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Saturday, July 16, 2016



Adoption Pending

Quick Adoption Overview
On medical hold, however a foster to adopt placement will be considered with a family who lives near one of our supportive vet clinics.  See details below.
2.5 years old - DOB Dec 10, 2013
Health Needs:  has environmental allergies
Is allergic to cats (and goats) so is not suited to a home where there is a cat
Gets along with well mannered dogs
Located in Mississauga, ON

All about Murphy
Murphy is a sweet and sensitive boy who loves attention and belly rubs.

This gentle boy came to us after his family had changes in their life making it difficult to meet Murphy's health needs.  He has received nothing but excellent care from them throughout his life, and has been very loved and adored.

Health wise, he suffers from environmental allergies from a variety of things including certain grasses, trees and even cats.We are working with a team of traditional and holistic practitioners to come up with a supportive strategy to get him on the road to good health.  He's doing great!

He is hypothyroid and has now begun medication (under $25/month) which should go a long way towards helping his skin issues.

I love my walks! 

Smurphy Murphy is a typical velcro Newf who loves nothing more than spending time with his family.  Taking a shower?  Murphy will follow you to the bathroom, just to make sure your don't drown. How considerate! 

He loves a good scratch, and will happily roll over for a belly rub anytime you're offering.

Rub my belly please!

Murphy loves other friendly dogs, and is pretty excited to meet them!  The first few minutes he comes on a bit strong (all excitement!), but eventually he relaxes.  He gets to go into work with his foster family, and has a routine of kissing the other dogs good morning.  How sweet!

He could happily join a home with a foot legged pal, or a home in which he gets regular social opportunities.
Murphy and his Pals

Here he is playing with his foster brother:

He has a low prey drive. Small animals are fine friends in Murphy's books.  Murphy has a mild allergy to cats.  We would be fine with occasional exposure to feline friends, but best to not live with cats.

Murphy is sensitive to being separated from his family, so a home where someone is around much of the time is ideal for him.  That said, once he is settled in, he has been just fine when left during the day, after a good walk.

He has met young children and was a very good boy.  He can join a home with respectful children over the age of 5.

He is being fostered in the Toronto area.

We will consider placing Murphy into a foster-to-adopt placement with an adopter provided that they live near the GTA to access his team of health care providers.  In this arrangement Murphy would join his adoptive family before he has been cleared medically and we would continue to oversee and cover the costs of his vet care.  Once he is stabilized and his medical hold is lifted we would then finalize his adoption.