility is great.  She does have some arthritis in her shoulders but does not require pain meds at this time. She does take a joint supplement daily.

June 2019-All healed and ready to go!

Stella is a really great catch and will make a fabulous companion for the right family.  Maybe yours?

To be considered for adopting a dog through Newf Friends please submit a completed application, which can be found on the CONTACT US/FORMS page. Before completing an application or emailing us with questions, please review our FAQ page.  As outlined on our FAQ page, applicants who do not meet our adoption requirements (ie. no fenced play area, living in an apartment building, having young children, etc.) will not be considered -- please do not email us asking us to make an exception.