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Sunday, October 25, 2015



Quick Adoption Overview

1 year old
Good with dogs -- looking for a home with another canine pal
Good with cats
Special Health Needs: requires daily monitoring, special diet, should not be left alone long hours
Fenced Yard Required
Located in Bancroft, ON

All About Buster
Smart, spunky, eager to please and full of puppy energy, this little stinker is looking for a special family to call his own.

Buster is a fast learner who is very motivated to please.  He knows his basic commands and has a strong desire to be with people.  He will be a great candidate for obedience work and once he is a bit older, water rescue and possibly draft work too.

A friendly and outgoing boy, Buster loves meeting new people and does well in a variety of social situations. Whether visiting friends, attending a parade, or working at his foster family's shop, he is game for pretty much whatever is asked of him. He also enjoys cuddles, belly rubs, ear scratches and lots of loving.

Buster is living with several other dogs and is constantly meeting new dogs of different breeds.  He is very well socialized and has excellent social skills meeting and playing with new dogs.  He LOVES to have playmates to wrestle with.  A home where he will have another large/giant breed dog(s) to romp and play with will be ideal for Buster.  A home where he will be the only dog is not a good fit for him.  Check out this video of Buster playing; he does this for hours every day! (Buster is the one with the slight curl to his tail, he is usually standing or play bowing.)

A typical young male Newf, Buster is active, playful and has a special way of finding every burr, stick and bit of dirt in the yard.  He loves to play in puddles and splash about in the water.  He bobs his head in the water bowl and drips water all over the house, and yes, he does drool.  Warning, he's not a match for the very house proud! LOL!

An extremely active boy, Buster loves to go for long walks in the woods and requires regular exercise appropriate for his age on soft surfaces.  When his exercise needs are not met he will run laps around the living room, so it's pretty important that he have opportunities for appropriate exercise!  

Buster enjoys the country life and would be happiest in a rural environment -- city life is not for this boy!

Buster loves to run around like a lunatic!
Buster is 12 months old and after a rough start to his life he is looking for stability and lots of love and care.  His ideal adopters will have the time and financial resources to give Buster some extra support throughout his life.

Thanks to a great team of veterinarians and loads of care he is happy, healthy and doing great now.   A special prescription diet and supplements, paired with strict adherence to dietary restrictions around treats should prevent any further issues. It is important for Buster to have someone home with him most of the time, so families where he will be left alone at home for several hours a day are not a suitable match for him and need not apply.

His health history will be discussed in great detail with potential adopters during our interview process.  A brief overview is that he will require regular monitoring (using a very simple and quick, inexpensive,  at home test a couple times a week) to ensure all is well with him. Buster will require regular early detection health tests (ie. regular blood work) to ensure that he remains healthy.  It is essential that his prescription diet be followed closely--due to his dietary restrictions he is best in a home without young children who may be tempted to feed him snacks.

Given the extensive diagnostics and treatments that we have provided Buster, it is our hope that he will lead a long, happy, healthy, issue-free life.  We are optimistic that with preventative steps followed closely he will not have any serious issues.

Mobility wise Buster is an active boy who gets around well.  He is slow to rise on some surfaces, and given that his special diet has not been ideal for a growing giant breed pup, we are taking some extra steps to help with his development. Buster has specific exercises that he does to help build his hip and leg muscles and promote a healthy back end and he takes special supplements to help with his joint health.

Run, run, run...Buster loves to run around!
Buster is being fostered in the Bancroft, ON area.  His approved adopters will be required to pick him up in person.  We will consider homes within a one day drive of his foster location, ideally under 5 hours, as he becomes stressed on long drives.  An adoption donation will apply.

 To be considered for adopting Buster, or another dog through Newf Friends, please complete our adoption application found here and email it back to us to begin the screening process.