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Friday, October 23, 2015



November 21/15: I was adopted!

Maggie is a happy-go-lucky girl that loves nothing more than cuddles and belly rubs. She was born February 25, 2013 and arrived in our foster program on October 22nd, 2015.  She's on the petite side at 110 lbs, and can stand to drop a few pounds.  This pretty girl has a bounce in her step, and smile on her face!   What a cutie.

Sweet Maggie is looking for an adult only home as she can be a bit insecure in busy environments.  She prefers a calm environment, and can be startled by the quick unpredictable movements of kids.   Homes where children live or visit often will not be considered.  However, meeting respectful kids at the park and on walks will not be an issue -- Maggie greets everyone with a smile and a tail wag.
Maggie is sharing her foster home with another dog, and they get along great.  She likes to play and has a lovely, gentle play style.  She would also be perfectly happy as an only dog. 

She lived with a cat as a puppy, and appears to have no real prey drive (squirrel approved :-)), so she should do well with cats or small animals in her forever home.  

Miss Maggie is very loyal and bonds closely with her family.  She is a bit of a shadow dog at home (not to mention, a fantastic foot warmer!), but she is also excellent when left home alone (she does not bark, chew, have accidents, etc).   Maggie is reliably housetrained.  What a good girl!
She has demonstrated very nice off leash skills with a reliable recall (in safe areas), and loves her trips to the park, or hiking trail!   She's also very good in the car.  She likes dipping her feet in the water, but is not a big swimmer (or perhaps she just hasn't yet had the opportunity to learn!).

Her foster family is working on her basic obedience and manners, which are coming long very nicely.  She does jump up occasionally when excited, and pulls on leash, so family members should be sturdy on their feet and willing to continue her obedience training. She'd love to do obedience classes (or other activities), and they would be great for building up her confidence.

Her surrendering family reported some mild resource guarding, particularly in the context of stealing food and playing keep away.   With a little bit of dog-proofing and re-training, this has not been an issue in her foster home and we have not been able to reproduce any resource guarding.  She should be set up for success in her forever home, and if so, we don't believe there will be any ongoing issues.

Maggie is a healthy young lady, with no known medical concerns.  She is up to date on her vaccines, heartworm tested, microchipped and spayed. 

Maggie is being fostered in the Ottawa area and her approved adopters will be required to pick her up in person.  We will consider homes within a one day drive of her foster location, including adopters from the US.  An adoption donation of $500 applies.