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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Adopter Update: Finnegan

Hi Sandra and Allison:
Just a short note to up date you on our wonderful boy Finn.  There are four HART and Newf-friends alumni within a five minute walk from our home.  Finn was the first, Luke a black dog from HART, Maggie a Saint and Ester a young female Newf.  There is also a large Newf, Bear from a Newfoundland rescue in Whitby. Now back to Finn.    
It will be three years this month since Finnegan became a member of our family. We are as thrilled with Finn as the first day he entered our lives. He is everything I wished for in a companion.  He is always by my side. We go to the beach every day regardless of the weather. He is a star swimmer and never misses a chance to retrieve  almost anything afloat in the water.  
My Berner, Shannon was diagnosed with Wobblers this winter by a neurologist confirmed by a CT scan.  Finn has been so gentle with her.  She still goes to the beach with us, however, she no longer swims with Finn. The evenings they sleep beside each other curled up by my chair.
Attached are a few picks of Finn coming and going to the beach.  We are soon off to the East Coast I will update you on Finn's adventures on the Atlantic.
Thank you for Finn.