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Monday, August 1, 2011



Sept 3/11: Panda has an adoption pending!

Meet Pandora, a gorgeous Landseer who arrived in our care on August 1st. She is very social and affectionate with people, loves to give kisses and get hugs. She greets everyone with a wagging tail and a happy face. She's been hanging out at her foster family's workplace and meeting all sorts of new people and is loving all the attention and opportunities to hear people tell her how adorable she is.

Pandora knows basic commands and follows direction well. Her leash manners are terrific and she is bright and eager to please. Her off lead recall has improved and she is now going for off leash walks with the other dogs in her foster home. She responds well to praise and is quick to learn.

Pandora came to us as an owner surrender because they were unable to stop their adult dog from bullying her. Sweet Pandora is gentle as a kitten and understandably intimidated and shy around other dogs because of her past experiences, but she's moved into a foster home with a big pack of gentle dogs and she is getting along with everyone. Her adoptive family should work to continue exposing her to well mannered dogs and help build her confidence.

She has also lived with cats and is fine with them. Her surrendering owners report she is fine with horses too. She does like to chase birds though, so should not be left unattended near poultry.

Yep, I drool

Born Oct 31, 2009 this adorable pup is a snuggly, lovable girl who is still just a baby. She has beautiful silky soft fur and loves to he hugged. She is going to make one special family very happy! She is very focused on people and very motivated to be right with her family, a true "velcro newf". She has lived with children and is very gentle so could join a family with children who are respectful around animals.

Pandora is best suited to a home where someone is around most of the time--she will not do well left alone for more than a short while. She is currently being crate trained and being assessed being left for very short durations. She is a bit insecure but is progressing.

Pandora has been vaccinated and will be spayed and have entropion (her right eyelid) corrected prior to adoption. Her surrendering family said she reacts badly to bug bites. An antihistamine seems to help if she is bothered by bug bites.

She will be ready to join a new family in September once she has healed from spay surgery. Applications are being accepted now to be considered for adopting her. An adoption donation of $500 applies.

Pandora is now being fostered in the Keswick, ON area and her adoptive family will be required to pick her up in person.

A securely fenced yard is required to be considered for adopting Pandora. Her surrendering family reports she is an escape artist. She's a smart girl and athletic. She easily clears baby gates in her foster home!