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Sunday, February 10, 2013


# 2013-003
May 12: Murphy was adopted!

Meet Murphy, a handsome Newf who just arrived in our care on February 10, 2013.  This gorgeous fellow is a CKC registered Newfoundland who has all of the fabulous personality traits typical of the breed.  Gentle, friendly, laid back and all around awesome, Murphy is a great catch!

He was born July 6, 2010 and has received lots of love and care from his family.   He gets along great with everyone he meets -- dogs, cats, people, you name it.  He is a loving, gentle boy.

Unfortunately he suffered an injury to his knee and his family felt they were not able to afford the necessary treatment or perform the needed rehabilitation to help him recover from surgery.  Thinking of Murphy's best interest they surrendered him to Newf Friends so that he could get all of the care he needed.

Murphy had a full tear to his cruciate ligament and he saw an orthopedic specialist for surgical repair on February 28, 2013.  The surgery went well.   He will have a minimum of 8 weeks of intense rehabilitation until his follow-up xrays can be done and he can be adopted.  His rehabilitation will continue after this time with full recovery expected by summer.  Ideally, a home with few or no stairs will be best for Murphy.

Murphy also has moderate hip dysplasia, but his family reports that he had never shown any symptoms.  Hopefully with repair to his knee, and some much needed weight loss, Murphy will enjoy a long life with no discomfort from his hips.

Donations for Murphy's care are greatly appreciated.  Visit our Donate page to learn more.

Murphy is being fostered in the Bancroft, ON area.