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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


April 26/12: I was adopted!  Yay me!

Say hello to River, a beautiful, sweet, loving 4 year old girl who is looking for a family to call her own.

Yep, I like water!
River is a total love bug, gentle and affectionate and loves to give slobbery kisses. She gets along with everyone and is a happy girl with a true gentle giant temperament, she is great with people, kids, dogs, cats, you name it--a dream! She has stolen the hearts of everyone she has met and she is going to make one special family very happy!

This stunning 4 year old purebred girl was turned over to us by her heartbroken owners who were unable to meet her health needs. River had torn the cruciate ligament in BOTH of her knees and has a luxating patella. She required multiple surgeries to correct the damage and several months of rehab. Working with an orthopaedic specialist to help River regain mobility and ensure she has an excellent quality of life, Newf Friends volunteers worked to return River to good health.

All fixed up and feeling GREAT!

Thank you to all of our supporters who rallied to raise funds for River's care. "TEAM RIVER" really came through for River and we surpassed our fundraising goal and were able to move forward with saving River.

All said and done, River's care from treatment through rehabilitation took 8 months and Newf Friends spent just shy of $10,000 after generous discounts in services from all veterinarians who cared for her, discounts on medication and her rehabilitation.  If ever there was an example of why pet insurance is so very important for Newf owners, River is the girl. 
Team River's progress--we did it! Thank you to everyone who helped raise funds for River's care!

River, the morning of her first surgery....

River's first surgery was performed on September 22, 2011. It was a success. Details can be read here.

Her second surgery was performed on November 11, 2011. Within 24 hours she was already walking around and weight bearing on the newly repaired leg. Details about her second surgery can be read here.

All of us at Newf Friends once again extend our heartfelt thanks to Dr. Kim Facey - Apsley Veterinary Services and Dr. Michael Faessen - Soft Tissue and Orthopaedic Small Animal Surgeon for their ongoing support of our work in rescue.  We'd also like to thank Dr. Stephanie Cote - March Road Veterinary Hospital for all of her assistance with River's follow-up rehabilitation.  And of course River's amazing foster parents Erica and Andrew who loved her, cared for her and nursed her back to health for 8 months -- you guys are simply the best!  See this note from Dr. Cote about River!

River is pictured here with the team from Apsley Veterinary Services the morning after her second surgery. Dr. Facey (left) and her team have been instrumental in River's rehabilitation.
River's gait has improved dramatically and she is able to get around well now although she still has more healing to do, and most importantly needs to start building up muscle mass after so many months of bed rest. In foster care she continues to get physical therapy and acupuncture, and her adoptive family will be shown how to do basic exercises with her to help her continue to strengthen her legs.

Due to irreparable damage to her legs, River will always have some gait issues, and River's ideal home will be one with no stairs and non-slip floors. She could join a family with other dogs, but they must be respectful and not rough-house with her. She can live in a home with respectful children.
To be considered for adopting River, please complete our adoption application and return it to us. Our usual adoption donation of $500 will be reduced to $300 for River given that she will require daily medication (Metacam/gabapentin) for her life.

River is being fostered in the Ottawa area and her approved adoptive family will be required to pick her up in person.