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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Adopter Update: Rupert

Hi Sandra...

Just thought that we’d send along an update on Rupert for you...along with a couple of photos of him enjoying the deck...

We are really loving our new boy...he is so well behaved in the house and just loves the couch...he isn’t fond of cameras though so we have a tough time getting good shots of him...he’s developed a real fondness for the rope in the photos and would play tug or fetch with this rope all day long!!!

His leash walking is much improved, with the help of a few lessons for us with a great obedience trainer here in the area...it is a process but he is much better than he was and doesn’t pull nearly so much on the leash...we have an appointment coming up with someone who can help with his issues with other large male dogs but it hasn’t been a problem so far so...fingers crossed. Off leash is still a bit of a problem as the many squirrels seem to love to taunt him and he loves to chase!! He is learning that he can’t climb trees and that they are a bit of a waste of energy which is good...

The weather is getting nice so we will be introducing Rupert to his “beach” down the street very soon and will forward some photos of his first swimming adventure over the next week or two!
Thanks again, so very much, for all that you do for these pups at Newf friends, Sandra...Rupert is wonderful and we do love him dearly...he is a great addition to our family for sure!

We’ll be in touch again soon!