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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Adopter Update - Ella, November 6, 2010

11 months ago Ella joined her adoptive family and her new life began. Healthy, happy and ready to take on the world, our "Wee Ella" is now all grown up and doing great. She's come a long way from the tiny 3 lb puppy we rescued last September, barely clinging to life. You can read about Ella's journey in our archives. Her's is a remarkable, inspiring story.

Below is the latest update from Ella's Mom. Updates like this make all of the hard work, tears and heartache of rescue work worthwhile. Seeing the happy faces of dogs like Ella is what rescue is all about.

Ella is now well over a year and is doing just great! She's gone through her "klutzy, face-plant" stage and has grown to become strong, athletic and very agile. She stayed on the smaller size, like her Newf Mom, but has longer legs with webbed feet...definitely see both Newf and Dane in her...a real half 'n half combo! Her favorite pastimes are TOYS and more toys...always wanting to play catch , tug of war or simply trying to destroy every single toy that enters the house...which by the way she is quite successful at...not many toys can survive through Ella's love of the challenge to obliviate them! She also LOVES the garden hose and begs enthusiastically to be sprayed and soaked with water or chase and bite the water stream. Pet store visits are embraced with more enthusiasm!

Ella is my 'wild child' and has lots of energy, is competitive, intense, very spirited, loving, enthusiastic and happy...full of vim and vinegar!...a monkey doodle!...lots of fun! :)

She has a devilish sparkle in her eye, which she has most certainly earned the right to have!
She LOVES her pack and to clean their ears (especially Zoe's) or eyes (even Jake's, who has no eyes at all), loves to share her toys very willingly or just simply steals the other's toys if she feels like it. She is full of kisses and love for her family.

She is very much loved and a blessing to have as a member of the pack and in my life.

Thank-you Newf Friends!

...Judy and Gang...kitties included :)

One year after rescuing Ella, almost to the day, Newf Friends rescued her mother, Mackenize. This beautiful Newf is currently in foster care and receiving extensive veterinary care. Her story is just unfolding. Like her daughter, she has much to teach us about celebrating life and living in the moment.