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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hudson and Hera's story

On November 11, 2009 Newf Friends was contacted by Joy, a volunteer from Gerdy's Rescue in Quebec, to see if we could help a Newfoundland Dog who was living with over 100 sled dogs in horrendous conditions in Ste-Agathe-des-Monts, Quebec. This sweet boy, who had at one time been a family pet, had been given to the owner of the sled dogs as a "mascot". Hudson, as he would soon be named, was rescued, along with over 100 other dogs, by SPCA Laurentides-Labelle. The SPCA found dogs chained outside without regular access to adequate food, clean water or shelter. There were numerous dead dogs discarded in heaps on site. Worse still, 30 of the rescued dogs were pregnant. Without help, these expectant moms would have given birth in mud pits. The puppies would have surely suffered and died. This tragic story made headlines around the world, and rescuers across the nation came together to help out.

Photos of the conditions the dogs were living in were provided by the Humane Society:

We called on our network of volunteers and secured a Newf Friends Foster Home for Hudson immediately, and started making arrangements for his transport to his Ottawa area foster. The situation in Quebec was quite desperate, as rescuers scrambled to find rescue placements for over 100 dogs. Many rescues are not equipped to intake pregnant females, and the 30 pregnant huskies were at the greatest risk. After mentioning the desperate situation in Quebec to one of the Board members of HART, she agreed that more could be done to help out, and offered to foster one of the pregnant huskies if Newf Friends could make those arrangements. And so it came to be that Hera, a Husky was taken in by Newf Friends and joined Hudson, and several others on their transport to Ontario.

A Newf Friends volunteer met the transport team in Ottawa where Hudson and Hera were handed off to her loving arms, and their new lives began. She took them to her home, where Hudson immediately pranced into their house, thrilled to once again be invited inside a loving home, and he settled in and made himself comfortable. This foster home would be Hudson's long term foster home. In the coming weeks Hudson would flourish in their capable hands. Step one was a trip to the doggie spa, a good diet, and lots of TLC. He was introduced to a variety of dogs on daily play dates, temperament tested with people and animals, and passed every test his foster mom put him through with flying colours. Hudson was placed up for adoption, and on January 7, 2010 he was adopted to his perfect forever home!

Upon arrived Hera, who had never lived a day of her life indoors, was frightened, and quite overwhelmed by everything she had been through, and was fearful of being brought indoors. Patiently, and gently, our volunteer worked her magic and brought Hera around. This timid girl was receptive to a gentle hand and was soon fed, and settled in for a rest after a long, stressful few days. Newf Friends had a rescue transport scheduled the following weekend to move foster dogs to foster homes across the province, and Hera was included in this transport, to bring her to Bancroft, where she would meet her long-term foster Mom. Hera arrived at her new foster home feeling tired, and scared. With some TLC, she quickly came around and her gorgeous blue eyes sparkled when she met her two new canine siblings.

Like all Newf Friends fosters, Hera was immediately put onto a high quality diet of Orijen dog food. She was also given sockeye salmon each day to add extra nutrients to her diet to help her become as strong as possible before her pups arrived. She soon settled into a routine in her new foster home, and under their loving care, she came out of her shell, and began learning to trust. She enjoys quiet cuddles, and being petted gently, and has responded to calm, soothing care from her foster parents.

On December 9 Hera delivered a healthy litter of pups -- 7 girls and one boy -- Minnie-Me (who looks just like Hera), Delilah, Luna, Agent Snowball, Mokey, Miss Sprocket, Athena and Mr. Slushy Pants. Hera's instincts were superb and she immediately started caring for her pups, and all are doing very well.

Hera has an adoption pending, and will join her new forever family once her pups have all been placed.
Update: February 13, 2010

Hera was adopted into her forever home on February 8th. She has a wonderful family to call her own, and other dogs to romp and play with. She will have a wonderful life with them!

All of her pups have also now joined their forever families and their new lives are beginning.