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Newf Friends Newfoundland Dog Rescue is a volunteer run, foster home based rescue group for Newfoundland Dogs in need in Ontario, Canada.
We place Newfs into carefully screened homes in Ontario and surrounding provinces and states.
Established in 2008.

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Happy Endings 2019

Look at all of the happy endings from 2019!

Elspeth - Adopted December 18, 2019
This cutie joined a fabulous family who are previous adopters and have loads of love to give.  She has nothing but great times ahead!  Congratulations all around!

Sorin - Adopted Dec 14/19
Lucky fella' Sorin scored an awesome family with some repeat Newf Friends adopters!  Lucky boy and lucky family!

Captain - Adopted November 5/19
Captain scored an awesome family where he will have four-footed pals to play with and all the love he deserves. Congrats all around!

Nikita - Adopted October 20/19
Such a lucky girl!  Nikita joined an awesome family where she will have loads of fun playing her new pals!  Congrats sweet girl!

Elmo - Adopted Aug 29/19
Hooray for Elmo!  He found himself a fabulous family where he will get all fo the loving and care he deserves.  Congrats all around!

Maia - Adopted July 17/19
We couldn't be happier for sweet gal Maia who joined an awesome family south of the border!  Congrats everyone!

Stella - Adopted July 7, 2019
Lovebug Stella scored an awesome forever home where she will have a wonderful, loving family of 4 who will shower her with love and affection, and a four-footed sister too! What a lucky girl!
Congratulations all around!

Roxy - Adopted July 6/19
Hooray for Roxy!  She found herself an awesome forever family where she will get lots of love, loads of walkies, and all the snuggles a gal could ask for. Congrats!

Mobi - entered our sanctuary care program on June 3/19.
Due to her advanced age and serious health issues, she is not considered adoptable and will instead live out her days in a loving foster home.

Sullivan - June 3/19
Finally!  Sullivan's adoption has been finalized now that he is all healed up from many surgeries.  Congrats sweet boy!

George - Adopted April 5
Another happy ending, this sweet fella' found a big, loving family to call his own.  Congrats everyone!

Walter - Adopted March 16/19
We are so thrilled that Walter has found his forever family. After over a year in foster care and multiple surgeries, Wally is finally ready to start his new life. Congratulations all around!

Lucy - Adopted Feb 24/19
Lucy scored an awesome home where she has loads of four-footed pals to play with and a family that loves her.  Hooray for happy endings!

Marley - Adopted Feb 24/19
Adoption #295
Marley found the perfect family where she will be surrounded by lots of friends and enjoy all of the love and care she deserves. Congrats lucky girl!

Raven - Adopted Feb 19, 2019
Guess who stole the hearts of her foster family?  Lucky gal Raven scored a fabulous, loving home with four-footed pals to romp and play with. Congrats everyone!

Wilma - Adopted February 2, 2019
This lucky gal joins a fabulous family who are previous adopters.  We love repeat adopters and happy endings!

Lacey - Adopted February 2, 2019
This lucky gal found herself an awesome home south of the border with a loving family.  Congrats Lacey!

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