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Friday, November 12, 2010

Maverick is Looking for his own Family


December 4, 2010: Maverick joined his new family.

Give a warm hello to Maverick, a handsome boy who is looking for a family of his own. He came to Newf Friends from a loving home that could sadly not care for him any longer due to sickness in the family. His foster guardians report that he’s quite a happy guy, very sweet. Like a typical Newf, he likes to be in the same room as his people, loves cuddles and is a pro at the Newfy lean.
Maverick is not overly active but needs his daily exercise and loves to run around in the woods. Once exercised he is content to lie around the house on either his dog bed or the floor. He has nice house manners.
He gets along fine with all people, cats and the other dogs in his foster home.
He does get excited when other dogs are barking or playing loudly but with very mild correction he settles. This habit could easily be trained out over time.
He’s a calm boy, excellent for grooming. No problem looking in eyes, ears or mouth.
The big fella’ knows basic obedience. Come, sit, stay, wait, down, off, move on. He's crate trained but doesn’t really need it as he is not destructive in the house. He’s quite eager to please, very open to correction and learning new things. He now sits & waits very nicely (without being asked) at the door to enter or exit. Maverick sits and waits for his meals and will only break the sit when given the ‘ok’ (he does drool while waiting though!). He has a very gentle mouth when taking treats. So sweet!
Loves the car; hops right in and rides nicely. He is very excited to get in but will sit nicely and wait until told he can hop up. Same thing getting out but again, this guy aims to please and listens very well to commands so he waits to get his gentle leader on and be released before hopping out.
Maverick absolutely loves going for walks! He wears a gentle leader with no problem. He is excellent on leash if there are no distractions. If he sees another dog or person, he gets excited and wants to say hi. He will attempt to pull you but if you correct him, he’s fine. He will sit and wait and when calm his foster guardian will let him go over to say hi. He is 100% appropriate in his greetings, on and off leash. He’s quite a sociable guy!
Maverick also loves the dog park! Plays, runs, chases, swims, explores.. always busy and always making friends. He is very nice with people, happy to receive pets, kisses and attention from anyone. His behaviour is as close to perfect as you can get, says his foster mom. He’s fantastic with big dogs, small dogs, whatever, no problems. Even when dogs with issues bark at him, he turns away and moves on.
This big sweetheart is 5 years old, a tad on the chunky side at 160 lbs and 33” at the shoulder – yup he’s a tall one. He snores. Loud. He slobbers. A lot.
He needs work on greeting people without excitement. At first he was barking and jumping up, now he’s just too excited, runs over and wants pets. Most people do not want a huge dog running over to them at full speed. His foster guardians are working on this and it’s going well, but will need to continue to be worked on in his adoptive home
Says his foster guardian, “He is simply lovely. A pleasure to foster. Did I mention he’s stunning?”
All in all, this guy is a gem. His only issue is excitement in certain situations but he learns quickly and is eager to please. He absolutely needs a calm, confident leader that is not intimidated by his size or bark. An owner with previous giant breed experience is required.
Maverick is neutered, vaccinated and ready to join the right family. To be considered for adopting him, please complete the adoption application to begin the process. An adoption donation of $500 applies.