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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Adopter Update: Max

Check out this great update we received from Max's family:

 Max is a wonderful companion, he has a good personality, is playful and an excellent demeanor.  He settled in immediately with Spirit (our Border Collie X), and he welcomes frequent visits from Toby (Yorkie-Poo), Rolo and Mitchie (both Labradors), even with the small dog he is very considerate in how he interacts with them.  Max enjoys  frequent walks, running off-leash at the dog park (although he forgets how big he is!) and spending time cruising on our boat.  We have tempted him to swim at the lake and  in our pool, but he does not seem to know he is a water dog?  He loves meeting people and being the centre of attention.


He has trained well (noticeable he will do anything for a treat), he no longer tries to pull your shoulder out of its socket when seeing a squirrel or a cat, and pays attention to commands.  He is also very vocal when the clock is showing the time for a walk or feeding.

The only fault he has exhibited is his ability to snore.......but even that makes us laugh!

We are thrilled to have him in our pack.

Best regards,

John & Liz.