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Sunday, February 5, 2012


June 3, 2012: I was adopted by a great family!  Yay me!

Hello everyone, my name is Astrid but my friends call me Aster. I'm a totally adorable 18 month old pup who is looking for a great family to spend my life with!

I'm a sweet girl and I have lots and lots of love to give, so pucker up - I looooove to give kisses! I'm super affectionate and love to be hugged, petted and have my belly rubbed. My foster mom says I'm a typical 'velcro Newf", whatever that means!

Pucker up, I love kisses!
I was born November 27, 2010 so I'm just a pup and apparently there's a thing or two I need to learn still. I'm bouncy and full of puppy energy and sometimes I have a hard time containing my enthusiasm and I jump and spring with joy! What fun! My foster mom says I need some work on "manners" and to brush up on some basic commands, and she's been helping me with this and I'm doing great! I've learned SO Much since I arrived here!   I know some commands, my leash manners are pretty good, and I am learning to stay calm, even when I am super-duper excited, but sometimes I can't help myself! I will be a great pup for a family with previous Newf experience.

Come on, throw the toy for me!
I love play bowing!

I looooooove to play with other dogs! So, much, FUN! I get along with all dogs, and I'm a good girl around cats too. Yay me! I'm very playful and love to wrestle, but I also know that I need to be careful around the older and fragile dogs. I like to curl up and snuggle with them after I'm done playing. I'd be so very happy if whoever adopts me has one or two other gentle and goofy dogs for me to play with.  I need to have playmates in my life!

There's horses and chickens at my foster home too and I like to quietly sit and watch them and I never bark at them. There was this one time a chicken accidentally wandered into my play yard and I thought it was a toy and I was playing with it.   Apparently I'm not supposed to carry chickens around though (who knew?) and as soon as my foster dad told me to drop it, I did.  Don't worry, the chicken is ok because I was gentle when I was playing with her.  I'm such a good girl!

Playing is fun - look at me and my BFF having a great time playing!

I like playing with short dogs! Check me out playing with my foster brother before my surgery......

I like playing with tall dogs too! Look at me, what a good girl I am!

My family had to give me up because I tore my cruciate ligament in my left knee. Woops. My family could not afford to help me get better, so they found people who could - the Newf Friends folks. My foster mom took me to see a special orthopedic surgeon and he operated on my knee on February 17, 2012 and I am healing well. I was on crate rest for a long time after that and I was SO BORED, but I was a good girl (well, except when I was being a monkey doodle and hopping around like a Mexican jumping bean....) I had my 8 week post-op x-rays on April 5 and everything looks good. Phew! I am still doing exercises to help make my knee strong, but I am now starting to ease back into regular exercise.  YAY!  

My vet also said I have very mild (grade 1) dysplasia in my left hip, but that I didn't need to worry about that, so I'm not worrying! It sure doesn't slow me down at all! My right knee was sore and swollen when I arrived in foster care, but it is all healed up and doing great too. Hooray!

I am spayed, my vaccines are up to date and I'm a happy, healthy girl. My foster mom tells me my new family should get health insurance for me and I think that is a fantastic idea, not just for me, but for all Newfs!

 Check me out running on the trails at my foster home!  I'm such a good girl, I come when I'm called and I am very well behaved!  Yay me!

I'm looking for a family who lives in a bungalow, or ranch style home with just a few stairs. Flooring should be non-slip so I don't wipe out and hurt my knee! My foster mom says whoever adopts me needs to be active and like to get out and do fun things. She also says you'll need some time to work on some training and socialization with me. That sounds like fun! I'm probably a little too, ummm, enthusiastic, for a home with toddlers since I can be a bit of a goof sometimes.

 Yep, I'm a goof!
Since my x-rays look good, I can join an adoptive home anytime now. My new family will have to keep doing exercises with me to build my knee up.  It's fun and I love to give kisses while my knee is being stretched! 

If you think you'd like me to join your family just complete an adoption application and email it back to the Newf Friends people and they'll give you a call.

I'm being fostered in the Bancroft, ON area and my adoptive family will have to pick me up in person. An adoption donation of $500 applies.