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Tuesday, December 18, 2012


February 2, 2013: I WAS ADOPTED!

Howdy Newf lovers, I'm Texas, a handsome purebred Newf who is looking for a fantastic
family to come along and adopt me. I'm a pretty good lookin' fellow if I do say so myself!

I need to find a new home because my family found me to be too much for them to handle.  My breeder had taken me back in the summer and sent me for training and everything was going really well, then I moved back in with my family and well.......I guess we just weren't the right match for each other.

Anyhoo, since my breeder could not accommodate me at her place right now, another great breeder offered to foster me while the Newf Friends folks help find me a new family.  They're all working together to find my perfect adoptive family, and hopefully I'll have nothing but great days ahead!

Yep, I'm ridiculous

I was born November 7, 2011 so I am just over a year old and like many young male newfs I am a bit of a monkey doodle.  I arrived at my foster home on November 30, 2012 and they have been 'assessing' me, whatever that means.  They say I'm a good boy and that most of all what I need is exercise, a confident owner and someone to teach me some manners.  They say I can be dominant so I need an owner that isn't going to let me call the shots.  My previous owners just didn't have the skills to meet my needs and because of that I was misbehaving and getting worse and worse.  They weren't happy and I wasn't happy.  Luckily my foster mom knows all about what a big boy like me needs and in her care I am doing great!

I'm learning all sorts of things, like that people don't like it when I put my mouth all over them, and  that I have to behave and do what my foster mom tells me to.  I have lots of things to learn still and the Newf folks say I need to get out and socialize and that I will make lots of progress with the right family.  Because I have quite a bit to learn still I am not suited to a home with kids.

I'm cool with most other dogs that have good social skills.  Right now I'm hanging out with a bunch of other newfs and I get along well with them. I'm learning quickly what I'm not allowed to do!  I'd be happy to join a family with another well mannered large dog for me to play with, provided that my family know how to manage a multi-dog household.  Foster mom says I'm still learning so there shouldn't be any really awesome treats like raw bones laying around.  I used to live with a cat too and I think they're pretty great.

My ideal family will be active people who like to get out and do things -- I do best when I am well exercised.  Swimming, hiking, playing ball, playing with other dogs, I love all of these things!  The more activities I do the better I feel!  If I do not get enough exercise I am not a happy boy!

I am a healthy boy, not too big, weighing around 110 lbs when I arrived at Newf Friends but I need to bulk up they said -- something about not having much muscle.   I wasn't getting enough exercise with my previous family and that made me feel lousy, my feet became splayed and I had sores from not having my nails trimmed and that made me grumpy.  My foster mom is feeding me good food and exercising me and has groomed me and cleaned up my sores and I can feel myself getting stronger and stronger all the time. I feel so much better and I am much happier now!

Foster mom thinks my hips  may not be great based on the way I sit, but I move around well, have no problem running and playing, going up and down stairs and jumping around so nobody is too worried.  Like many newfs, down the road my hips may stiffen up and I will probably need meds for that.  The best defense is lots of exercise and building lots of muscle and I am already well on my way to doing that!  My foster mom has been marveling at how big my muscles are getting!  I'm a growing boy after all!

I am being fostered way up in Northern Ontario in some place called Thunder Bay.  It would be best if my new family was within a days drive so you could pick me up in person.  I'm not sure I'm ready to fly on a plane or be handed off to a bunch of strangers on a transport. 

My adoption donation will be $500 to Newf Friends, and my breeder will be available for advice as well as the Newf Friends folks to help my new family along.   If you think you can give me the home that I'm looking for fill out an application and one of the newf folks will give you a call.  A securely fenced yard is a requirement -- no electric fencing!